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Rate Increase Sept 1st

Due to the ALARMING amount of constant Time Wasting and lieing on the screening forms. And no one willing to work with me on deposits all rates will increase on September 1st by $20. I’ve had to come out of my pocket to pay 6 mths in 3 mths on ONE Screening Program that I use, being that it is based off of “credits” that are used. With the amount of lieing done on the screenings, therefore not only wasting my time but using up all my credits, that has led to this increase in Rates. This also include the ALARMING amount of Ghost/Fantasy Screenings and Bookings that have been happening as well. Also, because of all of this, I will not be doing any “Pre-Screenings” for future dates of more than a few days ahead any longer without a specific date set WITH deposits made.

Quite honestly I’ve dubbed the rate increase as “taxes.” More specifically “Time-Waster Tax” and “Stupid Tax.” Sorry but being that, if you think I’m NOT gonna catch you lieing on your screening forms and you think I’m gonna fall for it, instead of just not filling it out at all. Then yes, there needs to be a stupid “tax/fee” that comes with that.

You gentlemen are expecting me to have my shit together when you contact me; well I DO HAVE MY SHIT TOGETHER!!! I’m expecting you to have your shit together and KNOW exactly what you are wanting when you contact me, as well.

Get Grandfathered In NOW, BEFORE Sept 1st.

Don’t waste anymore time, if you want to be Grandfathered and locked in at these current rates. Please make sure to visit BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1ST.

You Are Responsible For Making Sure You Have The Correct Donation!!!

Warning: Once The Paperwork Is Finalized, Making Me Owner Of The Corporation: Charges WILL Be Filed On Anyone That Short Changes/Rips Me Off, Pays Me With Fake/Fradulant Money Or Does Any Charge Backs!!!!

Being the kind of person that I am, I lay ALL cards straight out on the table. With that in mind, I’m going to be right and fair to fore warn everyone….For anyone that rips me off thinking that you are just “ripping off another heaux for fun” YOU WILL NOT BE STEALING FROM ME, YOU WILL BE STEALING FROM MY COMPANY. Having a Corporation is a separate “entity” from me. Which means, you will be held liable for your actions, Point blank, at that point, its more than just a blacklisting. Please do keep this in mind. Just be right, it’s simple. If you plan on doing wrong, just pass me on by.

I’m leaving this up for now: With each excuse I hear, i then go and elimate that issue. With the excuses being told to me ranging anywhere from….looked at the wrong rates to “oh I thought the special was going on” to….throwing a year old ad in my face …to yesterday a regular telling me that I told him since i had asked him to get a couple of packs of smokes for me next door, and i told him to take out the donation, i guess in his head I told him because of that that he now grandfathered in at having $30 therefore only paying me 180, for the record, thats not even my MO, and thats quiet a bit much of expensive.

NO More Game Playing, Please Be Aware…Trying To Prepare You For Upcoming Changes Ahead

My FULL REAL NAME, meaning my FIRST, MIDDLE AND LAST NAME, my address, and my phone number BY LAW, will be in PUBLIC RECORDS naming me as Owner/Founder to Corporation/Business that I am filing for. I will have a TAX ID NUMBER as well. I am literally outting myself straight in the open for the whole world to see…..for the stupids to stalk me…..(though, I’d like to suggest that no one gets any bright ideas about doing so, I AM PREPARING FOR THAT, JUST IN CASE!!!!) EVERYTHING WILL BE LEGAL and you WILL be able to Verify me through Public Records!!!! I have not fully researched everything that I will be responisble for, but I am almost sure that I will have to carry insurance and everything else that goes along with having a REAL AND LEGAL BUSINESS. I, at that point, am then held accountable for not only taxes but for EVERYTHING. This means that I can NO LONGER take any bullshit or any games. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for any mess. I will NOT allow anyone to mess up what I have worked really for, to be able to give ya’ll the things that ya’ll have been wanting. Please understand that with all of this at stake and me being out in the “open,” for 1), I can’t allow for any mess, and 2), i shouldn’t have to and not going to.

Located in Northwest San Antonio on Bandera and Grissom since Dec. 2017. Providing you with a clean, stable home life enviroment that’s drama and stress free.

