More Rambling Thoughts To Be Said

I’m curious to know why is it the world is expecting me to be just like them? Why do you want to all be the same as such as in a boring average normal way? What is normal and in whose definition does that word mean? Why do you all want to see the world the same in one set of eyes. Why isn’t diversity embraced. Why can’t we celebrate and have joy within our own individual ways. Here’s what I find to be funny we all fight for our own certain beliefs but yet we judge those who don’t believe as we see and believe we cast stones while we ourselves are hiding behind smoking mirrors keyboards casting stones still living in glass houses.

What’s so special about the Joneses as I poke my head out this window beside you why are you paying so much attention to the Joneses and taking inventory of them when in all reality you should be taking inventory within your own self. I don’t see what so important about what the Joneses or even what the Smiths do. Why do you stick your nose out like Pinocchio well because you do have a nose long right Pinocchio in your lies as you fool yourselves and point your fingers at others. The world’s great masquerade ball That’s what I see all around me.

You know even when I tried to teach my youngest what unconditional love is or try to with what little i knew because of what was done to me and my family I tried to teach you not to judge I tried to teach that I’ll always love no matter what no matter what never question never doubt the lovie in my heart to what was a miracle child in the begin. Only to realize it would be mine last curse of life cuz he would take the last love in me leaving me with emptiness and no joy inside. Left as the lonilness succumbs as the emptiness grows. the child I tried to teach the unconditional love, that the miracle child gave to me… seems in these entitled days that love is nothing but conditional and a choice to walk away. I find I’m the only one that’s loyal and true in my brutal honesty that’s been placed around me, handed to me on a silver platter. A very ice cold silver platter I may say and add. As I live the rest of my days wondering and realizing yeah I was a wild one back then but damn how was it that the world, my family and my children became to be putting themselves on a pedestal as if their God above giving me a trial judgment and hanging without jury or chance to even rectify myself and defend against what the world has seen or thought me to be. As my mother always stated I would never change I had evil inside.

Smh…seems to me as an empath the things told to me is only been the mirror and the reflection back that you’ve seen.  You ask why I am like I am why I do the things I do and why I turned out this way? to find answers that you seek you shouldn’t have to go very far. find the closest mirror look in it and point to it. Look at who it’s pointing back to…. The world and men especially, conditioning brainwashing forcing their masculinity, all in a day in today’s times that masculinity means brute force pushing their way in. I guess it’s so because the world has lost the masculine ways in the real sense. has to adjust and adapt and can only find the masculinity with brute force and attack. The world is so topsy-turvy it can’t see what’s up and what’s right. God is right to do another Sodom and Gomorrah. it’s time to clean the world of it sins. It’s time to step up to the plate and each one of us be accounted for. even myself in my mistakes and sins. One sin is no different than the other. One is no higher or more so than the other the sin of murder and adultery is the same as a little white lie doesn’t matter in God’s eyes.

I think I’ve stated these words many times before



As I take a peek outside my window I run in fear, away from it. as I sit and watch society crumble and fall. we only have ourselves to blame in our wicked ways. remember the seven deadliest sins???????

I can name three off the bat…. greed sloth vanity jealousy envy that’s what it was and envy that goes right along with worrying about the Joneses and the Smiths in this world. See here’s what I don’t get… why the world sits there and slings mud on this and that person. You haven’t began to look at yourself and see how much mud you’ve slung from behind on your own making a mountain of mud on top of your own selves, dirty and filthy, in your own mud and shit lying saying you’ve taken a shower but yet you still have this mountain of mud and shit on top of you. I wonder. As I just shake my head side to side how in the living hell for a race to be....supposed to be ….supposed to be so damn smart we are the most stupidest race of all in our ignorance and our vanity placing ourselves on a pedestal

you know when those of you who tell me I’m the best at my talents I cringe with that word it’s too high to be placed. I don’t feel comfortable there… it’s not me. Why do you place me so high above and call me the best? I’m just a little ole me or at least I try to be. most times I’m forced to be like others want me to be, only to be disappointed and end up judging me. but you see I have a hard enough time just being lil ole me. I cannot be anybody else than me. I’m nobody special I don’t expect special titlements special treatments….. I’m just lil ole me. A girl from the swamps that talks Cajun that nobody can understand. I’m just an empath that feels everything that the world feels and I’m left with nothing but deep sadness emptiness and shame 

I don’t know why the day is today that the words flow out of me like the air crisp and in a silent way. Those who have read my words, will it touch your soul? And I know when I hear all the answers yes already That’s not what I mean You’re being superficial in your answers generic fake in your ways. I don’t want to hear a quick answer That’s not going to do any good in a world that has destroyed our own selves and been our own demise.

change comes from within…. will my words touch your soul deep enough…. deep enough to actuality FEEL the life that has become me from your ways and your judgments and your hatred????? Will you take inventory of your own self and change your wicked ways????

