Looking Back One Year Ago Labor Day Wkened

11-3-19 I don’t remember what happned to where I didn’t re post this for Labor Day Weekend this year. This is kinda like a milestone here. I kinda try to explain my PTSD, but more importantly this is basically when I had announced my very first website. And as I’m looking back….for me it REALLY does seem like a million years ago. This DOES show you that I’ve gone through FIVE websites total that I’ve built from ground up….IN ONE YEARS TIME! That’s crazy! Anyways thats what i am posting this. Cause it does mark an anniversay date for me

The Effects From Experiencing Trauma W PTSD

Giving a deeper insight, and more in depth understanding of my PTSD and how to have a more pleasurable experience with me PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ ALL 

well to begin Monday and Tuesday were just non-existent for me, especially to do anything constructive or productive sure did not produce me getting laid, giving head so i can my protein for the day, any money to pay the bills with, nor did it allow me to put my life back together after what happened to me last week and finish unpacking correctly and cleaning my home and making it perfect, being that I’m OCD as well as a perfectionist, to have visitors come in…so that we could both get laid…

******So you ask what did it produce..hmmmm… Well it produced nothing but over-stimulation to my brain that affects my whole body.., to where my brain cannot process what it needs to be able to do in order for me to be able to physically think each step of the process that I have to take for each task that I have to do, which leads to being very overwhelmed which leads to panicky modes, which also will lead to my whole body shaking, the bad tremors in my hands, my speech turns to stuttering and I am not able to form the words to be able to speak clearly and correctly. Which will lead to my whole body tensing up and which will lead to flaring up the nerves that are damaged in my back and flaring up my fibromyalgia which will put me in the bed.***********

The PTSD that i now deal with, due to the trauma of my son wanting to, threatening to, implicating to me of his wanting and trying to kill me, when he was 11 and 12 years old, caused a significant amount of brain damage from this kind of trauma I have dealt with. This now is a disability I have to live with and try my best to overcome it daily.

*****In order for things to be ran in a more efficient way I am opening up a second time publicly about this. this time I am specifically showing each effect that it causes me to have. I am also sharing this because in order for everyone to work together you need a better understanding of WHY…******

The times that I tell people” let me go! I need to go now!“ In a strong, quick, push off sense of way. ..is NOT that which it seems to you at all. it is actually me trying to catch it before it gets out of control so that things do not become what they have been. when you don’t listen and you keep prolonging my time of being over stimulated it causes a reaction of events and then because you don’t understand these events and why they are taking place you think I’m crazy. And it turns you off and then I lose my clientele as well as making friends. And then that right there leads me to feel worthless with my disabilities that my son literally has caused me.

Last week that cruel ass joke that was played on me of that person telling me  “I’ll be here to pick you up in the morning to help move” and leading me to believe that I had somewhere to go and then was literally did not have the decency to cal or show up and to be  left  on the streets and would have been had I not had that hundred dollars on me,….. WAS THE SAME AMOUNT OF TRAUMA THAT MY SON CAUSED ME. Which of course brought on my speech impairment of stuttering, the tremors back in my hands and an inability to focus. And a regular client now has witnessed the Tremors in my hands…

While I am still dealing with the effects of this kind of trauma this person put upon me,  Monday and Tuesday was 48 Hours of time-wasting,  bullshit and the phone continually going off………

In order for this to run efficiently and a better way for everyone to have a better experience from the start to the end each time I need y’all to hear me when I say these things and I need y’all to do the specific things I ask of you…. PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE…..

In order to cut down from the phone going off if you are wanting an appointment with me please either email me or go to my calendar I would prefer my calendar be used being that it can mark out that time that you are requesting for, which will show other clients or friends I like to think of yall as, that that time frame is taken, they cannot have that time frame, it’s yours. After the screening if you are a new friend of mine I will then after that point give out my phone number and communicate with you that way.


This leads to a more happier better experience with The Oral Specialist, for everybody involved instead of leaving a bad taste in our Mouths…. Yes pun intended….

I am putting this out there in the hopes that the knowledge of the actual real physical effects that it does to me, allowing the clairty of the reasonings behind you seeing my behaviors that is exerted out. Therefore leading ultimately  for a more pleasurable expiernce for all…..Remember my words there’s always a method to my madness….. This is literally the step-by-step methods and reasons behind all of which you would consider my madness that is actually diablilties of mine now

If anybody finds this humorous, something to pick on or anything of that nature, I would invite you to be in the same place of which my child had placed me in but I would not wish that on the Devil Himself.


I have set a goal to have this website completed. with the information that you need and also want and be ready to be able to promote it and put it out there by this weekend…

For Labor Day weekend I had planned on being able to give the website out along with celebrating this milestone for me with a Labor Day website special

In order for me to be able to accomplish this I need you to work with me. . And to do this efficiently with no time wasting for either one of us. I am available yes most definitely I am ready for my mouth to be used it needs to be used. But please go about things in the way that I have explained here and we will all get the greatest experience I can give to you.

I hope that this helps to have a deeper understanding about the how’s, why’s etc of me so that we can all just have some freaking fun and good times. Cuz that’s what this is about…..FUN AND GOOD TIMES

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