Midwest Vs Cajun: He Got Cajunified!

ok so this is a 22 tweet thread I put out on twitter tonight, that midwestern BOY( at 38), just didn’t know about me, I no longer have any patience for this kind of shit, I’m to the point of scaring my own self, cuz I know me, to a point, I don’t know my full physical strength when I get pissed like this, after fighting 4 huge cops and a huge man 4 yrs ago, I know a portion of what comes out of me, but there’s gonna be a time when I’m not gonna be able to RESPONSIBILY put my self in check, when I black out, I don’t remember shit, when I get that point of seeing that red,,,,ya’ll really need to stop this stupid shit, but I’m telling ya’ll that I’m tired of telling yall….this stupid motherfucker, was close to me losing all senses about myself tonight, I wouldn’t suggest any other motherfucker, testing me especially this weekend)

so here’s the story of why I’m so fucking pissed off, when I wanna be pissed on, which makes me more pissed off!

10:02 PM · Jan 25, 2019

Okay I’ve got a lot to say and I’m going to admit every dam last bit of it, i sure am, some 1 sent in a screening form a cpl of days ago, from IL, coming into town wasn’t for sure if he was going to be able to do a bng, hrr or hr, he originally found me on here so he contacts me At 5:55 telling me he may can get away it took 45 minutes emailing back and forth and pulling teeth out of lion to try to figure out what time and for the length of the session,

I asked the length specifically said that I know what to expect with my donation w/out directly sayin It, so I don’t get screwed over, he wanted 8. It is already almost 7, during this time and for the last two freaking days of me trying to just do my freaking dishes in the sink, cuz everytime I put the phone down it goes all I have to turn right back around grab my phone cater to whoever put the phone down go back to what I was doing and go right back around running in circles the last two days for everybody,

during one of these emails when I had turned to go to the kitchen my foot got caught on the computer cord, yeah the computer that that nice Gentleman from here had helped me with and gave to me yeah that $1400 Computer, when I went to pivot to turn to try to get a disc clean the computer fell to the floor, not before this happened I was already shook up and obviously distraught, when it hit the floor it julted the Computer and knock the screen out, by this time I was fucking flipping turning it off and praying to God that it would turn back on and work if not this fool fucked up a $1,400 computer that was given to me to help me work. thank God it turned on. Now this is after i told him i Was turning my phone off like that mattered,

by this time I just sat down and started crying, when I went to make a point to him that I haven’t had a chance to get the fuck dress for him he’s going to turn around and say will are you saying don’t come I just want to come then that’s when I went off the deep end after him telling me he was leaving early to and had been here early, I told him if he didn’t come he was not going to like the outcome of it that he better show his ass up after what he’s done to me, I give him my room number and how to get up I told him it takes 3 minutes to get to my door less than he didn’t show up he going to tell me he went to the store to get gas that fucker was lying, remember I’m an empath and I know this shit,

then he going to tell me he was at the one down the street he was at the wrong one I told him it would be advisable to have his ass show up at my fucking door I also flat out told him that for what he’s done to me I’m expecting a small tip as well, cuz what he did is keep me on this goddamn phone with these emails and run me in the ground and almost break a $1,400 computer then turn around and tell me there was no reason for me to be upset for him to say that he was not going to show up, when he came to the door and I opened it I stood behind it because if not I would have yanked his ass up by his fucking jacket and had his feet dangling off the fucking concrete and I would have thrown him to my couch instead I told his ass to get to the couch and sit the fuck down, he was so stupid he could not understand what the fuck I was pissed off about and I even showed him my hands where

I was shaking nothing had been picked up off the bed nothing had been fucking done because he kept me on this damn phone emailing back and forth of a total of get this…. TWENTY NINE EMAILS BETWEEN THE TWO OF US FROM 6 TO 8 IN 2 HRS TIME!!!!! He just thought he was going to leave and walk pass by me

To get to the door I told him he better not fucking think about it he told me he was going to leave a $20 for my time I said the fuck you are, I’m going to get my pay, I also told him I wasn’t going to fuck him out of his services he will get his service that he better sit his Ass right back down on that couch and shut the fuck up. So that I can pick up everything off the bed, he pulled out $90 which is a $10 tip, I told him I said get your ass undressed and get on the fucking bed. He did not have the fucking right to see me naked are the fucking privilege to Touch me at all, he thought he was going to have his arms around me at first to kiss me he did not deserve fucking none of it but I started sucking that motherfukers dick just as I was thinking I should leave him with blue balls but I wasn’t going to so I took a break I stopped I put myself in check in on me to put my mouth down on his fucking dick again,for that mother fucker to ask me could he fuck me for him to be so goddamn stupid to not catch on why I did not bother to take off anyting besides my tennis shoes, and why I would not allow him to touch Me. Before I hurt the motherfuker I told him to get the fuck out that was an insult that was insult after insult after insult he did to me. Especially after two days of this shit from everybody im still black listing him cuz I told him he was going to sit down and shut up and Listen to me so that he would not fucking do it to another provider again he would have never got it in the first place he’s so ignorant. The next son of a bitch he tries to fuck me like this I’m going to end up killing somebody sometime soon cuz had he really fucking push me

The dog leash that I got hanging up on my mirror on my closet door, that chain would have been wrapped around his fucking neck in a heartbeat. and people ask me if I’m worried about somebody hurting me HA! I admitted every fucking thing that happened and I would do it Again. But I’m close to not being able to check myself and make sure I am responsibly putting myself in check I was not going to fuck that motherfucker over he’s got his service but would he did not get is it oral specialist experience and I got my pay for the time he kept me On this phone emailing so I couldn’t get dressed and having me so fucking shook up like I am right now!!!!!! TWENTY NINE EMAILS BETWEEN THE TWO OF US IS SO FUCKING UNCALLED FOR!!!!

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