Let’s Get This Untwisted

With everybody putting their own little spins and interpretations and getting things twisted. I do believe right now is the best time to untwist it all for everyone. So that we can all have a mutual understanding. 

First of all seems like only ones that don’t want to screen are the same exact ones that have bad intentions. 

My negativity, that YOU see as negativity or perceive as negativity and tell me that it’s a turn off

Well let me explain something to you. You bringing me your drama and your negativity into my life and your bullshit with ripping me off and telling me how to live and telling me how to do my business and so forth and so on, well you know what? That’s a very big turn off also.

I don’t want your negativity I don’t want your drama I don’t want your bullshit and I don’t want you to screw me over either.

I can’t help that you perceive me standing up for myself and saying enough is enough and I’m tired of it, as being negative. I have gone through hell and back and I am a survivor. I am a strong ass bitch because of what I’ve gone through in my life. And I’m going to tell you something right now. I refuse to act all weak just so some of you can feel inferior over me. And thinks that’s dominating and a turn on. (If you have this idea of being a real man, you really need to skooled better!)

When in all actuality it’s abusive and it’s a turn off and I won’t allow for it no longer.

I am responsible for my own words in my own actions yes

But what I am not responsible for is your own words your perceptions and your behaviors, no im not! And I will no longer be the one that’s accounted for you’re fucking me over and if you don’t like that I don’t want you to around in the first fucking place.

And it seems like the only time I’m actually heard is when I do become a bitch and say I’ve had enough of the abuse.

And really it’s a fucking shame because I’m actually not even close to being like that, but you don’t treat people right so most of you who do this kind of stuff only get see the bitch come out in me because you won’t give the time of day to find out about the real person underneath that’s having to make this armor and protect herself.

And when it comes to me and mine just like when I had my kids around I will do everything that I need to do to protect me and mine just like you should do you as well

Why do you have to take it personal that I’m not doing you any more and I now doing me ??? it’s nothing against anyone it’s nothing personal. I’m just doing Michelle now and I can’t help if you don’t like when you do do and quit doing them.

So, here’s the thing I am not responsible for you! you are responsible for you! just as I am responsible for myself

We all need to learn how to be held accountable for our own actions and we all need to learn that what we do does affect others lives. And just like you don’t want me affecting your life I do not want you affecting mine as well!! it goes both ways!! This is not a one-sided deal here!!

To get respect you give respect

You treat me right I treat you better! you treat me like shit I’m going to really treat you worse than shit! cuz imma show you what it feels like.

If you can’t handle that, then you’re weak as fuck and I don’t want to be around you anyways! who wants to be around people who have to make people feel below them to have self confidence about yourselves????

I know I don’t want to be around people like that. I am no longer enabling you to screw me over anymore and I have to ask what is so wrong about that not a damn thing.

if you can’t handle me standing up on my two feet and standing my ground and saying enough is enough I’ve had it! screw me over and you’ll get just the same, screwed over but watch how I screwed you over and let’s play fuk fuk, if you don’t like it. get over yourselves and just don’t come at me with bad intentions. Cuz all this bullshit…. is literally very literally simply said bullshit.

Just like you don’t want me interfereing and/or bringing any drama and bullshit into your lives, I SIMPLY DO WANT YOUR BULLSHIT AND DRAMA BROUGHT INTO MY LIFE AS WELL!

And i do believe this is a very fucking fair trade off here, i want to have alot of fun, and believe me your missing out on some freaky fucking good times, all because you want to assholes.

Let me remind you….


I WOULD THINK IF YOU WANT THAT HONEY POT, YOU WOULD TREAT THAT HONEY POT LIKE GOLD…OR AT LEAST DECENT…INSTEAD OF LIKE BATTERY ACID!!! What happens with battery acid??? you end up with corrieded shit right???? welll it makes some damn sense to me if you don’t corrieded shit, NOT TO USE BATTERY ACID, RIGHT ?!!!!???

