PDF’s of Survellience, Domestic Terrorism, EMF’s, Ect.

Over the course of all the research that I have done, I “happened” to come across quite a few PDF’S that I have grabbed and kept. I want to pass all this “information” along. Please feel free to keep and pass along also.

Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China

Occult criminal investigation reference material

They couldn’t get my soul: recovered memories ritual abuse and the specters of religious difference

Memory Warp endnotes and Bibliography

Journal of mental health Review by Informa: organized abuse: a neglected category of sexual abuse but significant lifetime mental health care sequelae

Targeted individuals information sheet

Telephone investigation guide

Presentation submitted to the Senate hearing on the state of civil and human rights in the United States: Targeted Individuals by Dr. Daniellebowitz1

Designated statewide criminal history repositories and alternatives updated February 23rd 2018

N m e a reference manual s i r f technology Incorporated. It sounds global positioning systems

General s o s b e e affidavit

FBI black shade’s domains

Chainless slaves trauma programming

USCourts Keith l a b e l l a against FBI Brooklyn New York February 2012

Domestic terrorism neo-nazism gang stalking Belgium s t a s i Queen antelo pro pest  echelon

Mind control technology

Occupations code related to law enforcement and security chapter 1702 private security


Healing from satanic ritual abuse (SRA); multiple personality disorder (MPD) Now called disassociated identity disorder (DID)

Australian satanic pedophilia network exposed

12-16-2018 targeting part 14 David Watt SRA Satanic ritual abuse and MK ultra

Sex lies and children

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