My experience From Today: Getting Violated

My experience from today

The reason why I was so desperate to get boxes before now was because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle last minute packing due to my back. But with no help until today there’s no way around it anymore. And i was so happy to finally get a little bit of help. Imagine my surprise….

To what length somebody will go to get what they want is beyond me. And you know yeah I’m into rape videos and the rape fantasies in a rape porn because I am into extreme porn. BUT being violated in real life is not the same as what’s in porn because that stuff that we watch should all be acted out in the porn industry and NOT real. My experiences are very much real to me.

So somebody had offered to help me by bringing boxes right. And i guess bringing me four small boxes of the Walgreens trash can from next 🚪 was going to get him some pussy… Don’t get me wrong now I do appreciate the boxes… I have been on my feet all night long because all day long yesterday I’ve been dealing with time wasters I didn’t get nothing done, my back was hurting I passed out in pain. I had told him it’s getting close I know my body I’m getting 💤 it’s telling me it’s about to pass out he needed to go. He hee hawed around didn’t leave I ended up passing out. I got woke up to him jacking off in my 🛏️ and him messing with my titties or something. I was pretty out of it hurting so it’s pretty vague for me. I don’t know if I told him he could that’s what my titties just to satisfy the situation I woke up to. And you know I was hurting pretty fucking bad. would I trust this person around me ever a fucking again to know that I’ll be taken care of when my back is down and hurting like it was HELL FUCKING NO I don’t never want to 👀 that mother fucker again.

You know I could twist this 💩 in my head and be like this is fucking awesome HOT ASS story to tell but you know what? right now I can’t do that yet. all my bad experiences I’ve Twisted into a fucking awesome fantasy story in my head right now…. it’s not

people keeps coming up to telling me I’m glad I found your blog I’ll be jacking off to you all the time just put all the pictures and videos I can just get from you ….FREE everybody coming out and saying all kinds of good stuff about me and to me and all this good mess.. but you know what, really and I’m trying to take it as a compliment but it’s really getting hard I don’t feel special I don’t feel that stuff y’all are telling me, I feel quite the opposite, I’m actually feeling pretty worthless I must not be all that special. That nobody really gives a fuck as long as they get their fucking dick wet that’s all they care for that’s what I’m feeling is just a worthless piece of 💩

Within the last week couple of weeks I’ve had one motherfucker try to come through my 🚪 then ended up being my neighbors 🚪, cost me my home. I’ve had another mother fucker randomly send tell good many providers, 👶 porn through our protonmail accounts making me feel a whole new violated, and now I was literally violated in my home trusting a men when he tells me .. you just lay there I’ll take care of what you at whatever you need me to do to help you

man I get it I fucking get it I get that his dick was hard I get he had fucking blue balls damn it I fucking get it, but God damn it that’s three different violations in less than three freaking weeks I cannot handle no more.

How do y’all figure it makes me feel special when y’all come up to me and tell me that you’re glad you found my blog but yet when I tell you and has to be paid for now all I fucking hear is crickets. Where’s the support in the fan base? Cuz literally all I feel is filthy, gross and disgusting I just really want to kill myself. and in my eyes I’m not getting any support I’m 👀 my fan base allowing me to be on the street 👀 from the sidelines no support whatsoever but continually telling me. I want my dick taken care of, so I want to jerk off to you or fuck for free… that tells me I’m worth nothing to you.

And everybody wonders why now I’m so jaded about men well after three violations in less than 3 weeks this is why I no longer trust not a fucking soul. This is why I will not open my legs up for fucking free ever again, my 👄 or nothing. I have been told I’m special, but your behaviors don’t make me feel like I am. If my talents bring y’all to kind of level… Oh My God is all can say. I don’t want my talents to bring y’all to violating me for it and that’s supposed to make me feel good right

Hear me when I say…whatever schemes you can come up with to try to trade me out for pussy, so you don’t have to pay the 💰 I’ve already witnessed it 3 fucking x with three different people in my home who recently coming up with ways to “help me” with all terrier motives… It’s not going to fucking happen

Now I’m sure, hopefully, in the future my mind will twist things up and this will become a very hot story to tell but for today it’s a VIOLATION!!! ITS IT’S CROSSING THE LINES!!? IT MAKES ME FEEL GROSS AND FILTHY AND IT’S BRINGING ME EVEN FURTHER INTO MY HOLE AND IT SURE DOESN’T HELP MY DISTRUST IN MEN MAKES IT WORSE MATTER OF FACT

And I dare a motherfucker to come to me and tell me they got off about this this is not what this is for this is to tell you just what is going on just what y’all are doing to me, the hurtful things that y’all inflicting on me then I’m not as crazy as I am portrayed to me y’all are hurting me so bad. . I want to make sure that I’m safe when I fuck somebody and have fun but now I can’t get that I’m not allowed to and that’s supposed to make me feel special well thanks for making me feel this special is all I’m going to say thank you all have a good night

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