I don’t like having to deal with others bullshit don’t bring me no shit don’t start no shit and there won’t be any shit. then theres no reason for the bitch side of michelle/rogue to ever be seen, we area all haivng a kinky good ole time then!

Seems like you drama motherfukers all you want to do instead of getting any kind of pleasure, you want to bring drama into others lives just because you can’t handle something and you don’t like it just because I’m in control of myself And I say enough is enough.

When you boys out there want to actually have a good time and some freaky stuff going on and be serious about yourselves, yeah let me know. when you can handle a woman that knows what she wants knows exactly what she likes, a strong woman that knows exactly how to please a man you let me know.

you have to show me your serious because I’m tired of wasting my time on Jokers and little boys. when you decide you want to act like grown gentleman that knows how to treat women correctly and treat people right, definitely come see me because I will definitely take care of you without a problem.

But for those of you who seem to have a problem with my strong nature that does not have a filter…. kiss my ass because I will not act weak just for you and I don’t want anyone like that anyways.

More whining and complaining from those who just in the long run show me exactly what I already know.

For example the other day when that child filled out my screening form and use that as a way to be abuseive in his words toward me. well he thought he was being smart. I guess when I blocked his IP thats when he realized that he just could not have his way and abusive towards me anymore. because since then has been quiet and I was able to pinpoint him down to the very fucking street with his Mister know-it-all attitude. I showed him apparently, it’s been quiet. So for him bitching about giving me information he sure gave me a lot of information with the two times that he filled out that form to do his abusive toward language towards me. Oh but he didn’t want to fill out that information lol

but see here’s the thing, stupid is, stupid does and will always be stupid, cuz stupid will never learn…why??? cuz stupid thinks he knows it all already.

You you boys that liked bitch about stuff like this. You tell on your own selves most of the time and it’s so fucking stupid that it’s actually fucking hilarious. So keep on keepin on cuz like I told that little boy who filled out my screen form the other day like that… “keep doing you because doing you helps me do me and makes my job easier so I do appreciate it”

A strong woman by any man’s side, enhances a man, defines a man.

A man that belittles any woman, makes himself way more smaller than he would feel to be superior.

I am NOT the bitch that bows down to anyone, especially when I do not serve that man!

Do not ever expect me to, you will definitely be shown otherwise even at 4 foot 10 i handle my self very well, I guess it’s been due to having them ass beatens and face punches pretty often in my life to know exactly how to handle myself and carry myself as i do now. Think about that

Also think about this:

At 19 the person I was dating at that time, I got pregnant for, he took me and hung me by my neck AFTER he beat me for exactly 15 mins, when he took me by my neck and held me up on that wall,

These exact words he stated that  I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET

“bitch I will deskin you and pour clorex over you because your not worth pissing on”

I was told that night he beat me, I was not gonna have that baby!

And I didn’t… I miscarriad blood everywhere while I WAS WORKING!!! I was 8 weeks pregnant but my baby was 2 weeks. I was 19.

oh and just so you know, i DID win that court case, being that it was so damn obvious he was lieing through his freaking teeth, and even the judge said so.


now can we just get over all this bullshit and have some fun cuz umm im hungry,so really, if your looking for a warm mouth to put your cock in that knows how to use her throat, well, im looking to have one in my throat, so i do believe we can get this party started, …once you men show some respect.

Have a most wonderful Saturday everyone and I hope to God I have now gotten this straight with everyone thank you have a good day

Ps this was written only because i had some one (to be nice about ) in my email this morning, he didnt want to screen but then tell me that my negativity was a turn off, so this is what came from it….ohhh wait…he wanted to screeN AFTER I SAW HIM…YEA HOW STUPID IS THAT LMMAO

HERE it is simplified, you don’t have to take my shit right???ok…you dont, but hey guess what??? neither do i, i dont have to take your shit either, and so, we have just agreed upon something, we have at least agreed to disagree, correct?? yep thats what i thought, now lets have some fun

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