Living In Glass Houses and Behind Smoking Mirrors: My Tumblr Writings 

I find it very amusing that’s those that attack others for wrong doing or blaming others at fault. Come at me directly like you do in very insulting and distasteful ways, when you’re hiding behind fake emails fake phone numbers and anonymous questions. I love the fact AND it’s a very amusing to me that you have to hide behind the keyboard and you’re smoking mirrors and your glass houses. That you feel so inferior about yourselves that you have to belittle others in abusive words and tones to feel Superior behind a keyboard. You have much to hide about yourselves that you don’t want out. And sometimes the names that you even give me are fake, and I find it funny that I have found in those instances that the name that you picked to give me is either deceased or had made the charges of assault and sexual offences and did not even know that about the name that you gave me. 

By what I’ve done on my Tumblr with just completely opening myself up to the world showing the world that I love who I am I know who I am and I have nothing to hide at all, has made me much more Superior then what you will ever feel by belittling others by hiding behind your keyboards. There is nobody who can tell me or say that I have anything to hide as I wrote it all down here. So really???. Who is the bigger person here and… it’s not about that it’s just a plain out being real. 

I’m really beginning to find behavioral patterns in these kinds of people. Psychology 101…. if you’ve read the books like I have, the actual textbooks even though I didn’t go to college but I had opportunities to read these class books from a my friend of mine that was taking these courses, your behavioral patterns are all the same. And it’s very shameful that you make others feel ashamed when you can’t even look yourselves in the mirror with pride. I know that I can. And thats all that fucking matters, but don’t you ever think that I am weak and that I will take your belittling ways towards me cuz as Just in these writings I will drop you to your knees in ways that you have not thought of yet. And those that are simple-minded that read this thinking in the terms that you normally think, that’s what the problem is. You’re not thinking above your simple mindedness. Just proves the point I’m making. 

1 note?Jul 18th, 2018 

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