My Sworn Statement of Being a Targeted Individual

My Statement of Being A Targeted Individual
April 15, 2021
To whom all this may concern
I am making this statement with regards of being a Targeted Individual. After 2 years of extensive amounts of research of reading and comparing many different websites as well as researching and learning the laws that surround Gang Stalking and Targeted Individuals. It is in my full belief without any doubt that I have been unjustly targeted over the course 4 or more years (that I am aware of thus far.)
At the time of moving to San Antonio, I had just made forty-five. I am now the age of 49 I am also disabled with my only means of income being SSI. Upon arriving here in San Antonio, I found myself to be dropped off and a friend of a friend’s place in Spring Branch with two weeks later, my belongings suddenly disappearing. This includes my top dentures for my mouth. At which time I was extorted for a gun I was not aware of that disappeared in this mess of everything being confused and disappearing. With being lied to and stating that a father bought this gun for this person which he did not because he cannot legally do so. They quoted an amount of extortion of money to pay for” this gun was $900. Eventually paying the total of $700 and not paying the other the last $200 of this extortion. At which time in my life was threatened for not doing so.
There was only a couple of bags that was” supposedly” found that I had brought here when I moved, being the only things that I found myself to possess. At this point, while in Spring Branch I was relying and trusting on this so-called friend I was left at to give suggestions and point me in the right direction with hopes of still yet starting a fresh life. This person suggested and had suggested more like trying to influence me doing an armed robbery with her or” them” so to speak. Though, I did not know who “them” was. When I said no not at all then it was suggested, with making me to believe plans were being arranged for me to be a “lot lizard” and see truckers to try to help with trying get necessaries, clothes, and things that I needed to start living on my own.
With not being ever able to get a straight answer from this person, constant confusion along with just never given a direct answer of how my life was supposed to be going it was at this point that I quickly realized that things were not looking good for me. I had never come to know anything of the cartel so to speak or cartel like activities or anything of all this nature. Being oblivious and naive to certain danger’s that surround San Antonio. Nor did I realize just how close to the border I was currently. Finding myself with no identification, no top dentures to identify with, no belonging and my money being previously wasted on this and that with this and that direction I was given I quickly realized I was in danger. And became very scared.
At that time, I have just made an Adultfriend Finder profile to start meeting people in San Antonio trying to figure out means of socializing in a new place. I had met somebody through this platform whom I had went on a bike ride with, right after this situation of my belongings disappearing. Upon realizing that my situation was not looking very good at all and where things could quickly be headed for me. I spent all night long on adult Friend finder which is the only place that I need to go at this time, frantically trying to find a way out of where I was and did not know where I was at all. Being in Spring Branch outside of San Antonio made things much more difficult for me to find a way to get safely somewhere. Besides that, it seemed like each person I talked to did not take me so seriously and just wanted to flirt online.
During this night in between the phone calls and trying to figure out what I was going to do and how I was going to get out I packed two duffel bags of what I could fit in those two duffel bags and hid them in the backyard underneath a tree, more like a bush. Hiding them in a place somewhere that it wasn’t as noticeable to the eye. Knowing that this person I was staying with was leaving for a few hours in the morning I wanted to be gone before she had gotten back home. I was able to finally find a way out of Spring Branch. That was about 12:30 or so that afternoon. She had already come home and I just kind of nonchalantly made the excuse that I was going to the store quickly put my bags in this car of who I didn’t know and do not even remember now and called this person that I had went on a bike ride with which was the only thing I knew to do and ask for help, beg for help. I didn’t know what else to do but just beg for help. I was really scared.
This being the first incident of what has over the course of four years became pattern. With each time I have tried to run away from each situation, running my life, I find myself losing everything my birth certificate, my social security cards several times then the number of things that’s happened to me I can hardly even talk about because of the trauma that I have endured during all of this. During March/April of last year, I began to start realizing I was a targeted individual. It is March that it became obvious and apparent to me that I had started being real life stalked.  The end of September of last year after real life stalking my place of residence, I was stalked/ cornered out of my home.
In short, each time I try to run and find safety I find myself placed right back into the clutches of what I was trying to run away from. At this present time, it has quickly escalated to extremely dangerous levels. With the phases of the targeting in mind, I have found myself very isolated over the course of these four years alienated from being from all social network platforms, discredited and defamation of character, and ran off every social platform, and realizing now that leaves me with no ability to find any resources. What at first this was just a matter of sabotage and destruction of my property. I did not know how.  It looked like somebody was coming in and break my rooms. I now realize that maintenance had been involved to the places I have been living and is the reason I was not able to figure out in the beginning how this was happening. Now they are blatantly doing things with not even hiding anymore. At this present time on this day at 2:13 a.m. dictating this out. I’m sitting in a motel room after repeatedly changing motels one after the other have since October 1st. I’ve realized my all my devices are scrutinized being under 24/7 surveillance. With the first signs of this back in 2018. when just all the sudden things in my desktop would just disappear and reappear. Of course, not knowing what was going on. 
