Katrina, Gustav and The Flood of Louisiana

Taking Time To Remember

Dated 8-29-19 Today marks the 14 year anniversary of Katrina. Eleven year anniversay of Gustav. Three years ago on Aug 16thThe Flood of Louisiana happened. And I’m gonna add another one in here. On Aug 25th, it was two years that Harvey had affected so many.

Being that Katrina, like many others, it was my 911, this day never passes without thinking about all the lives that’s been lost. I know for myself, that especially holds true through Katrina.

Ya know, when I saw this writing from last year, I didn’t even read it. I just grabbed it and put it in my drafts for this specific day. And I wasn’t gonna let this day pass without taking a minute just to put some fore thought in all these anniversary dates. The lives that were lost, the lives that were affected. As it still, even 14 years later, still affects me. Who knows, maybe each year, I’ll say a little something on this post to keep it going. ?To keep all those lost, and all the families that have been forever changed because of these fateful days in our hearts and prayers.

This is the house I grew up in during the Flood of Louisiana. After that flood, my parents FINALLY sold that house. For the 100 year flood in 1983, it got 4 feet high, almost as tall as I am. HeHe..It got to the attic 3 years ago.

Written For Tumblr 8-29-18

Before this day ends, i wanted to stop and take a minute to remember today…. For the anniversary of three different natural disasters. That’s affected not only my life but many others lives by these disasters on this day…. It was 13 years ago Katrina happened. we all know that Katrina affected most of our lives whether it was directly or indirectly, I was in Baton Rouge I bunkered down with my parents that day, Ashton was 3… 10 years ago Gustav happened… I happened to be in Long Beach/Gulfport Mississippi area In Zone A,,, mandatory evacuation that I didn’t evac lol.. . Where it affected Baton Rouge and if I remember correctly Pass Christian Mississippi as well…… And two years ago….. The Flood of Louisiana..There’s still many that hasnt been able to recover from this yet, .My best friend is still struggling to make life right and from all of her losses, it will never be right again. so I wanted to make sure I stopped and took some time out for everyone the lost their lives, their loved ones and their homes and had to pick up and rebuild again one way or the other. I also wanted to take the time out to thank those that came through to help rebuild our lives again in whatever way it was . Every year for me for the last 13 years, this day never gets easier. So I wanted to finally write about it.
Where were you on this day??? And how were you affected???

Much love to everyone!

Hurricane Harvey

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