My name, my business, my ass,

You know I felt it all fucking day long I felt it and I’ve been trying my damnedest not to have it come out but now I’ve had the last fucking nerve pushed and boundary pushed on me just now and I fucking had enough of it from this week and I had literally hit the fucking roof now.

this is my business it’s got my name on all these fucking legal documents and you don’t even want to have a clue about how many legal documents my ass is on now! not to mention come on August 1st I’m going to be opening this as an incorporation business. A little thereafter so the paperwork can be drawn up so by mid August I’ll be owning this business.

Seems like this week yall have played every last stupid and dumb card that there is to play not to mention I’ve had the the client that I saw Monday after the Sunday issue from the client that came in from out of town that hurt my back all that running around that I’ve been doing yeah he’s been emailing all day long he was meeting fucking dollars cuz shortchanged me. going to give an excuse about oh I can’t pull up your cash app, wants my number hell no. all day long all day long it’s been back and forth emailing almost a hundred fucken emails between each other I’ve had e fucking nuff. just like what happened Sunday going to give me 30 minutes to fucking get ready. how fucking Deb you run the business I put my fucking name on and my ass all over Google and all of the fucking place.

He has tried to control $10 all fucking day long today and then going to control when he’s going to come over here. I’ve had enough you were going to respect me and my fucking business or don’t even show it don’t even bother get blacklisted I’ll take that lost a $10 because they believed in me fucking hungry and goddamn fucking ohm of this month my card has been declined I have not been able to pay these bills and I’ve been carrying on this website but yeah I don’t give a flying fuck now do you just as long as you had this goddamn website so you can see the fucking porn right

I’ve been down on my back all fucking week this week because y’all fucking playing stupid ass games going to run my ass in the ground so I can’t work which means I can’t pay these bills that are past due like screening are the security to the fucking website that I’m doing in the middle of right now.

I am almost a fifty-year-old God damn woman I am not about these fucking games you want to play your childish games go fucking somewhere else don’t play them goddamn with me I’ve got way too much on my plate to do with this site and this business right now all by myself. And you motherfuckers go to playing games with my ass and my health I’ve had a goddamn enough of this shit you want to fuck you want to get your dick sucked come on do you’re fucking screening but don’t goddamn play your fucking stupid ass games with me I’ve had enough of it I’m straight up pissed off now.

This ain’t no game like you think you motherfukers have too much time on your fucking hands like fucking twist and shit like you’re entitled to something will motherfukers there’s one thing you meant entitled to is this goddamn business because it’s my ass that’s on the line you hear me it’s my ass I have signed all these God damn documents days my ass that’s on the line they’re a motherfuker to try to run my business when I have signed all these legal documents guaranteeing your safety in your fucking privacy and security and everything I don’t up and out of my way to help everyone I’ve had enough of your shenanigans and bullshitt go find something constructive to do instead of fucking with people

When he gave me 30 minutes to get the fuck up and ready and dressed I accidentally hit my whole window and my Opera browser which had 40 fucking tabs in least in the in my browser I just working on the settings to the security of the site I lost all those settings.

I’m the bitch who has suck a thousand dollars into this website I’m the bitch who has signed all these paperwork send legal documents I’m the bitch who has put my name on every fucking bit of the terms of use and privacy policies and all the walls that have to deal with this I’m the bitch who since her every fucking waking moment on this goddamn computer doing this site I don’t know bitch you put all the work into this motherfucker in this business that’s who’s going hungry and worries about rent because I’m having to pay extra fucking bills with this that I have incurred the bitch you understand I am the bitch

So when you go to set your appointment at you better respect that I’m the bitch who owns this business and you give me two hours prior notice to the time you won’t not 30 minutes not 15 minutes not 40 minutes I’ll be goddamn dare anybody to do this to me again.

I’m way too fucking busy have too much fucking on my plate and I’m way too old for your goddamn childish fucked off games.

I mean every goddamn last bit of words I say on this damn blog I mean every bit of them I am tired of your fucking fuck off. get her mad so I can get a hard-on fucking bullshit this ain’t no goddamn game motherfukers this is your fucking privacy I’m trying to secure you asinines. Did yeah go ahead play date those games all right go ahead I don’t play games with the security though and my word stupid motherfukers be stupid bitches I swear to God I’m so sick of that.

I don’t want to fuck any kids I’ve raised my kids you want to be a grown man and you want to get your dick sucked the best you’ll ever had then fucking do your screening form and not be so acting stupid when I know you’re not come to me as a grown gentleman not as a fucking animal or a child that has enough time on their hands to waste other people’s times

Rant over


Oh I forgot yeah considering y’all keep from ripping me the fuck off telling me oh I thought that special was the rates when the rates are down below on the bottom dog continually rip me off I just took the special out so there’s no God damn special on Wednesdays anymore considering don’t even use my specials anyway so what does it fucking matter but I tell you what I just took out those fucking excuse y’all been playing me with lame ass excuse that it’s been

With that is called is selected fucking reading just like selective fucking hearing. had a motherfuker this week going to tell me I’ll I don’t want to wait 2 hours much less 24 read three paragraphs above but could not read above the screening form to give directions when it’s not working ohmygod the motherfukers have gotten me ive had enough oh my God.

If y’all are just really this stupid which I actually give you more credit than this but if this stupid don’t have fucking intelligence to God damn read I don’t want to fuck and suck you anyways. I’m a grown man

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