PSA My Statement 6-11

As I’m sitting here putting all these pieces of puzzle together rub my eyes and I look again and I look again and this is so incredible it’s so vast that had I not taken the time to do what I was doing the last two months and gone through what I’ve gone through and started putting everything together I would not fucking believe it I would not if I get it my God my I’m really honestly lost for words.

Everything that I have found spans 43 states the amount of identities is unreal. I can say within its chaos there is patterns patterns with numbers patterns with anagrams names patterns of everything everywhere I see the MO and I can pick it up with just a blink of an eye right now. The person that did this I consider him dangerous now I do everything ties biblically okay.

First of all I don’t trust nobody I won’t trust nobody from now on. so if your story does not match if your issues and screenings and stuff does not match I will refuse first of all secondly this motherfucker has preyed on me big time my identity has now been stolen I have had seven breaches I think so far everything’s starting in May last month trick is here is everything that I went through last year with the tormenting and the mind games and coming into my house undetected this person has shown himself and started doing the same thing over again and I have pictures of everything I have screenshotted everything I have everything because I could never put the pieces of puzzle together so it’s it’s that vast and that’s what throws you off he steales identities and he throws different names in there that I now pick up and he uses different women’s identities and stuff along with men’s.

He knows everything about me literally everything he has played on my vulnerabilities and there’s no telling what this person can do in the meantime because everything started pointing directly to biblical stuff I started figuring out different things through things I was finding in my own searching my own show name Ms rogue through just different things over the last couple of years I have not been able to pinpoint until now everything has finally come together it all makes sense now after 3 years think about it is is all this has to do with then of times Satanist in different other things that I found throughout my figuring this stuff about him out or my name or whatever I’ve also found other stuff that coincides with what other people stated over time.

I can tell you that literally in all of my madness that you think I’ve had on it’s all now matching up indirectly pointing toward what like I said I’m shocked and amazed I’m flabbergasted I’m a lot of things right now one thing I’m not is crazy one thing I am is very clear. I will tell you this this website is now a full testimony of everything it’s also a heads up to what’s what’s here cuz I’ve got to get in touch with some other people because some things a website that I found given her testimony directly correlates to what a mentor stated my mentor stated last February for every now I’ve been trying to put these pieces of the puzzle together I swear to y’all I’m clear as day now I see it and I see everything now

I have been directly targeted this was a direct target I swear to you and being that he’s a very big narcissist The diversions that he’s damn good at it he is slick he is very slick it come down to isolation devaluing myself ignoring me the whole nine yards it’s like I said I see it clear as day these made up emails directly correlate and directly or targeting me I see the correlation I see the direct target in these fake emails in these fake names the whole nine yards I see where they’re directly targeted now because of everything that I have gone through these last three years that directly stems to this one person I’m telling everyone now I snapped last night because of this it was that much on me especially over time and I don’t trust I don’t he would not give me his real name he took everything in every the whole blaming game it came directly from him and his diversions I’m sorry for who has not been involved but I can tell you this is way bigger than just him its got to be having help with the kind of things that I have found I promise.

So this is a statement this is also letting you know that I don’t trust and letting you know that I’m clear as day on everything on this stalking the whole nine yards that has been done under very black craft from the devil there’s a lot of satanist around I have been watched very closely it has cost me everything including almost my sanity so with that said I’m going to continue trying to get through this and to get through the pain and heal from all of this as best as I can it’s been a very harsh hard hurtful painful in experience for me very with me please because I’m trying to get this information out to everybody the best way I know how and the best way I can with knowing how much I am there’s certain information I just can’t let anybody know I’m being that I can’t tell all you never tell all your secrets so there’s certain things that I’ll be leaving out All right thank you

One more time I’m going to make clear because of the vast identities and my identity being stolen because of the direct correlations and targeting of emails anagrams and numbers I will be suspicious of everybody and everything that contacts me. I know the M O well I know it I want you to understand I can pick this shit up quickly I’ve done a lot of studying over the past two months about this shit I have paid for every background program there is I have spent a lot of money in trying and just simply because I’m it made sense and it was just a woman’s intuition besides being an empath that drove me to finding out exactly what happened and where it led to in the end so know this I’m not going to play any longer I am not the fucking one to blame here I am not going to be victimized any longer I am not going to be told I’m crazy any longer either because I’m clear as fucking day with everything. thinking about back ground checks he has whiped his information off of everything back groud check….ALMOST

Matter of fact I have decided I am going to get a new tattoo in light of this situation

It’s going to be a black rose that a woman’s hand holds on the bottom it’s going to say by men’s weakness I fell

And on the top of that rose it’s going to say and by the strength in me I rose

That black rose represents this dark 3 years I have gone through Don’t play with me no more there are groups that actually go into this I have uncovered the whole thing everything all of it All the identities there are groups on Kik that make fake identities so be aware I won’t be fucking believing nobody I’ve clearest day now I’m very clear I see straight through a lot of shit right now and it’s a massive amount of fucking shit that I have just blows me away so beware I if you come to me better come to me right because I’m not taking no more shit

Let me add in here that he has used over 30 different things to create triggers in me I have had to go through and do facial recognition on the two pictures I do have of him I have gone through extensive amount of investigating on my own to find and figure out what happened and has been happening for to me for the last 3 years so yes everything is a trigger I have literally been programmed and like I said if I was crazy I would not have had this since enough to pick this up figure it out and do what I have going to done to figure this out He’s led me to think he is out of state now part of his MO because now he knows I busted him he knows everything about me everything I’ve been left vulnerable I have had every one of my vulnerabilities played upon used against me in every which way possible he has kept me in fear which is the ritual abuse along with the narcissistic behavior and he he is really good with he has gone under the disguise of BDSM but he can be a killer so I know what I’ve uncovered I am clear I’m straight sane….crazy??? being driven crazy yes on purpose like I said targeted to the maximum degree I was targeted so those are some of the things that I think I wanted to make clear on as well

first of all, heres somemthing that everyone needs to read and be aware of

mater of fact this link below this sentence is directly him with the alternate personalities and i will state that from everything that i found he actually points towards the four horsemen or at least one of his alternate personalialites and it directly points towards him being the main horsemen no joke…i am by far kidding on all it im so serious about all of this that it sends fucking chills down my spine

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