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… Just As A Reminder

A Few Key Points To Remember



Just because your intentions may be purely sexual, not everyone’s is! By mentioning money and/or services you have made our potential date VERY illegal! All communications with you will cease by doing so!

Please take the opportunity to use the comments sections on the screening and/or contact forms for any requests, questions or concerns on this subject matter. Other than that, just go with the flow of things, it will work out 🙂

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HAVING THE CORRECT GIFTED DONATIONS. Please refer back to this site at any given time that you may need to. There is NO excuses for any shortchanging etc.

Get in touch with us

Screening Fee Is Non-Transferrable

The screening fee literally pays for each of your screenings. I cannot afford to pay for your screenings up front anymore. Especially with all the lying along with the fantasy and ghost screenings. So now, you are having to be responsible for the screenings. If you do not pass your screenings, YOU CAN NOT TRANSFER THAT $25 FOR CONTENT SELLS.

Once I Start, Screening Fee Is Non-Refundable

If you decide to change your mind BEFORE I start your screenings, I don’t have a problem sending your money back to you. But once I start to do your screening, Since I have to pay for each individual screening, once I start it, it’s then non-refundable.

If It’s Been 6 Mths or Longer…

….or I cannot recall you. (Which tends to be embarrassing for me, but I do talk with a lot of people) because we have not kept in contact for a while, you will have to be screened. Just to be on the safe side of things. I do know that more than a few have tried to tell me they have seen me when they haven’t so it’s just best I do it like this.

Sensuous Oral Worship Packages

The Sensuous Oral Worship Packages are for separate sessions and are not to be combined into one session. The package sessions expire 10 months after purchase date. The $25 screening fee as well as the 25% Deposit still applies. With full payment due on the first session. I’m gonna be making invoices and coupons soon for this so you have that to bring back for your remaining sessions.

SessionsTimeRatesScreening Fee IncludedScreening Fee Not Included
Oral OnlyUp to 20 Mins$100$18.75 Deposit$25 Deposit
Sensuous Oral Worship1 Half Hour Session$125$25 Deposit$31.25 Deposit
Sensuous Oral Worship Package 12 Half Hour Worship Sessions$200$43.75 Deposit$50 Deposit
Sensuous Oral Worship Package 23 Half Hour Worship Sessions$300$68.75 Deposit$75 Deposit
Sensuous Oral Worship Package 35 Half Hour Worship Sessions$1000$243.75 Deposit$250 Deposit

Please Use Discretion When Presenting Gifted Donations

Please provide the cash donation discreetly in a concealed envelope or card at the beginning of our time together. You can get creative with it…slip it into the wrappings of a chocolate candy bar, even a cigerette pack. Just something to where it’s discreet. Again please do not place your envelopes on the counter, where you can see when opening the door.

The Total GFE & PSE Experience

With these sessions I am open to whatever you are wanting to experience. Just please don’t ask me to be Dominate, I can’t stand having to be Dominate as it is. lol Please take the opportunity to express anything that you would like in the comments section on the forms. I have made this way to keep everything cool as it should be. Really and honestly, I just go with the flow of things, it’s natural and has always worked out better that way, at least for me anyways.

Same applies here, $25 screening fee for anyone I haven’t seen before or within 6 months time. As well as, a 25% Deposit BEFORE I give out my address. Being that there are lots of address collectors out there and with the stalker issues I’ve had, it’s just not cool to ghost after giving out my address….scary as fuck actually.

SessionsRatesScreening Fee IncludedScreening Fee Not Included
Half Hour Sessions$150$31.25 Deposit$37.50 Deposit
Hour Sessions$230$51.25 Deposit$57.50 Deposit
Ninety Minute Sessions$315$72.50 Deposit$78.75 Deposit
Two Hour Sessions$400$93.75 Deposit$100 Deposit
Three Hour Sessions, 4th Hour is on me!$485$115 Deposit$121.25 Deposit

Payment Options For Gifted Donations

Cash App @cash.me/$MsRogueSA
Amazon Gift Card @ msrogue@msrogueofsa.net
I will take physical Vanilla Cash Gift Cards and Amazon Cards you can send the pics of the card number so i can claim it this is ONLY FOR DEPOSITS AND CONTENT PURCHASES. I WILL NOT HAVE ANYONE WORRYING ME ABOUT VISITS AND GIFT CARDS
Visa Vanilla EGift Card are anonymous.  They come in either $25, $50 or $100.  You’ll need my email: msrogue@msrogueofsa.net ( To Make It Easier Click Here For The Visa ECards)

***Cash App and Venmo are NOT Adult Friendly Payment Processors.***

Venmo IS PayPal, who is widely known NOT to be adult friendly at all!!! It is imperative to keep this in mind when giving your reasons for your payments and use discretion please.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do You offer couples and/or group rates?

For Visits that include couples or any group fun, its full rate for the first person and for each additional person is half the rate for whatever time is desired. Screening IS required for everyone involved.

Do you honor grandfathered rates?

I need to specify here, If you have kept in touch with me somewhere along the line within the last 6 Mths, your rate will still be honored. This does not apply if it’s been more than 6 Mths.

how do I send in the payments?

No payments are made through the site or through the forms. They are to be made directly to me, you can email me @ msrogue@msrougeofsa.net

1600 pennsylvania ave nw, washington, dc 20500

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