My Statement On Twitter

make sure to read the bottom of this!!!!

since I have reactivated my account this is the very first time in the very last time I will be making an appearance on here I will not be on here I have not ever logged in since I reactivated the account. it is quite obvious for the last two or three blogs that I have been going A massive amount of trauma and I have been trying to figure things out for the last three years. Twitter is a trigger from what I have gone through. I do not come on here because of the amount of triggering I get on here. by just people not wanting to respect and just by being On here alone I’m being triggered which is causing me to stutter go into massive sweats to where I’m drenched I can’t speak I it’s I’ve been programmed. this man I’m speaking about is very fucking dangerous and he does not act alone. The amount of group involvement that Has been involved is massive I had been studying for the last 2 months and have spent quite a lot of money and doing what I’ve done upwards of about $300 to find out what I found out..

This is to be taken very seriously this is not to be taken lately and he is still in San Antonio even though he led me to believe he was flying to Georgia last night. again he does not act alone and the main focus has been here on Twitter I do not trust a fucking soul Not woman nor man. The santanic groups that are here in San Antonio involve both men and women I do not trust no one understand this Their main grounds to meet up is on Kik groups This man knows what I’ve uncovered he knows everything about me I have been laid out fully Exposed and vulnerable my identity has been stolen my skip the games account has been hacked and other I mean after 2 months of not logging into my Skip the games I happen to today and I was shocked to find profiles made under my accountThis is very serious it needs to be taken as such this is the only reason why I’m making this appearance now and making this statement. It will be the only time I come on here and I will not be back on here again understand the essence and the importance of what I’m speaking

Hear me this time that selected man’s hearing syndrome stops be ignorance of me stops I have to speak up and I’m speaking clearly and I’m speaking very well on educated in this issue that I’ve been researching for the last 2 months. Everybody needs to pay attention because this has not just been me from what all of my research is is phenomenal this is going to be a several part blogging series that needs to be known I have uncovered way more than I would want to personally.

Again for the third time this account is only open because I need to need it to be for the website and such this is the first and the last time I will make an appearance or log in to this account or Twitter again this is the only time because this message is urgent and needs to this is not the way to fucking contact me you were going to respect my goddamn boundaries considering there are triggers now you want to get in touch with me follow the directions on the fucking website and respect it to the t I mean it with everything I have

I hope everybody has been doing well I do miss a lot of you I do not miss the bullshit in the games I hope everyone has a good night and takes care I’m out of here now much love rogue

one more thing because there have been so many identities from this man that I have uncovered you better have your fucking shit together and you better not lie first time around you want to see me because I can’t even ask ask him for identification don’t even matter anymore Being that on Kik you can easily get fake identities you better have your shit together and what I find if I don’t find anything considering he is wiped his shit clean if I don’t find nothing I won’t see you If it is next match and it does not match up I will not see you. I do not trust a fucking soul do you understand me what I have gone through I do not trust motherfucking soul I will not because he is a very dangerous man and he does not work alone. Now I have said here today is rent I did not get to pay cuz I’m $100 in the fucking hole with rent but I’m not going to sit here and gravel and beg and plead in none of that I refuse I’m not doing it ever again. But I will tell you I do need the help I have had to take 2 months Of my time and I had had to take my personal money to do this investigation or I would have rent I am glad I have done what I’ve done because what I have uncovered is fucking freaky and needs to be out there this is no joke take what I’m stating seriously this is no fucking joke

if there are any names associations with the anagrams the emails the number of correlations or anything that has to do with what I found I will not fucking dare speak to you if you have any correlations to any santanic shit I will not dare speak to you.If your account is new I will not fuck with you I’m telling you this is so big I have to fucking be careful you come with you come approaching me you’re better approach me directly respectfully and have it straight on the line because it’s that big

I just looked over my phone request it’s scaring the fuck out of me anagrams fucking name associations to santanic shit Brand new fucking profiles on fucking shit that I have uncovered is all associated with these fucking followed requests This shit is fucking deep that I walked across and found this motherfucker is not going to let me go He’s a very big narcissist he is caused the problems for the last 3 years his isolated me and boxed me the fucking Now those of you who are good-hearted that I know who you are my social media profiles professional and personal and has humiliated me and has done a lot of shit I cannot.. I’m fucking boxed in no joke The only way to contact me without triggering me is by my email. if it gets too bad I’m going to not answer the email anymore Because I was bombed this morning by my email my kik and my fet life. This is a tactic they use. So if it gets too bad when I state in my website contact me by my contact form which I pay for and none of you use if you don’t that is fucking boundary crossing this is why I Fucking freak out because they’re using these tactics and nobody wants to fucking respect nothing I mean when I’m stating very seriously

He has talked about burying me he has talked about drowning me he has wanted and enjoyed fucking me limp glaced over a lies like necrophilia he has choked me out without me realizing it he is dangerous matter of fact he had me choke my own self out to the point of I lost my waste In other words as if I would have hung myself. Which is exactly what I did because he had a dog choker around my throat. He is under he goes under the disguise of BDSM but he’s not He’s not a dominant he wants to control and now that he’s losing control of me shit is hitting fan

Am I grabbing your fucking attention this motherfucker wanted to bury me wanted to drown me



Like I’ve been stating the amount of trauma I have been dealing with is something that I cannot begin to explain never will nobody know just how much trauma I have been dealing with on my own thank you very fucking much

it got him off talking about choking out that it was seeing life go from life to lifeless

yall are gioing to have to be patient with me i have bbeen patient with yall

i have to protect myself your going to have to deal with the thick wall of protection around me before you can get to my nice normal self ok

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