My Sacrifice My Purpose


Over the last few years I have written bits and pieces about having a greater purpose and that I was working towards accomplishing that purpose. With the events that happened on Twitter yesterday, Veterans Day. I feel like it’s time to go ahead and start placing the pages and start to try to piecing it all together so that I can start to explain some of the things that have been happening. Now that I understand what’s going on.

During the time that things are happening I have no idea what’s going on. I’m in the middle of a storm and I cannot see what is taking place. Seems like the right before something spiritual happens I’m in a whirlwind of chaos and this is what you see in my writings. This chaos seems to try to stop me from doing whatever it is at the time tha I’m supposed. Whether it’s to wear me down, confuse me, to push me behind in timing..The Choas comes in many different forms, but with one thing in mind. To stop what it is that’s about to happen. Of which during that I’m not aware that in that whirlwind of choas, so I’m not aware that something spiritual for me is about to take place.

I need to explain first that I’m just gonna put it out there bluntly. I have been a visionary for a long time now. The visions that I see are like when I blink my eyelids.It’s like a projector screen flashes of different things that have been shown to me overtime and of course I didn’t know what that was in the beginning. I’ve also been a messenger, this is seems to be one of the most important aspects about my gifts. These so-called messages in the head it’s like I hear somebody talking, but it’s not me talking to myself. I can’t remember the technical term but it’s become more prominent throughout this year with everything that has gone on. I’ve also been a healer, using my hands. When I learned about me being an empath this year as well and I was able to identify with that more I started to understand why I was always have able to help people and take pain away or whatever with my hands. This gift of healing has also broadened, I believe is the best word for what I’m looking for. Strengthened, yes. I guess I’ve just “grown” within my gifts over the years,

I’ve explained these stories within my writing, especially my writing in particular to that goes along with the vision part 1 page.

I’ve had a new gift be given this year. That’s the gift of prophecy. I have been prophesizing quite a lot lately over the course of this year. Yesterday they started coming true. So I feel like it’s very important to start piecing on this together so you could see what’s actually taken place over this course of this year.

Right now im going to place in all these pages together that go in this category. The category will be the name of my book that I plan on around the name the name may change a little bit variation but this is what I have planned.

As I go I’m going to be cleaning up all the blogs. I will be finishing them so that I can try to place everything in order. There is such a vast amount of information that I have to put out there that it’s so overwhelming for me to try to figure out how to place everything.

Back in March, March 14th I was given the message that I was going to be carrying Jesus’s cross and of course I could not say anything. Of course, who was going to believe me??? I did not know how it was going to happen. I just knew that this was the message I got. Needless to say, trying to digest a lot of these things that are said that I go through is alot of times very hard for me to deal with.

I know and have known for a few years now, that I had a greater purpose, I’m very literally bearing witness and giving my testimony of the things that I do go through. Going farther, I’m testimony so that, you, the world can know how to handle things for the world that’s about to come. That’s pretty deep huh??? Imagine yourself going, “ohhh noooo” lol That’s verry literally been me. I knew that I was supposed to be in sex work for 2 years. This year marks the third year I did not know why I was still here doing sex work. This year is when I’ve gone through literally live in hell on Earth and this year is what I haven’t been experiencing is I noticed I was told to make sure that I kept records. So I’ve kept copies. I don’t want to say it’s a Bible I don’t even feel comfortable saying it like that. but what’s going on is, I’m going to be putting together a guide for everybody for the years to come and I did not know this until March. I do know that for the first three months of the year I took over 3,000 screenshots alone. That’s not including the rest of the year it’s been a very grueling job trying to edit everything so that everybody’s name is not in there and I’ve had a hard time trying to place everything, especially when I don’t even know what’s what until I look back at all of it. I know this may be need throwing it out there to everybody pretty hard, but once I start to begin to place everything together. You will start to see what I’m talking about. You will start to understand, may not be believable… but you know, my message. What’s supposed to be put out there, it isn’t for everybody if you don’t understand it and you shy away from it within. the message is laid upon closed ears and a veil over the eyes, like a blanket over your eyes so that you can’t see. So just keep that in mind, this message will not be understood for everybody but this is something that just like my thirst for knowledge when I was constantly studying this seems to be a drive that I have to do this. So call me crazy or not it doesn’t matter, this is what I have to do and I’ve never hesitated, never questioned. I just I knew not to question what I could feel in my heart.

I’d like to bring all the issues about the website, and how I’ve gone through 5 in one year. When I got that message on Jan 31st, part of that had the words to spread the message “far and wide” and I believe between Twitter and the site, I have done just that. So that might help to better put things together for everyone.

I want to say this I don’t claim to be anything. I don’t claim to be anything special. I don’t claim to anything. I’ve lived my life just like we all have. I am not perfect by far. I’ve made my plenty of my mistakes especially with my children in my life but i’ve cleaned my karma. And I’ve been trying my best to live as good as i can and don’t hurt anybody don’t do anybody any wrong.

