Mr. Friendly Flashes Demon Eyes

So when I got introduced to Moco Space there was this guy his name was Mr. Friendly he had a girlfriend that worked she ended up getting murdered. We had been talking here a there a little bit. So he was talking like suicidal shit. So I told him to come on by for a little while. You know I didn’t want him doing that.

So anyway, when he came through the door he flashed those red eyes I mean that I know very well. The eyes of the devil. I looked at him and I put my pointer finger up, ya know, like uhhh uhh uhh noo lol and I said oh no no no “IT” is not allowed in my fucking house. He stopped and he said you know about that?

I said yes I know about that, considering I’m already done an exorcism up North, and is the very reason why is IT is NOT allowed in MY house. THIS IS MY TERRITORY, AND IT IS NOT ALLOWED IN MY HOME.

***”and you see you got to understand what I have gone through which I know you don’t, but I had gone through a lot of North and Pennsylvania with this territorial situation and that’s what I meant about this is not territory, so I just want to kind of give a little history there to let you know that that’s already been at territorial issue that I had to deal with that North when it came to this subject Matter.***

So while we were visiting, he tells me that most people don’t catch that little quick red flash of the eyes. I said oh so you test often right?   Any answer me yeah I get curious and I’m just know how many people know about it. I said oh, well had a pretty decent knowledge when it comes to IT. Going to go song to proceed to tell me that he invited IT in him. And quite honestly speaking I almost choked but I kept my cool and he didn’t know did I was wanting just to sling him the fuck out the door. But I knew this situation and I had to keep my cool.

So he asked me if I eat he can take a shower I said sure well in the process of getting all the stuff out of his bag or whatever he notices he forgot his toothbrush. He asked if I had an extra one I said matter of fact I just bought a brand-new pack of five of them, so I pulled the pack out and I said here you go pick a color any color.  He said okay and he picked green. I had this little wicked smile about me even though he didn’t realize it I kept it to myself and I said to myself okay cool great.

I have knowledge in a lot of dick green is associated with the element of Earth. Earth is associated with grounding being grounded being concreted having foundation another word for stable, stability and then you can also use it as a cleansing when you bury things.

So I have knowledge in this and why we were sitting there talking I was holding the toothbrush and is about 30 minutes and I had it in my right hand and I’m literally just bullshiting you know and Louisiana people we talked with her hands all the time, so my hands are just too going right, and I still got this toothbrush in my right hand .

 So about 30 minutes goes by and I looked, and I said holy shit I said I’m sorry I said I’ve had this damn tooth brushing my hand the whole time I said I didn’t even realize it. all the while I knew I knew exactly what the hell I was doing very much so!

Celeste it will hear you go ahead, and you can take your shower so they’re kind of nonchalantly through the are kind of tossed it rather toothbrush onto my bed and that’s where it wouldn’t get dirty or whatever. And he went to grab it and when he did he dropped it in Italy and he flashing red eyes up at me again he said what you trying to do he said something like are you trying to kill me?

I said no you are already dead.

So he flash them red eyes at me again and I said look I told you IT, …. And I was looking past him kind of I’m just looking through him is exactly what I was doing. And I looked at the fire in that boy’s ass and I was talking to   IT. . And I was directly telling IT ,

“I done told you once before you are not welcomed here this is my territory this is my home up North with a different thing here this is my place you don’t belong here, and you’re not welcome here.”

yes I most like it kind of went into a trance I don’t know if he knew that I had said that that I was looking straight through the dude okay I wouldn’t even seeing the dude right…cuz I was looking into this ass and throwing you know other words can light past him that I was looking directly at him okay ….to try to give you some kind of idea.

So I said well you can go on. Now and at that point I was talking to the dude, you can come on and grab you a shower.

I was playing everything cool, very kosher; you know real low key about it. because like I said I’ve already dealt with this shit before, so I knew….

so he took your shower and we talked for a little while longer and I went ahead and asked him to go ahead and leave that was getting late and I had things to do. quite honestly I had been ready for that boy to go for a long time I didn’t want him in my door much less him being there for a few hours.

