Let’s play a game

….Called Russian Roulette on your life. Matter of fact, let’s make it more interesting, double or nothing. Any takers?? No lemme rephrase that, any givers??? There’s plenty of you taker’s of you taker’s out there.

See…I have nothing left lose now. You played with my life. So I figured it like this. It’s y’all’s turn. My ass ripped and sore and burnt with the amount of life raping y’all been doing to me. It’s y’all’s turn.


you go from RESPECTING 1st visit MAYBE 2nd….to EXPECTING. Y’all start expecting free shit, you expect me to pay for everything, you expect me to pay this expensive security I pay for, You expect outfits to be bought for you and the list goes onnnnn and onnnn and onnnnn forever and 5 fucking days….AND THEN YOU CANCEL. LEAVING ME OUT TO DRY NOT A THOUGHT IN THE WORLD ABOUT ME, MY LIFE OR NOTHING. SO SINCE IVE LOST EVERYTHING CAUSE OF ALL THIS.

Since y’all won’t listen to reason. And I’m not worthy to be heard. I figured Y’all have talked enough. So I just let y’all do the talking from now on. I’ll just sit back and fill in the blanks some.


Those are all the pics the videos are coming next

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