I’m goin to add here, that my neighbors on both sides of my room, are both non-smoking rooms, so you might see one of my neighbors outside smoking a cigerette. One neighbor, I know has been here longer than I have been. This Extended Stay I am in, is more like a quiet apt complex more than it is an extended stay. There are people here that’s been here for 10,12, 15, and 18 years, and yes I’ve met them all. So I don’t want anyone freaking out if you see anyone close to my door, hanging out smoking a cig and being that im tucked away in a cubby hole to like what I call a hallway but it’s actually going to the back of the building. It’s only a cubby holI’ me a hallway. I’m sorry that I didn’t think to add this in here until it was brought to light to me a little while ago. This is 100% the best place for me to be with the exception of the traffic. With traffic in mind, I do account for traveling times during rush hours. So, if you’re running late during these times, just contact me to let me know.

Please provide the cash donation discreetly in a concealed envelope or card at the beginning of our time together. You can get creative with it…slip it into the wrappings of a chocolate candy bar, even a cigerette pack. Just something to where it’s discreet.

Please never mention, confirm, discuss or negotiate the rate.

Please email me your request for extended time over two hours.


For Visits 3 Hours or longer, a 50% deposit is required. 

The Deposit goes directly towards your donation, with the balance of the donation due at the time of visit. This deposit is to secure your visit with me, on the specific time that we agree upon.

Just To Prepare You: Once the paperwork for the company is finalized, a deposit WILL be required when you send your screening information in. I’m thinking along the lines of $50, which of course, goes towards your donation. With the stipulation of No Call/No Shows, Cancellations that will be kept for compensation of time for screening and booking. This IS NOT CONCRETE YET. But this is along the lines of what I’m thinking….

Cancellation Policy

There’s two reasons that deposits are asked: To secure your visit, as well as if you cancel or a NoCall/NoShow. If you have paid a deposit and either one of these two situations happen. There will be a $50 cancellation fee taken out. If You have any remaining balance. Of course I’m gonna send every last cent that is rightfully yours back to you. I don’t play those kinds of games. 

If you have not paid a deposit and you cancel or a NC/NS, there will be a deposit of half of whatever the donation will be before I even think about securing your visit with me.

NOTE: I will ALWAYS send confirmation email upon receiving your deposit, as soon as I’m available to do so.

Payment Options For Donations and Buying Content

  • Venmo@MsRogueSA
  • Cash App@cash.me/$MsRogueSA
  • Google Pay@msroguesa@gmail.com
  • Amazon Gift Card@msroguesa@protonmail.ch
  • Vanilla Visa Gift Card 
  • Green Dot Money Pak

This Gmail email is to ONLY to be used to make payments

****Important To Note****

I need to add a note here, to many people are starting to feel like they can pay me $200 when my rate is $210!!!!!!!!!! If you have to round off money when you get it out of the ATM or whatever you need to round up to $220 then. To those that have done this, that would be considered ripping me off. I’ve just been waayyy to nice about it and haven’t said a word until now!

Couples & Groups Rates

For Visits that include couples or any group fun, its full rate for the first person and for each additional person is half the rate for whatever time is desired. Screening IS required for everyone involved.

No Longer Running Specials

I’ve made the choice that I will NOT be doing specials any longer. People like to rip me off and lie to me saying they got the rates mixed up, or no one takes advantage of the specials that I run, In place of doing specials I will be running and doing different “games” I will announce any further details once i’m fully prepared to do so.

Donation Rates

  • $80 USD 20 Mins BNG ONLY : Rate Increase Sept 1st $100
  • $130 USD 30 Minuntes: Rate Increase Sept 1st $150
  • $210 USD 1 Hour: Rate Increase Sept 1st $230
  • $295 USD 90 Minutes : Rate Increase Sept 1st $315
  • $380 USD 2 Hours : Rate Increase Sept 1st $400
  • $465 USD 3 Hours Get The 4TH Hour FREE : Rate Increase Sept 1st $485

Disclaimer: I am a professional service provider. Any fees or compensation paid to me are for my time and companionship only. Any actions that take place within our contracted timeframe are a matter of mutual choice between consenting adults.

Any scenarios, fantasy or otherwise, contained in this ad are purely that; they do not constitute any form of contractual obligation. I do not engage in any unlawful acts. I reserve the right not to enter into any arrangement with those whom I reasonably believe to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or for any other reason at my sole discretion.

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