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Born and raised in Baton Rouge, La. Half Cherokee and French. A big-tittied, red-headed, little bitty petite Milf, that’s a total firecracker! lol I’m 47 years old, a Capricorn, born on the cusp, Jan. 18. Divorced 3 times, getting all that done and over with really early. A single mother, have two 2 sons. 31 and almost 18 this year.

These few small attribtutes are important to know about me, if you’d like to “try” to understand just a little part of me, this would be where to start. It’s always so hard to explain about who I am, being that there’s so many interest and aspects of me. And if you have heard the rumors about French Cajun women, to answer you. Yes, we are wild in bed!!!

The name Rogue, it just fit…it’s always been “me.” VERY hard-headed, strong-willed and VERY determined, an adrenaline junkie that gets a rush from being challenged! lol Always been the black Sheep of the family, a “wayward wyld chyld” that never conforms, never cared about the mainstream of what society believed that I was supposed to be. Having traveled the country off and on starting at 17. I’ve lived my life within the swinging, BDSM and biker communities.

It’s also important for you to know my history within the BDSM Lifestyle, as it’s been my life since 19. That it’s VERY engrained within me. Many don’t understand this part, don’t realize that this is the very core of who I am. I am a TRUE slave/submissive/masochist. My training was very intense within the Old Guard Ways. This is why you notice alot in my writings that I don’t capitalize anything to do with me, (IE: i, me, my) it’s not natural for me to capitalize anything to do with me, this is how I was trained. I’ve been owned 3 times, with the last time, being a fully collared slave.

(Here’s a part of what’s in my Fetlife profile, I thought I’d share)

There were many reasons why i choose this as a job, The one that most have not heard me talk about is this reason…..i saw this as a way for my true submissive nature to be used, and accessed. It was a way for me to not lose myself and who i am. It was a way that i could continue with my true nature without “ownership”. knowing that who i see, is VERY PLEASED, is the very core of me. THAT is what TRULY pleases me.Making sure that person is well taken care of, and i’m NOT just sexually speaking either.

Another very important part of me to know is my spiritual side. I’m an Empath. Two things ya’ll need to know about that. One, this is how I know when your lieing to me ok…Secondly, I take on everyone’s “stuff.” Feelings, emotions, your “everythings.” By the end of the day, i’ve felt so many people’s “stuff” that it starts to build up inside me, cuz it’s NOT my “stuff,” when I can feel it boiling inside, it’s like a volcano about erupt. And I can’t stop it, When it goes to blow, it blow’s. I just can’t help it, no matter how much I try to, it’s not my “stuff” and my body at the end of the rejects it. I’m explaining this, cuz i have found that I have to shield myself ALLLL THE TIME. Please if I ever tell you, i need to go, i need to go…just let me go…let me walk away or whatever. I know that everyone needs to know this about me, ok…when i say, i need to go, it’s because my body is vibrating way to much from feeling everyone’s “stuff” and i’ve gotten overwhelmed. Let me just walk away, i’ll come back calmed down. It’s no ones fault or anything, it’s just the way it is. Another very important part of me to know is my spiritual side.

Even if you don’t know or understand anything about BDSM. To know that it’s both the submissive and the Empath aspects of me that is the driving force behind making sure YOU are PLEASED. It is EVERYTHING to me, that you are pleased. It’s the driving force behind making this website for you, the clients. My customer base. I will do whatever I can to make sure that you are comforted and pleased. It’s NOT required that you be interested in BDSM, it’s just who I am, the very core of me.

Personal Stats

  • Name: MsRogueSA
  • Base City: San Antonio, TX
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 47
  • Sexual Orientation: Bi Sexual
  • Race/Ethnic: Caucasian
  • Body Type: Petite
  • Height: 4’10”
  • Weight: 115#s
  • Shoe Size: Depends: Kids 3/Womens 5
  • Dress Size: Depends: M? I’m top heavy
  • Measurements: 36G-30-34
  • Breast Implants: No
  • Grooming: Bald
  • Color Eyes: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Red/Auburn
  • Hair Length: Mid Back
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Tattoos: Yes, 3 small ones
  • Piercings: Yes, Navel and Clit Hood
  • Smoker: Yes
  • Language: ONLY English
  • Porn Star: Amateur
  • Availability: Incalls
  • Payment Options: Cash, Cash App, Venmo, Visa Vanilla Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Green Dot Money Pak and working on trying to offer more. NO Credit Cards or Pay Pal.
  • Available To: Men, Women, Couples, Bachelor Parties, Groups

More Fun Facts

Likes: Mature, respectful gentlemen, Good hygiene, Punctual, Sense of humor, Chocolates, Honesty…My Weakness…Choc Covered Cherries

Dislikes: Poor hygeine, Bad manners, Bargaining my prices, Rude behavior Dishonesty, Thieves, Drama….Complete Turn-offs are mentioning money, unsolicated dick pics, asking to send pics, ghosting and not reading info in my ads or site

Hobbys: Reading and Researching Various Subjects, Writing, Computers, Doing REALLY BAD things while riding bitch seat on a Harley??

“Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun…Cajun Style”

For My Haters Club Out There: This Is What I See In Me: Strength, Courage, Warrior, Proud (even though she has been disgraced and shamed), Ballsy, Confident (to stand up against all odds, to stand straight back up, dust my ass off and to look every one of you that has done me dirty, DEAD SQUARE in the eyes, EVEN AFTER doing me wrong, STILL kicking me down, each time I rise up, I’m more “Defined” and “Well-Rounded.” You’ve taught me well! I KNOW exactly what I don’t want, what I will and will NOT put up with, therefore, I know EXACTLY what I want and I Go For It! Remember My Words:

“By The Very Fire That You Have Tried To Burn Me With, Is That VERY Fire That I Gain Strength From!!!!”

More Interests: Art, Animals, Ballet, Boating, Cats, Cinema, Concerts, Cooking, Cultures, Dancing, Dogs, Fashion, Going out for a good meal, Horses, Music (Favs are Blues and Rock/Heavy Metal (Anything but Country), Operas, Parties, Photography, Swimming, Theater, Travel, I ABSOULTELY LOVE to go out “Juke Joint” (Swing) Dancing

Favorite TV Shows/Movies: Sons of Anarchy, The Game of Thrones, All NCIS, Mayans, Bull, Claws…Pulp Fiction, All of The Fast and Furious and anything with Jason Statham in it;)~ New Fav Show Ray Donavon:) (NO Horror Movies)

Talk Themes: Architecture, Art, Culture, Environment, Geography, History, Internet, Life philosophy, Marketing, Media, Nature, Technology, Tourism, I’m versitile, I can talk shop too!!! Cars: older model Chevys! Even Construction, was raisesd doing Counter Tops/Formica.

Perfumes: Favorite is Passion, White Diamonds, Obsession, Chanel

Flowers: Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Lilies, Orchids, Roses, white Roses

Wardrobe: Casual, Jeans and nice tight top, Lingerie, Leather (My chaps and vest lol), Corset, High Heels

Gift Ideas : Wish List Coming Soon…My Spirit Guide is a Grey Wolf, I collect anything with wolves, Mardi Gras mask, Things That Vibrate. Also, I’ve always thought that care packages were the best! 🙂

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  1. Love reading the content on your site! You are a women with great depth. Am impatiently looking forward to meeting you

    1. Your compliment means alot to me. I always enjoy hearing others thoughts and insights especially with what I create. And YES, Great Depth on so many levels!!! lol Well I hope to do your screening soon. I would love to have you visit, then you can see for yourself!!!;)

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