On March 12th somebody” ran into me” whom I thought this to be a stranger that had” run into me” before in November when I was left to be homeless overnight outside at Dunkin’ Donuts on Culebra Road. this person starts talking to me on my way back from the store in the parking lot. It wasn’t until later that I figured out that this person did know me and had been making his appearance on several different social media platforms. Right after that I started experiencing the same thing that I experienced the last June as well as September of being hacked, my phones and devices overheating, and so forth. This time I’ve realized I went under both DDOS and UPnP attacks with botnets. An app called” Clash App” that changes your certificates, leading to insecure websites.  4 weeks ago on that following Tuesday, I think 22nd if I’m not mistaken, I found myself to be running one more time. That Monday night I realized I did not have any safe, secure or a secret way of calling out for help. On the day that I left InTown Suites on Culebra Road, that Tuesday it was shown to me that” they had control of my computer by remotely moving my desktop around knowing that I was in front of it.  I have also come to realize that my Lyft drivers have been redirected.  Everything seems to be redirected.  I cannot find any secure or safe way to ask for help. Where I’m located the last two times, I walked out of my door I have been cornered by vehicles. leaving me to believe or feel like that could be a situation of kidnapping. On this past Saturday morning at 4:00 a.m. I woke up to bottles clanking outside the door, I turned over and found my door had been opened with a latch still on. And over the course of the day and night on Saturday three attempts total were made or make to look like the percent attempt to come in for intimidation tactics. The 13th just 2 days ago there were three charges made on my cash app two of which were turned down and not charged because I disabled my cash app card the first charge of $6.69 going through. But that came with message of the same time out to be meaning 666. There have been many death threats made, I have undergone 2 years of EMFs, otherwise known as microwaving radiation.  I have been baited and preyed upon from day one and I have justifiable reasons that my life is in immediate danger. I do not know how to trust, I do not know who to go to, I do not know where to turn to and I’m very scared for my life. I cannot call out for help without it being known and my websites or anything that I try to go to being redirected. I find myself in a position I’ve never knew I would be getting into, and I don’t know why neither.  I haven’t any clue of why I’m being targeted like this, nor do I know how to trust anymore. All my accounts are compromised. With massive amounts of electronic harassment all the time, every day. I know of close to if not more than one hundred different people with different identities that’s been doing this, and they know that I am trying to seek help. I guess that’s why they are cornering me like I have been cornered. I am very scared and desperately seeking emergency shelter to safety. I don’t even know if this email will be received anywhere. I’ve tried to make anonymous email accounts. For anybody that does receive this I’m not going to trust anything anyone says and will require proof of who you are and whom you were associated with and I honestly speaking, even then I wouldn’t trust that either. I have been isolated for the last 4 years I keep trying to seek help, especially now I’ve been desperate need of seeking emergency shelter one more time I’m saying that I have undergone a lot of traumas that has caused brain damage and I’m needing medical Care as well. 
I have taken screenshots and documented everything that I have gone through. I also documented by taken pictures each time my face started to burn, feeling like I was being burned inside out.  You can see where my brain was swollen so much out of my skull that it was protruding out of my forehead last Easter, I am needing medical attention with this. 
Thank you
Michelle T. DBA MsRogueSA
Updated April 30th, 2021
This statement is in conjunction with Cease-and-Desist Harassment Letter, as well as Cease and Desist Defamation of Character Letter can be found posted on all my websites I have made. 
As well as being posted on @ @
Facebook: at which time I am keeping my identity and my profile private.
Since this is gone on for so long with so many people going under so many identities, I will be slowly emailing everybody in my contacts list this statement said that it doesn’t constitute as spam email being sent, including the links to the cease-and-desist harassment letter as well as the cease-and-desist defamation of character letter. With all the links provided legal definitions with the provided information of other definitions of which time it’s not quite finished yet, as well as information on the stages of targeting trauma-based mind control, signs and symptoms of EMFs, as well as incidents and explanations of incidents that has happened. It is so vast this is not, again NOT anywhere near close to a completed list of incidents with a carbon copy sent to my email address showing that I sent each person all this information to cease and desist all of it.
Copies of all of this will also be sent to, the Battered Women’s shelter in San Antonio, Tx. As well as any place that I reside at being that maintenance has been involved before. 
This is a sworn statement of Targeted Stalking, Harassment of all forms, Defamation of My Character and does not constitute giving up any of my rights and is not a completed summary of incidents going on for the last 4 years. 
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