Part 2

Like I said I do have a photogenic memory unless I’m under massive stress like I am right now this is off the top of my head and if I could figure out through all the shenanigans and all the bullshit that I found and I figured out a 43 state scheme you cannot fucking absolutely tell me at all that I’m crazy because it took somebody studying a lot of shit with this shit that’s rolled one after the other I mean it was done purposely of course but for someone to sit there and patiently study habits a steady behavioral habits not only on him but on other things that I was finding to like other satanic groups some kick chat. I mean I studied everything I figured out patterns I figured out behaviors I figured out a lot of shit a lot more shit than just him.

so if I sat there patiently as I have and figured all this shit out and have watched people and I started questioning everybody around me and I went back and I went back totally way back to when I first got here to all the usernames that were bombing me back then that I had no idea about what that was or any of this shit basically I had no idea about none this at all back then and that’s what kind of drove me to some of what I was doing because of all the stuff that I was going through in the beginning that I had no idea about. so I started going through all of my early emails I started seeing santanic and I started seeing started to see where a lot of people had been following me all this time that I was not aware of just totally clueless think about this it seems like every time I turn around no matter what I am looking for or researching or whatever it seems like every time I turn around it points and one specific direction

Lucifer and Santanic

and I couldn’t help but wonder with this much as I have gone through since I have been here because I have never gone through something like this and ever in my life or anything close to this I’ve never in my life encountered this

so it started making me wonder if almost everybody in San Antonio was fucking a dark nature because the amount of groups in the that’s in Kik that are for body snatching disappearing kidnapping blackmailing body switching which is IDs and fake IDs you name it it’s here it’s right there in front of you.

which is why I can’t find any information on so many people when I go to look them up and screen people. so I come to realize I stumbled on a way bigger issues than just him in other words I figured out a lot of things and well I do have a lot of things like as well as like the sex register for sex offenders for Texas and I have found a lot of shit that I was able to learn that I was able to keep that was good for me for screening and all.

so this whole situation was actually a big learning experience and a lot of ways and a lot more ways than just him stalking me or whatever. like I would find articles about proton mill working with the cops???

I have worked so hard over the last three and a half years and between him and everybody else has destroyed every fucking last bit of everything that I have worked so hard for and now I’m having to pick up the pieces of my life in three and a half years for the fourth time since I’ve been here

and talk about discrediting me to where even the providers think I’m fucking on dope and that pisses me off more than anybody’s imagination.

and here’s the thing about it

The reason why I cannot tell you who the fuck it was and not get to the bottom of it all sooner than this let’s see I wonder fucking why

for example the direct messaging

you all played a part in this because I could not weed your asses out of the issue here that I’ve been having so thank you but no thank you

because apparently nobody wanted to fucking even bother to worry about my limits and my boundaries respecting me or any fucking thing when I could not say God damn word onto anyone about any of this those of you who have to fucking just decided to ignore everything I have asked

those of you that disregarded me dismissed me ignoring me and did not even bother to fucking care

so guess what whoever the predator or predators have been on was able to fucking hide underneath all of you in other words who have not listened

again on adult look the other day seems like adult look has become the next erotic monkey huh

somebody hits me up on private messaging and said I said go to the website he comes back with I’m not paying the $25 fee booking fee You’re not a tribal agency

now whoever it is is using adult look and trust

and then I have some mother fucker tell me but I’m going to look at you like you’re my stalker like you’re my you’re the predator

you know I have all this stuff in place for reason trying to figure out who the fuck is who and none of you do not care to fucking bother to think about oh it meant it’s only about you right it’s only about the client it’s only about oh where after you know mother fuckers you were after me

after what all I have gone through and been through what all I have found what all I’m losing what all I’m been going through here this past weekend and not one of you could be even understanding compassionate patient or nothing about all this

now do you understand why I don’t know who the fuck it is or who is who fucking anymore I don’t know what is up or what is down I’ve just gotten everything I’ve worked so hard for a screwed up so bad turn upside down the whole life has just been destroyed what I have worked hard for since day one I’ve been in Texas I have had my life turned upside down twisted back and forth I

for the last three and a half years since day one that I moved into Texas my whole life has been turned upside down by other peoples doing not mine I seem to have to keep picking up and cleaning up everybody’s bullshit that they leave me by fucking my life over and shoveling to me. seems like it’s every 6 months or less that I’m having to pick up the pieces of my life that people have fucked with me

this is four times now I’ve had to restart my life all over again

and this is why I never can get anything done because I’m constantly picking up and cleaning up and going behind people that are just just trying to destroy my life Y’all are so hell-bent and fucking bound and determined to fucking run my life now have hated me from the get-go and I’ve never done that one thing to any of you.

when I started going through everything and going back to the very beginning to when I was at woodspring suites in Northeast all of the emails and the Kik messaging and everything stems back from back then when I was on Moco space. which I figured out when I first got on eccie you were the same motherfuckers on the same motherfuckers on moco space. every last one of you entitled motherfuckers that are on eccie are on MocoSpace. and all a lot of you motherfuckers have in your handles anything to do with Satan Lucifer 666 or something or another like that yes!!!

open I’m crazy right I’m a drug addict right or I’m an ex-junkie right this is four times in my life my whole shit has been ripped up from underneath me and I don’t have a right to fight for my life I don’t have a right to fight and stand up and I’m so tired of having to defend myself I’m so sick and tired of having to fight for my own self because motherfuckers are just destroying my life

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