You know and even so my prediction is to date… as I sit and watch the world around me,,,,smh freaking out that their mirrors their grand illusions are crashed amongst them no one likes to hear the truth as the truth shatters their fantasies and the fakes they become. but brutal truth is what’s been handed to me so here it is I simply do not have no sugar coating cuz that’s what the world has done to it’s own self.

Cuddling and babying too much, too much sugar coating just to make brutal reality….pretty putting makeup on it, painting it and a mask so the world doesn’t see the ugly nakedness that we cant accept in our own selves. I wonder if you can see the irony that I see. you know it takes change it takes each person to hold themselves accountable funny how that’s having to come about now holding ourselves accountable for washing our hands being healthy and clean when we are the dirtiest filthiest race of all. i can not help but to sit and give a chuckle…

You see while everybody was calling me bat shit crazy…im the most sanest craziest bitch around. I find it funny in my sane crazed insanity lmfao The world only came up with the word to describe something they couldn’t understand something….. they didn’t want to accept so they named it crazy and told me just as my mom always said….that i….iiii….needed help but it seems like I wasn’t the one that needed help and was batshit crazy after all

I find it all funny as I chuckly deep inside no im not crazy, just not understood, not understood only because you cast aside, and couldnt see from the eyes of an outsider….looking in….

I pray for this world to see to hear my words and for my words to touch your souls deep….way deep within, deep enough to change and to keep going with that change never to lax and go back into your old habits of hatred and judgment and greed. I just want the world to find peace that will never be. as I said tonight most of the day as the words flow out of me. All I have is time to sit and wonder, sitting thinking, reflecting as i lay here on the couch with a speech to text on just speaking my thoughts about…. that’s all .

One last thing I’m going to call out, I believe. I want to give a prediction. I’m going to have the balls and I’m going to speak this. But I’m going to fore warn you as scary as it is.

You know this war on sex and sex workers that’s been…. you know the true meaning of what confusion is supposed to be

Confusion is meant to take your focus away from somebody doing something right under your nose so that you don’t see it happening. Makes you unaware when you’re in the middle of a storm and a tornado swirling all around you but if you stand in the eye that storm right in the middle and you stand grounded and still you can actually see what’s being done which is what I have been doing while the world’s tornadoes have constantly swirled around me constantly trying to kick me off the ground and un balance me. And that was tried very hard but I still saw from within. The demise and the deception that’s been made. This war on sex and sex workers and pedophiles that’s been made…HMMM…..look all around you 


You know for all those that have made me run in circles on end doing nothing getting dressed asking what outfit to change again and again doing all this content making me stay up 7 days and 7 nights last year????…. all for nothing??? running me in circles making me feel worthless as a slave, forced being laughed at as a joke; causing me to work with no end in sight and no reason at all just to be the stalk of laughter in your eyes just to be humorous in your idle games….yes….EACH AND EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU, I REMEMBER…AND REMEMBER WELL…. 

Forced free slave labor is what you did to me in reality let’s get brutally real here since our lives are all now valuable and at stake….. Last year alone look what you’ve done to me or should I show you the many scars and reminders that I now carry both within and out… I have all the proof as I screenshotted over 3,000 screenshots in the FIRST 3 months alone last year I have all the writings and the proof of the whipping post you tied me to.And you simply just need to read the blog…EXPEREINCING HELL ON EARTH, AS YOU RAN ME RAGGED DOING THOSE VIDS WHILE I WAS EXPEREICING THE VERY HELL YALL DEEMED TO BE IN…HMMMM

