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9-29-19 this one goes with the Being Violated Blog that I had written, when i had my tumblr blog that was called “the world of rogue” it didn’t turn out the way i had envisioned it. needless to say, just all the assholes have to ruin things i guess. i dont know i wish it wasnt that way though….

I have planned on this being a different blog considering my last blog with I had deleted it ever being scared of somebody’s bullshit that had been sending providers stuff in the email I had plans on my first blog baguette again all that is changed due to the stupidity of some clients and their behaviors. because of what happened to me a couple of weeks ago Bolton my neighbor actually the manager to where I live which is a friend of mine now did just what I had asked him to do in the beginning yesterday he let me know before anything is taking place to go ahead and it’s best that I move yesterday everything was so jumbled up and just crazy and the phone would not stop to where I ran myself into the ground again because of that my buddy passed out while I was in Walgreens last night standing up I kept passing out because the pain is severe in my back now I cannot answer the phone to answer each and every individual questions. When I turn my phone back on this morning my phone literally went off for the first 20-something minutes that it did before I can even pick it up now I am still hurting I still have three screens to do this morning and I still am looking at moving next Thursday by noon and nothing was freaking accomplished yesterday because I run around like a chicken with my head cut off and put myself in the bed I cannot do that today I am still hurting what I need from everybody is a little organization which comes with a little bit of patience

I’ve been asked where are where’s my content where did it go well guess what I guess everybody finally heard me in my silence and in my actions. Considering my worth two again many of you has been free and nothing that’s what you are now considering nobody wants to screen for our safety posters and mine and well my conscience seems to be important it’s now been to the point where if you cannot care that that way 2 watch on the sidelines and see me be put on the Street you can’t have it when were the other free anymore. This blog is a brand new blog it’s going to be a brand new rogue after these this issue here that has to be taken care of I took my power back and I took my personal stuff back from now on there will being clothed pictures of me anywhere if you want nude content I’m going to be selling them I have over a hundred videos of me small Clips whatever that I have been Gathering and putting them in one folder to mark. I guess my content was pretty important but nobody made me feel like it was I was special so I really did not even push to even mark them I have not been on my website for over a week and now I don’t have no money to do anything so it’s all going to go to shit and for the most part I was left when not even caring about it anymore cuz I did not feel like it was y’all wanted me around so this is what I’m looking at and this is what y’all are looking at from now on

Time is a valuable thing so valuable there is no value to be put on it I’ve learned this. Any new pictures or any pictures showing my personal self has a value on it you can buy it

If you contacted me to be seen and you don’t build them forms up correctly I am not going to waste my time to even contact you back to let you know it I made those little boxes for a specific reason it is not to be skipped over

My personal self my personal life my personal anyting my personal space you stay out of the respect just as I respect yours.

When you walk into THE WORLD OF ROGUE

You drop that your drama and stress before you get to my door before you email me before you contact me by phone or any other way you are bringing your drama and stress into my home and in my world y’all are literally paying for your own stresses when I’m supposed to be taking them away things will be changing and I guess many ways now as all of this has fucked up my new beginning to this blog and a very nice welcome letter and to the world Of Rogue, when you walking into my world I’m giving you I drama free environment or had been I don’t know what’s going to happen come next Thursday yet my home is only filled with serenity peace and tranquility there is an aura in my home this room that I’ve been in 8 months now that when you walk in completely calms you it’s the way I live it’s me. this is how it’s going to be no matter where I end up. No more manipulations about how ice cream no more questions it is what it is if you don’t like it don’t contact me I do not have the time and my body can’t handle it no more

To the morons that have came up to me and only one in my time free and made me feel like worthless and watched me come into the situation when I begged and told everybody you were now literally nothing do not contact me again I did not want my first blog to my new blogging spot to be of negative nature. Now I am going to sit down and smoke a cigarette drinking Mountain Dew and getting my day going to the three people that I have to strain that I should have seen last night actually yesterday this is where I begin my day you three people made commitments to do this yesterday hopefully I will not be putting any more negative content on my new blog after this everybody have a wonderful day because I’m now looking at another tough day ahead for me much love as always

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