November Happenings:Giving Thanks and Counting our Blessings

We tend to get busy with our lives and forget exactly what this means. Especially with all the commericalism with the holidays, it pushes the REAL meaning to the side. So I’d like to share with you a little something that I had started doing with my son the last holiday season that we were together. And the reason behind this, is about 2 weeks before Halloween, I noticed another “shift”/change in people in general and I wanted to make the world’s hate and judgement cease to exist for just a moment. I feel like this is very important for all of us to do. so I want to share this little story first to put things in a better perspective for the world. This for me, its important to share because I feel we need to bring ourselves back down to earth quiet a bit as a whole and remember ourselves

My Small Thanksgiving Tradition

Ya know, the last holiday I had with my son, we didnt have Thanksgiving, nor a Christmas ok. I couldnt do it, MY back waas really bad at that point, I just couldnt afford it. Here’s what I did, I had gotten my food stamps, and made a point to ask him to pick what he wanted to eat for Thanksgiving. (you have to know he i fought with him since he was a baby about eating, he refused to TRY food) Anyways, so he picked sloppy joes, at least I knew that he was gonna eat it lol….After we ate our VERY untraditional Thanksgiving meal, I had sat him down and i had told him, “Since it’s a quiet Thanksgiving, let’s make a list of all our blessings, no matter how small they are….ITS A BLESSING. Ya know, doing that, It really sheds a different light on things. It brings you back to reality. With everything that I notice going on in this world now, We believe we could all benefit from doing something small like this. Because we all talk about the hatred going on in this world, and theres a huge number that recognize that hatred, and do that hatred. I still do this every Thanksgiving and I wanted to share in hopes of a more positive energy being sent out instead of so much negative. That’s my little tradition..

Thank All of You, Even My Haters Out There,

You have offered Your ears to listen, to your shoulders to cry on, your strength and encourgagement to keep going another day, you gave your friendships you gave loyality being there to continue to let me know you cared, that gave me that challenge, so that I could continue to grow and to learn. When it comes down to it, we do make sure, in one way or another, show support and stick together within this community. It shows we still got heart, as a whole we all care and do whatever we can for each other. That’s an awesome thing!! Thanks to all of everyone, I would not be able to get through any of this without all of ya’ll. I love all of you so much! …..ok so we have to talk about lets get started lol….

Alot has happened since i started on this

Since I started this at the beginning of the month ive gone through many trials and tribulations. Wanted to give an extra thanks to those who have helped to see me through these dark times. Made sure there was a roof over my head, food in my belly, as well as making sure i had Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. True Friends see each other through the good times and the bad times i can honestly say that i am very blessed to be able to call each of you my friends and i am very blessed to have yall as my friends!!!??

Lifetime Members and Memberships

Members First I’d like to address my Lifetime Members. Showing your support for me I am way more grateful for than I can really express. Because of what I’ve gone through, those that are my Members are THAT much more special to me. Yes, you definitely get special treatments, but here’s what I would like to bring up. Please give me the same respect that I give to all of you. Acutally I expect my Members to uphold a certain standard about themselves, ok. I am disclosing and sharing my everything will ya’ll. And with what I have to share, you have to be responisible about it all. I’m very seriously speaking here ok. I am sharing my inner most self with my Members. For me, THAT’S DEEP! There is no “oh my dick and I can’t think” kinda deal here. If you can not exert a certain kind of stature, then it just won’t work. I hold high expectations and standards for myself, (hey i mean i may a total slut, which brought me to being a heaux, but damn it I AM a Heaux WITH standards!), therefore I’m gonna expect high standards from my Members. This is what sets apart the Men from the”boys” (trolls, freeloaders, etc) And that’s what I feel that not many understand about me. Here it is, If you live out of town, and your coming into town, getting in touch with me, when your here, expecting me drop what I’m doing in my life, just because your in town. That is going to make me have a bad taste in my mouth about it.There is plenty of time between to contact. So This is what I’m talking about, Things like my phone number, respect that I really do NOT want to use my phone number. There’s only a couple of ppl out of everyone that have shown they can be responisible about having my number. So I’m gonna end up there. Just please think keep this in mind. RESPECT IS A HUGE DEAL WITH ME.

I’ll explain why ya’ll haven’t gotten any new stuff in your folders in the last week, just give me a moment.

Regarding Memberships: I have literally 15 years of pics and vids, just all kinds of shit that I am going through right now. Believe me, there is not gonna be any shortage of porn from me when I’m doing more content. This very honestly, has not been the easiest thing for me to figure my way through. The amount of content alone to get through, has been very overwhelming for me.

“Making The Transition” Blog…

That blog was part of this I just never was able to finish actually putting words the way I wanted to in this one. The only other thing that I want to stay between the these two blogs. While I am always keeping in mind everyone’s safety I’d like to ask that you keep my safety in mind as well. Sometimes it can get a little scary out here with all the stupids running around, so i just ask for the same respect as i give to each and every one of you ?

Have A Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

May all of your travels be safe travels. May you enjoy time with your loved ones and family members. And may you all have full bellies tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!?

Much Love an Licks


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