So this is my prediction to be

We will be separated The children will be the first to go The government will tell you it’s to separate the children from the pedophiles that they haven’t caught but heed this warning I’ll tell you. In the midst of all this chaos there was always order in chaos all you have to do is look for the patterns you’ll see plain as day but your eyes are so blind with the veils that has been placed upon you. will never see the deception as you give your children up to the government and trust in those hands to help keep away the pedophiles. they will tell you they’re going to hold your children away from but what you’ll be doing is trusting the hands you place your children in, are the pedophiles themselves. Believe all the trickery that the devil keeps you believing….let go of your children you wont ever see them again. they’ll be placed in sacrifice as others are raised as laborerst sex slaves.
Then next will come the separation of man and woman and in groups of ages given the excuse of an age too old to have sex and bear children and we will say goodbye to our men and they will say goodbye to their women as we will be separated and categoried. As we have already been numbered and placed in certain lines we have already had their eyes on us watching us for the longest time keeping inventory of just who is who and where we are. for the time that will come when the women will be separated from women lesbian from heterosexual and again we will be formed in lines category numbered sold giving away The first will go will be the sex workers that this war has been placed upon every one of us from high end to low end a lot lizards included we will be forced. The destruction this world has allowed ourselves to be placed in is now in the fate of what’s written already given to us as a guide only to be ignored what a shame we all fell right involved into it without even realizing what we’ve done
The irony of it all is guess who the first ones who’s going to be helping at the hand of gathering the slaves this I gave last year as a prediction a prophecy that was made but I couldn’t speak all of this out loud as I spoke on adult look. and as I’ve searched through the screenshots I caught during this conversation last year one year ago exactly this week matter of fact it’s weird to say that too The very ones that will be taken us to our bosses as we become the laborious slaves will be the very incels and the ones to cheap and don’t care about a woman’s sensuality that are only out for themselves. yeah you’ll be the first ones to do this I promise because you are already being used as pawns without realize, of the evil one around……


As a shutter stating this prediction out loud I see yes it’s coming true with our privacy taken with the encryptions that bill that just passed there is nowhere left to hide no more left to crawl no hole or corner we will be found cuz they got tabs on us

******You know why do you think interpol contacted me on Twitter and outright told me he was interpol AND could he get to know me better???????……made me sit and wonder as I was in total shock made me wonder if he was trying to recruit me to gather up my fellow ones. That I would even take that kind of offer is beyond me because all knows I don’t follow with society that when I go just like I’ve shown before I will go kicking and screaming and trying to kill the ones taking me I won’t go so easily just like before.******

Let these words sink in because I tell you and it’s coming true I seen it last year I just didn’t follow through with speaking this prophecy out loud now that I do prepare yourselves world because it’s a doozy to come. Lol smh wow just what the fuck have we done to ourselves is what I wonder 3-35-2020 11: 41 pm

I have one last thought in my head to put down so that it can finally rest

I cannot begin to express that this shit is scary as fuck to me to look back in my writings in the screenshots taken as I’ve given my testimony and beared witness this whole time is I look back and see the prophecies that I said then coming straight into reality just as if I have went from watching a movie projector screen and walked right into it and made it reality it’s scary as fuck to me to watch all this come to be I cannot begin to express just how weird and scary this shit feels to me

Call me crazy if you may, it doesn’t matter any longer, As look around, and look behind, it was only just a year ago that these things happened to me, the prophecies seen just one year ago …EXACTLY …coming fast and fiece into reality. you wont be able to spin your head or even blink an eye, if you sleep, expect great change when you wake each and every time you do wake, and you wonder why i dont sleep…hmmm scares me to death to fall in slumber, as my dreams and visions become our realities …..lmao the whole time that ive been writing this, alot of “outside noise” has been TRYING To intereupt me…lmmao i see things for what they are trying to stop me…guess what…ALL OF THIS…THIS NO LONGER HOLDS IMPORTANCE TO ME, YOU WILL WAIT AND NOT DIE IF I DONT ANSWER RIGHT AWAY…AND IT SEEMS OUT OF THE BLUE PEOPLE I HAVENT HEARD IN FOREVER AND DAY…SEEMS TO BE INTERUPTING MY TIME AND SPACE. OR TRYING TO ANYWAYS…JUST AS I HAVENT BEEN IMPORTANT IN YOUR EYES. ….GETTING THIS MESSAGE OUT AND OFF MY CHEST AS IVE HELD IT FOR THIS LAST YEAR….WAS THE ONLY FUCKING THING IMPORTANT TO ME….AS I HAVE SHIFTED MY FUCKING PRIORTIES

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