So I finally was able to scoot him out my door. And I was thinking God and relieved and I was also saging my place too. At that point in time I was staying at the Delta inn in northeast San Antonio which was not a cool place, but it was where I started, and I had been there quite a while I don’t move around. so I was thankful to have that place actually

And quite honestly speaking it seemed like every time I turn around everything I had was getting stolen and when I had left 9 fact I have I was out like a light I didn’t hear it there was a somebody and does a gunshot somebody pulled out a gun that night from what I was told and just trying to shoot somebody and I was passed out asleep I was so tired because everybody was running me ragged for nothing and I was tired I didn’t I didn’t hear the gunshots and apparently it was right at my door I didn’t hear fucking thing I woke up and didn’t know nothing so that’s when I took off and left from there cuz it just wasn’t cool insuring hell wasn’t cool for customers you know.

So anyway want to end that part of here he had tried to get back in touch with me several times. I wouldn’t talk to him. he got a hold of my Facebook my Facebook messenger he tried I wouldn’t talk to him. He even had his brother call me or contact me and I said you know I did not want to have nothing to do with him he had told me he had wanted to get saved. And after what he told me that he invited IT in, I knew better he was a goner and there was no turning back on that one and I knew he was lying.

So life went on for a little while and I really didn’t think much of it to be honest. He kept me so busy doing nothing running around killing myself for all for nothing I didn’t know anything about screening at that point I didn’t know anything about all this games I was so green and So new so naive so trusting so all of it. I was definitely getting my license taught at that point in time because you know I was always too trusting soul… Too trusting matter of fact and I’ve always seen the good in everybody no matter what and that was just a mixture for disaster for me really.

I think that was about September no I think I was October because I spent Christmas in the place at Bandera, so I started

I moved here on January 29th of 2017, in March I was at woodspring suites April I was in Floresville by July I had made my first add-on that page I had put two ads out July and August on that page. When I was at woodspring suites in March is when I found out about MocoSpace. And at the time like I said I had never heard of MocoSpace I had no clue about any of this shit. and of course I had no idea that my son is 15 years old was going to be on there or neither and contacted me right after I turned my first trick.  So I was totally oblivious to the bullshit and the game and all of it just all of it I had no clue.

It was December of 2017 I started getting hot flashes. for those of you that remember that have known me since then and have I haven’t claimed that I was I felt like I was going through menopause because I had no idea, and I could not go to the doctor at the time I’m had my best friend of 22 years she’s with 68-69 at the time. I asked her about it you know I’m kind of right at that age. And I need my body had been changing so with not being able to go to the doctor I just took it as. Me going into menopause.

January 4th, 2018 my birthday I had somebody come over and I saw them, and I had my alter up which really was just a dresser that I put my stones and stuff on that I liked just things that I like that same to calm me down and it was my personal space. I had originally planned on doing Ricky or offering Ricky chakra stones and stuff also for clients, so I had two sets of chakra sounds one that I was going to use on the client someone for me.

Will the client I had seen the day of my birthday on January 18th. He had taken special notice to my altar. And he especially took really special notice to the little black bag velvet bag of chakra stones that have never been used they had never been touched except for make cleaning them when I got them, and they work for the clients and he pointed them out in you know made special notice of it.

After that I didn’t take notice until a few weeks later I want to clean everything off and clean that dresser off and I noticed something was missing. And I went back because I put things very strategically placed everything is very nice place and I know if it’s moved by like a half an inch normally. So I went back in and started looking at everything and I was like I’ll be damned. That little black bag is gone.

If I remember correctly I believe I went to sleep that day or something to where he had a chance without my supervision in my own home to grab that bag that little black velvet bag of chakra stones. So and he was the only 1 and my home not being supervised that could have done that that took notice, so I went to him about it you know he swore up and down I said yeah right okay, so I let it go. now of course I didn’t mention this is after he shortchanged me and he’s giving me problems in the whole nine yards right, so I was like yeah okay.

So few weeks goes by and I don’t know why I still can’t tell you it is strange that I would this is so strange.

while I was sweeping the kitchen floor and I’m sweeping and vacuuming phone I don’t know why I still can’t figure this out, but I saw something on the floor in between the fridge and the cabinet in the kitchen and it was black. And this went on for about a week I didn’t I noticed it, but I didn’t take notice of it and it’s for some strange reason I don’t know why but I said to myself one of these mornings I said well maybe it’s coffee grounds that I had dropped knowing full well just how OCD I am. that’s exactly what I’m talking about I can’t figure that part out for the life of me yet.

