Prophecy on Slavery & Vision “Jesus In The Marketplace”

“You are more than likely going to be those “hobbyist” that’s gonna end up being a part of the bideing of women and childern and slavery. Watch what I say, for it’s in the future.”

“This is the second time I’m going to say this because it seems to be very important for me to do so, “that those that are carrying these kinds of perceptions you are very, very blinded and by this very blinding that is over your eyes, this will be the tool for you to be used as a pawn to bidding this very thing, sex trafficking and slavery that I’m speaking of and what I’m speaking will come to pass sooner than later then be expected”

Prophecy Stated on Adultlook Feburary 8, 2019

“It’s really astounding to me to no degree of the amount of impact of what just happened today, of what I really did, and what I really had seen as myself but weird. What I seen in my eyes, standing in the middle of a marketplace and there was a man, dressed like in a white robe, cord of rope tied at his waist, long brown hair, thin hair, but shoulder length, beard standing like in a crosswalk. Like he was offering directions, talking with his hands moving. I could see people passing by and not really taking any notice. I feel the frustrastions of not being heard, not being able to find the way to say things that is gonna make someone stop in their tracks and take notice. Then I see me, but I’m mixed in with that man and I “electronically” stood in the middle of the market place of this day and age. And I have been doing the same thing. That’s pretty Deep!”

Vision Seen March 2019

Being put out in the world, displayed on Twitter in front of God and Everyone, disgraced, humilitated. pride stripped from me just to beg for food and shelter. Exploited sexually and spiritually, and every other way they could to exploit me. Finding myself being in “forced isolation” long before Covid-19. Being forced off of every social media platform by “bombing me” anytime that I logged on anywhere.

“Crowned” the best, stripped of my name and was mocked by given the name of Mary Magdalene…. Mocked as “Jesus Christ ‘whore wife’” in front of the “Modern Day Market Place” (that I had a vision of, that ended up coming to be.) Having my clothes literally ripped off my back, put out on the side of the road in a state where I knew no one. Because I refused to “rape my own mouth” a second time, where I was meant to be slave labor and a personal whore. Then put in a trailer with no water (a whore with no whore-bath, all the windows broken out, 5 rats, having Christmas “Dinner” was eggs from a dumpster, clothes from a dumpster.

What seemed to be a “small sabotage” in the beginning, has turned into realizing I was “prepped” and put into sex work and then forced out of sex work just to use against me to keep silent by using the loop holes of the laws. Being kept under survellience by cloning devices, remote desktop, forcing me out of each of “homes” into living a life being terrorized, in constant fear and on the run. Every time I run for my life, I find myself running RIGHT BACK INTO WHAT I WAS RUNNING FROM. Never out of this “web” of Gang Stalkers. Never being able to call for help safely, securely and secretly.

It’s been prophesized. Children first, and you saw that with the concentration camps at the border.  then the women from the men, then the women will be separated between lesbians and heterosexuals. And then age will be an issue where there was separate between childbirth age and too old to give childbirth.

What those that think this is a just a ” me” issue. I’ve had people email me, encouraging me to keep writing, being told that there were many of us around but I was just the only one who is speaking out and loudly about it, cautiously reminding me what happens to Prophets.  Even though I did not claim that name as prophet. There are many of us around doing the work of God.

The “me” issue???… All I wanted was for people to stop hurting me it seemed like nobody heard me though two years later and 1300 writings later still no one hears me. Last March I began to investigate what I believed to be my own murder investigation. That led me to a deep rabbit hole of confusion and not understanding what name this lady need to another name to another name into another name. Realizing with fear what I believe to have uncovered without realizing it seems to be a 43 State scheme. What was a huge mess of confusion I was able to decipher their codes they used to torment me by. Quickly uncovering the truth.

I have spent a lifetime dealing with “spiritual warfare”. One after the other, seemed to be a preparation for the next Spiritual War to come. This time though, THIS ONE IS MUCH DIFFERENT! I’ve spent 4 long years in San Antonio doing NOTHING but fighting wars. Being a one-man army, at times fighting up to 18 different kinds of wars all at one time. Everything from my rights taking away from me, MY CHOICE being taken from, MY FREE WILL being taken from me, homelessness, hunger, being dehumanized and desensitized. “This” War, it’s mixed with humans. This spiritual warfare, WE ARE ALL FIGHTING! If you are one of the “Good Guys” wanting to keep your free will and your freedom of choice, then keep reading. Because it is through losing my free will and freedom of choice that I have been able to learn what codes and riddles they used on me. I’ve given up my life, hopefully to save yours, so that you can have your choices that you want to make. I’ve paid a great price for speaking up “I AM A CHILD OF GOD” I’ve led by example. I was shown what is to hate and to be hated, judged for no reason. I showed what it is to love unconditionally and to leave the judging where it belongs. That’s God’s job. It needs to stay as God’s Job.

I may be only one voice, but It is through my story that I speak volumes!!!

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