Proper Introductions

PROPERLY Introduce Yourselves

As providers, it is an everyday, all the time issue with the way we are talked and treated. It really tends to get really old really quickly of how we are treated. Just for the simple reason people seem to think that because we are sex workers, that makes a difference. When it doesn’t, NOT AT ALL! So for those clients that are really serious about meeting with the provider you have choosen to spend time with, that you approach her correctly. Because more than likely if you do get her attention, and it’s in a negative manner, you’ll find yourself on that blacklist really quickly. Besides, would YOU appreciate being approached just rudely, in a distasteful manner by a woman???? Think about it, if you wouldn’t appreciate a woman being disrespectful and just awful, then I can tell you, a woman sure isnt going to either.

Another thing that I know doesn’t cross your mind on a regular basis is the fact that we are just one person for you, that’s easy to remember. But when your dealing with a “sea” full of men, that’s kinda difficult to remember at times. And also, it can be pretty scary for us not knowing who we are talking to. We are dealing with stalkers, le, and just a number of situations that could put us as well as yall in a bad bind. Being mindful of these kinds of things, it DOES go a long way with us. So proper introduction is a must and in the long run, it’s beneficary for the parties that are involved. It would seem to be a little bit of common sense,but……(im just gonna leave it right there lol) So I’m taking what i had on my contact page and making it into a blog.

Let Me Know Who You ARe

….and just where the hell you come from! Please There’s so many times where I’m left scratching my head, going “who the fuck is this” “I dont remember” ummm that to me, is the most embarrassing thing for me to go through. Im sorry but it really is. Please put yourself into my little bitty shoes…(your not gonna fit btw lol) If I have not spoken to you on a regular basis, you might wanna assume that I don’t remember you. So I ask please don’t make me play guessing games and embarrass myself even farther.

What Does A Proper Introduction Consists Of?

Don’t ya’ll remember that Google is your best friend? lol Hell it’s DEFINITELY been mine lately. lol If you want any provider to stop and take notice of you, This is what you should do. Being that there are sooo many time wasters out messing around. We want to know who is who. Also,we, more specifically, I do take quite a lot of time and effort for YOU! Please show you care a little more and that will definitely ensure that we/I will be answered, that will put you hight on the top of the list

Ok so what information should be included that would just make ANY AND EVERY Provider happy? So I’m just gonna run down the basics: As this should be done with complete sentences. Doesn’t have to be perfect. But to show me that you took some extra care and effort, just as I do for you. THAT’S IMPRESSIVE TO ME!!

Basically Your Screening Information:

  • Your full Name
  • Primary Phone Number
  • City and State you reside in
  • Age
  • Hobby Handle
  • What site you found my information on

Another good thing that you could add is best times of contact. The important information that you in a small email containing a couple of small paragraphs giving me an idea of who I am speaking with. There’s an example email below that can be used as a templete.

What’s NOT Considered To Be A Proper Introduction Email

These are better known as Common “Time Waster” Flags and therefore, will go unanswered. Some very common things said are

  • Available
  • pics (really??? that sounds so demanding and rude)
  • Putting your phone number in the subject line and NOTHING in body of the email
I would take the Proper Introduction email EVERYTIME over stuff like this. So if you a you havent heard from me. and you’ve done this. This is why then.

Proper Introduction Email Templet

Hi Ms Rogue My name is (First Middle initial last name) My phone number is (real phone number) and I currently reside in (City & state) I am (age) This is my email. My hobby handle is (hobby handle) 

I saw you on (Name of site you found my ad on) and I must say I was immediately drawn to you. I felt an immediate connection. I want to have the honor to meet you and experience the world of Ms Rogue. Please let me know what I need to do to be able to meet you and have some real fun. I want to get lost in your world and let go of all my worries. 

Best Wishes 


Here’s More Information on Proper Introductions

When i had put this into my contact page i looked up a few links for more information, so here they are

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For those that really needed this, I do hope this helps a good bit. I’m always wanting to help others so that’s why i put it as a blog instead

Much Love and licks


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