Then one night I took notice and I said let me go check that out, grab that, and see what that is to myself.

upon getting down on my hands and knees and further inspecting what it was between the cabinet in the fridge on the floor I’m about tripped shit!

It was that black velvet bag and it had been ripped like ripped and I have all the pictures this is the first time I’m actually going this forward to being able to describe these things the very first time. I was quite fucking upset and all them stones they were on the floor just….and y’all need to know that those stones in them cuz I had Stones everywhere in that place trying to absorb all the negative energy and stuff that was just coming through and. And I would put them in the holes of water to clean them just clear water they were like my babies kind of you know like you do but plants or whatever. So there was no way ever that I would have them on the floor like that.

So that’s when I got up on Twitter and I was tripping shit about it switch I have all the screenshots from this time on I’ve got every screenshot proving all of this is just none of y’all can make sense of it because I’ve never could talk about it and of course at that time I never I didn’t know what was going on either.

So it was during this time that a client turn friend or whatever get out of having problems left and right I was going through this heat flashes I was just a live is everything just continually going on at all at one time it was just one kick after another after another enemy you’re not done getting kicked yet and trying to set up and breathe from one kick in your gut to the next one kicking me down and then the next one and it was just it was always swirling around me so much I never could figure things out which is the reason why so you don’t.

So one night this guy comes up with that sack length of a scene and he’s lying on the bed and we’re trying to talk, and he looks at the altar and he says have you noticed that something is off on your altar. I said no he says go look on your left side of your altar this out right here and I’ll be damned if everything was not knocked off and that’s all the pictures, but you see the sticks of underneath the pedestal not wolf egg and everything that was too and I’m starting to get shook up talking about this. Btw…. That was to knock my balance off.

Well that’s when I wrote sabotage from The unseen inside the pictures that was the first time that I had such as those pictures now that you can start to make sense of it. that same night noticing all of mine stuff on the altar was just from the on the left side of it which would was the client side of the bed okay by the way. on the top of my computer have been marked an x right in the middle of it or a t however you looked at it and I never close the fucking lid to my computer cuz it’s always on I’m always on it I have no idea.

This was during the time that I had also built my first website. Which by the way I had no idea of how to do or whatever I need there was a lot of bullshit going on and I couldn’t fucking say straight cuz it’s so much bullshit and I was trying to get people to I’m just trying to make sense I was talking to people I mean just everything I was telling everybody on Twitter and you’re desperate I mean you don’t know what’s going on with you, you know is so unsuspecting you have no idea.

Well my former Master up north I had asked him to go read one of the writings I had done he came back and told me he could not get on the site because he’s seriously so acceptable and very sensitive is the world I want on use to all this stuff. And I mean he had already known although demonic stuff that I had dealt with up there and he also goes around me when I had transcended before. When I notice things in my apartment, but they weren’t familiar I was in this spiritual plane when I transcended so he was aware when we both we’re very sensitive to this kind of stuff.

So he comes back and tells me he says Michelle I can’t even get on there to read it. I said what are you talking about? He says I smell gas it gives me a headache I said you’re shitting me. He says no I smell; natural gas and I keep getting a headache I can’t go on there to read it I smell it every time I log into your site I said ….ooookayyyy…..and of course at that time another world wind comes through of drama and bullshittin I got to go in there went that right

Going back to what I found on my altar that was so messed up during this time when I was thinking it was me being in menopause that’s mine this researching the psychic vampire thing and that’s when I would turn right on my body and I mean I don’t know and that’s when I became distorted in those pictures and stuff this is around the same time frame.

When I did clean a second time the altar, give us a black lady covering that I had on the altar it’s a cloth or whatever the altar cloth, when I was cleaning everything up, I have been in the shower and I decided to grab that black lace and put it in the shower and hand wash it while I was in there I did in the water kit that lace it was a dick black clown ghost whatever you want to call it that came from it scared me so damn bad and it was so are we feeling okay when that Spirit or whatever came from that cloud that I ran out of there and I left it in the tub with the water running over it and I would not touch it I wouldn’t go near it!