I’d like to add here that a lot of things that I’ve experienced in my life, like for example doing crack. I only did it for 6 months when I was 25. seems like over the years this kept happening that I would like get into things just enough for me to like know what it’s like whatever it may be I always wondered about that seems to be as I look back now this may be the reason why.

This is a lot of work to do it’s going to be over time but this is a must yesterday I did a lot of prophecy that I did not get to putting down yet I just got the first part done the lesson it was taught that was not directly toward if you look at it you got to look at it as the whole message not just directing anger at somebody it’s the way that everything played out yesterday if it’s amazing the way it all played out and I did not have a clue that it was going to happen I have no idea it just did and that’s where the beauty of it is when you let the universe do its wonders there’s a smooth flow that’s the way things happen and no that’s what happened yesterday.

as i said as i go I’m going to continue to clean some things up on the site and i’ll explain how things happen.

so this is my purpose this is what I was supposed to do and this is my introduction to everything I am not the only one in this world doing this I am just one of a few I don’t know I know a few of us have everything years will not met face-to-face that I’ve been online that I still am friends with that we have our certain purposes are one of them is my mentor and the other one is my girlfriend that’s actually dying in New York there are several of us I don’t know any how many or whatever but there are a few of us that have been chosen to try to prepare everybody for what’s to come I only knew that my purpose was a great sacrifice and I’ve known that since Pennsylvania when I lived up there I just did not know what it was some of these things are very hard for me to explain some of these things I mean because I am a human I have feelings and it’s hard for me to get through it does wear me out and it gets tired tiresome and on it takes a lot of energy to do anything spiritually it can wear you out because you actually go through it I’ll explain some of the experiences have had over my lifetime.

Like for example I’ve experienced blindness right before that I had seen a normie I just ants in my vent I had like hallucination but it wasn’t like in the time you’re thinking okay and then right before that this was like within a couple hours time I started seeing weird in a like a tunnel vision but I was flying come to find out through talking with others seem like that I’ve been seeing through an owl’s eyes so and I know this is crazy to everybody now but once I start getting in ball with explaining Life experiences about my time my life and you start to see that I mean this is a total pattern of what I’ve gone through and that I’ve been preparing all my life apparently for what happened yesterday and to prepare y’all for what’s to come so thank you for your time and braiding my introduction hope I’m not that crazy out the box for everybody but I’ve sacrificed my life to make sure that everybody can have this guide and I want to say there’s nothing like unconditional love and that’s what I have for everybody put the heat down but that down please hate does nothing but bring about so much bad stuff around you just put the hate down really playing you promise live better because we have a lot to prepare for him love you all very much the whole wide world


Just Trying To Filter Through My Thoughts

12:02 a.m. you know this is the first time I’ve allowed my mind to wonder and go back to yesterday and think over the events that had taken place as I did I realized quite a few things first of all I feel more comforted secondly I am it would make sense I mean it hit me like a ton of bricks just now it would make sense and I don’t even know how to say this he was a miracle child I wasn’t supposed to have any more I couldn’t I was told I couldn’t have any more kids but here’s the very first thought that hit me if I was to have this greater purpose than it would all make sense he would be the opposite because you don’t know the light that he has….haswhen the reiki master had told me that she had never seen a bright of a light and a child then what she saw in him he’s just clouded I feel comforted but that but I feel sorrow because it hurts I don’t want my child going through that. I know the real him I know him just like he thought he knew me only thing is like I said yesterday he comes from me so I know another good in him and if this is his purpose when he said in Pennsylvania when he said Mommy Mom I just want to fight demons and be normal in the city I know some YouTube the only thing I’ve wanted to be was normal look at what I got do I know I don’t regret it don’t question it but you know to fight good then that that’s a predicament for him if that’s the case I wish I could put my arms around him I wish I could. I know for myself it’s really really hard to go through life special like this that’s why we’re always tight and there’s nobody to talk to but gets it there’s nobody that can understand what it means to be on a spiritual level like we or like I am all the time I know how it is to grow up and not know what’s going on with you have to try to figure this out and you know it’s it’s really the hardest thing in the world I know it is going through to a point because he’s got something to do he’s got a different purpose the same but different it’s called the opposite always got to have the opposite to help balance that’s what makes sense I just thought I’d try. These little notes in my thoughts down 12:08 a.m.

seems like the revelations are coming to me now that’s why he’s watch me from afar he’s angry angry because he has feelings that he doesn’t know what they are it’s only because he’s supposed to be the opposite of me when he’s a good person and a light being and an old soul he doesn’t know what these feelings are so yes now it makes sense where he would watch me from afar I get it. At least he has that much it doesn’t make it easier but as he gets the answers that he needs this way by me in the public. Having a purpose like I do, quite possibly like… but I’m thinking he may have it is so not easy. if it was easy we wouldn’t be having this purpose or I wouldn’t have this purpose I’m strong because for many years I’ve had to grow a backbone since I was in Mississippi my back my backbone has been growing strong and I was told that in a message on Summer Solistice that year. so I knew that but you know I mean being strong doesn’t mean being left alone when you already left alonebecause nobody knows what exactly what you’re going through and better yet no one believes you either so loneliness yes hard rainway this is just me jotting My thoughts down

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