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9-27 yea ive been trying to write on this since the night i had to move out of my home, but it just hurts so bad i couldnt write on it and i just keep getting hurt all the time now ive been going hungry and fighting to keep this roof over my head while ppl keep giving me shit not even thinking once about what im feeling about right now ….for the last 3 weeks and 4 days now since i lost my home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so alot has gone on the last few days, first, update on the website. It had acting really squirrely, I got with the host last night, asked her to pull it down for me, so it could be looked at. Come to find it was an update on plug in. She rolled update back and pulled it back up for me. Only last night, I didnt release it to the public. not until today. What I had wanted to was work on the site because there’s alot that’s not right. The galleries page, the calendar, etc etc etc lmao…there’s blocks, each paragraph is called a block, there’s errors that need “resolving” so i have alot of pages to go through lol all these blogs lol…so in my spare time in between everything ill be working on all of this. along with the contact form all the forms and all also. It all goes with it. Also i need to update all the policies as well. Believe me, there’s alot that need to get done. So, i knew there would be no way i keep it down that long. that’s when i had it pulled back up.

Another thing, I’ll be letting subscriptions to the site soon. I’m trying to monitor traffic and get used some of the routines on the traffic, with all Brute Force Attacks etc….I’m just trying to get “a feel” for everything before I do subscriptions and go farther with things. I guess, im trying to work all the bugs out, make sure things are cool and get used to it all.

As Short & Sweet As I Can Make It!

9-16-19 Its been a week now since i left what i called for the last 2 yrs. This weekend i worked on 3 different blogs to try to work on getting out, i think its 17 blogs thats in my drafts right now, i worked all day and night sat on the contact form, which some how that got fucking with the advanced settings….

Here’s what to look forward:

i have the news ticker installed, just gotta post on the ticker to make it show up, i plan on making another page,that will have the descriptions on my content for you to buy from me, im also wanting to get like a drop box or more along the lines of my one drive because i plan on getting the business plan with microsoft, like a membership deal offering my content, no specifics as of yet, I still have the forms to do and finish up, i have to get google analytics back up and going again since the site was taken down last, i also i REALLY WANT TO get a blowbang together and do one…matter of fact, what im actually wanting to do is

9-19-19 Ok so about the blowbang, i honestly would like to get something going and have some fun, and since my brand is oral specialist what i kinda can envision would be like a regular thing and film in….of course thats editing everything and all that stuff. But theres legalities with the filming part. I mean, id like to try and see if anyone is interested in getting together for like $80 or something each person im not sure…its just things going on in my head lmao…but yea i am wanting to do something out of the norm, break the montony some ya know

ok so ive more or less finished the contact form and it can be used now. ive started working on the privacy policy again, i barely started on the code of ethics part. But i had some research to do with that to make sure i was doing everything right.

i want to throw some ideas out here but heres the deal, no matter what i do i have to make sure that the website is in compliance to whatever it is that is done.

Federal Record Keeping Requirements AKA 2257

i think what im gonna do first is inform of the “2257” laws

Basically the short end of it, is back when Traci Lords was doing all her films, when it was found out that she was a minor. The federal govenment stepped in and made laws with strict penalites mandating proof of age. Quoted from the porn law attorney,

Congress also immediately reacted to this and passed 18 U.S.C. section 2257 which was designed to prevent other minor age persons from appearing in sexually-explicit content. Section 2257, as it is referred to, places several requirements on those that act in and produce sex-explicit content. It is, without question, an all important piece of legislation that everyone in the adult entertainment business should be familiar with.

Here’s The Facts: The Law

What 2257 requires?
Any producer, whether primary or secondary, involved in the creation or commercial distribution of images that contain visual depictions of actual sexually explicit conductî must maintain certain records of those that perform in that visual depiction.
What is actual sexually explicit conduct?
(A) Sexual intercourse of any kind, including oral and even between same sex partners;
(B) Bestiality;
(C) Masturbation;
(D) Sadistic and/or masochistic behavior;
(E) Sexually explicit content meant to arouse.
Who is a producer?
(A) Anyone that produces, manufactures, publishes any book, magazine, periodical, film, video, or other similar matter and yes, websites are included in this list.
When did it take effect?
(A) It is in effect and has been for any new content made after July 3, 1995.
What do I have to do as a producer?
If you are a producer of content you must create and maintain the following records;
(A) The legal name of each performer obtained by the examination of an identification document;
(B) The date of birth of each performer obtained by the examination of an identification document;
(C) Any name, other than the performer’s legal name ever used by the performer, including the performer’s maiden name, alias, nickname, stage name or professional name;
(D) For any content produced after May 26, 1992, such names shall be indexed by the title or identifying number of the book, magazine, film, videotape or other matter and again websites are included in this;
(E) Keep copies of all the identification documents that have been examined separated from all other records.
What constitutes identification?
(A) A state or federally issued ID that bears the photograph, name and birthday of the performer.
What do I have to do as a performer?
(A) Have 2 forms of identification issued by a state or federal government showing your legal name, birth date and photograph;
(B) Have a list of all your stage names, professional names, nicknames or alias that you have used in the adult entertainment business over your entire career;
While it is not required I would also provide any producer/director the following as well;
(C) A list of all the titles of the video/DVD, magazine and website performances you have been in.
Where and for how long do I have to keep the records?
(A) At the producer’s place of business;
(B) The place of business must be a street address not a PO Box;
(C) The records shall be maintained for as long as the producer remains in business;
(D) If the producer ceases to remain in business, he or she shall still continue to maintain these records for a period of 5 years.
Labeling requirements under 2257…
(A) A statement must be affixed to every copy of the book, magazine, periodical, film/video, website or other matter that shows the title or identifying number of that publication and;
(B) The date of the production, manufacture, publication, reproduction or reissuance of the matter and;
(C) A street address at which the records can be made available;
(D) The person responsible for maintaining the records;
(E) The name of the corporation/legal entity as well.
What can happen if I violate 2257?
(A) Violation of 2257 is a felony and those found guilty of such shall be imprisoned for not more than 5 years and/or pay a fine;
(B) A second offense is punishable by imprisonment of not more than 10 years, but not less than 2 years and/or a fine;

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