It wasn’t until later on I went to have a stick or something I grabbed, and I grabbed the lace and I put it into a Tupperware dish or whatever you know a big one consecrated sea salt and water. and it stayed there for days

It was during this time that I was cleaning the walls and I’m just getting tormented by the stickers for 12 hours and just a whole lot of stuff, so all of this was kept going one and it wasn’t me.


So I would like to jump to me living here where I’m at now.

Let’s talk about. What happened Valentine’s day weekend in that week.

So Valentine’s day was on a Friday that morning I got woke up by the married man might he came to bring roses, chocolates, and stuff well right after that a long-time follower wanted to bring me some stuff too, so he did.  And while we were busy and he was down below started being drained I started getting very dizzy and just weak totally just exhausted and I’ve gone through that once before with one other person that I was seeing on a regular basis at one point, a client. still I stopped person and I got to quit you got to go I’m drained I didn’t know any different.

And I’ll pointed towards him all I know is I couldn’t get up I was so weak I literally was dizzy that was on a Friday. By Sunday evening

When I went to take a shower I was to invoice this and, but I look down as I was washing my hair I noticed a black spot on the bottom of my tub I must look like eyeliner pencil. But I don’t use black eyeliner and I never have so I wiped it off and it came on and I was very ungrounded I fell in the tub it is as crazy then after I got out of the tub had my shower I’m going to the store and that’s when I know this sounds very paranoid and I could hardly walk the ground the shifting on me again and that’s when I started hearing the voices.

It was also during this time that the gas to my door happened all of a sudden and that was to create an entrance way into my home I need a damn good permanent scar because it’s a gas it’s not just like a Mark it’s a gash it’s a hole in the door now.

I also found my toilet had been marked on the inside two different markings black markings I have been placed in my toilet and I’m sitting here tripping shit right can figure out how that shit happen and wasn’t me it’s very violating I have to save to have this continually happen and not be able to explain none of it. to yourself much last two others and you’re freaking out you scared you’re a lot of things

but one thing’s for certain, you begin to no longer feel safe in your own home and you don’t know how to stop it and you can’t stop it and then you feel loss of control and you become very panicky,  you want it to stop.

And very literally while everybody was sitting there calling me crazy I was just so desperate just to be left alone.

I mean I’m left all alone that’s the problem and left all alone, but I’m never left alone to have any peace and needless to say there was no peace here there hasn’t been peace and two years at least since that December when I thought I was in menopause.

I mean very literally can you imagine things happening in your home things moving in home thanks you didn’t move even though you didn’t know or being marked up or gashed up or things that you just cannot explain happening and nobody believing you???????

I mean all you wanting to do is try to get somebody to help you stop this so you can have some peace, so you don’t have to worry about what’s going to be new next or if you go look for the soap dish to wash your hands it’s not there or whatever

Can you imagine I was crying out for help for someone to hear you 2 help you stop whatever is going on in your home that you don’t know, and you don’t know how to stop it can you imagine just never being heard????

Well it’s kind of like being buried alive you’re beating, and you’re screaming in your yelling and eat, and you won’t help, and you need to get out of the coffin and no one’s there and then you hear footsteps, and you hear our kids, and you hear a funeral going on but yet no one hears you screaming and not buried coffin and you start suffocating and then you panic even more.

I know it’s kind of the way I’ve been. Quite literally it’s the way I been. I have five hundred different writings 500 of them all saying the same thing all different ways bitching asking begging and pleading the whole nine yards and yet I was still called crazy and insane a psycho.

No of course you have to throw in there that I just given time I don’t know who is who I’m getting email bomb phone bombed text bombed kick bombed screening form bombed, I’m being stalked on every advertising slide not to mention on every social platform not to mention every personal social platform

  • Adultlook
  • Tryst
  • Skip the games
  • cityxguide
  • Facebook
  • FetLife
  • Curious cat
  • Switter
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • My personal Kik
  • My work Kik
  • Cash app
  • My old Gmail
  • Protonmail
  • Texting my work number
  • Calling my work number
  • Texting my real number
  • Calling my real number
  • Tumblr
  • Escort Galleries

Not to mention, actually coming around and stalking for a month, my actual home where I’m at now. Starting March 16th and lasting through April even coming to knock on my door expecting me to let this person in I had no idea who he was when the quarantine just started.

Of which time this person just would appear at fucking nowhere it just magically behind me every time scaring the shit out of me. And I’m talking behind me at the store across the street

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