Private Incall Located In The Medical Center

Experience Cajun Hospitiality in Texas when you visit my private incall. Located in The Medial Center on Fredricksburg Rd. You will surely feel right at home as soon as you walk in. No Stress, No Strife. I make the world cease to exist during our time together. I do ask that you respect that is my private apartment. There is security that does walk around night and day. You can NOT sit in the parking lot for any amount of time. Please be aware of this when visiting.

Two important things to take note of please 1) Per the rules here, please do NOT park backwards, this can get me in trouble. Also Please do NOT place your envelopes on the counter where the TV is. When opening my door to leave, it can be seen. Please please make sure to use discretion.

1For New Friends

  1. New Visitors

    A) New Visitors defined as; NEVER SEEN ME and/or LONGER THAN 6 MTHS W NO CONTACT W ME.
    So today’s date is 4-6-2020 so 6 months….if I have NOT seen you since Nov 2019, YOU ARE CONSIDERED A NEW VISITORS AND YOU NEED TO BE SCREENED

    B) Those that have seen me before, and it’s been longer than 6 months, you will NOT be given grandfathered rates. You will have to pay the current rates.

  2. $25 Booking Fee

    A) As soon as you send your screening form in use any one of the payment options offered.

    B) I will NOT start on your screening until the fee is paid

    C) Your booking fee counts towards your Gifted Donations.

    D) Once I start on your screening, at that point the $25 is NON REFUNDABLE

    E) This $25 Fee would also be considered as your cancellation fee, if you need to cancel.

    F) The purpose of this booking fee is to put a stop to all the game playing, time wasting and unneccessary screenings that I end up having to pay for out of my pocket.

    G) This is a one time fee, specifically to pay for your screenings upfront.
    (your donations pay for all the bills that are your “free’s” anyways)

  3. Email me at msrogueofsa@pm.me To Confirm Payment

    With a PROPER INTRODUCTION so that I make sure your balance is credited correctly.

    (and what I mean by this is there is ALOT of ppl emailing beforehand and just want to sit and waste time wanting to just “chat for free”)

  4. You are to confirmation BY EMAIL 2 Hours BEFORE your appt time

    This is for BOTH of us to confirm.

    I will give you my address at this time, AFTER 25% deposit of remaining balace is paid

  5. 25% Deposit of Remaining balance BEFORE I give my address

    The purpose of this deposit is to cut out all the address collectors, that just get my address and then do NCNS’s
    (Not only is this shit dangerous for me, but scary as fuck!)

  6. Cancellation Policy

    The Booking Fee would be considered to be your cancellation fee in the event that you would need to cancel

You Are Responsible For Making Sure You Have The Correct Donation!!!

It is YOUR responsibilty to know how much to bring. There is NO excuse for short changing anyone at all. If you don’t remember, Simply said, the information is in this site provided for you. Please refer back to this site as many times as you need to.

Please Use Discretion When Presenting Gifted Donations

Please provide the cash donation discreetly in a concealed envelope or card at the beginning of our time together. You can get creative with it…slip it into the wrappings of a chocolate candy bar, even a cigerette pack. Just something to where it’s discreet. Again please do not place your envelopes on the counter, where you can see when opening the door.

To Ensure Safety For All, Please Never Mention Money

This is a IMMEDIATE DEAL BREAKER!!! Please NEVER mention, confirm, discuss or negotiate the rate at ANY time. Nor am I making any agreements with anyone about anything!!!! If you can not remember, by all means I will NOT mind you excusing yourself to the restroom to to look it up on your phone. I try to make things simple for us all, if our visit was 20 mins or less, then you know how much it is. I keep it cut and dry so that it’s simplied.

Couples & Groups Rates

For Visits that include couples or any group fun, its full rate for the first person and for each additional person is half the rate for whatever time is desired. Screening IS required for everyone involved.

Grandfathered Rates Will Be Honored

I need to specify here, If you have kept in touch with me somewhere along the line within the last 6 mths, your rate will still be honored. This does not apply if it’s been more than 6 mths.

Payment Options For Gifted Donations

Venmo @MsRogueSA
Cash App @cash.me/$MsRogueSA
Amazon Gift Card @msroguesa@protonmail.ch
Green Dot Money Pak (Please Contact me if using Money Pak)
Visa Vanilla EGift Card are anonymous.  They come in either $25, $50 or $100.  You’ll need my email: msrogueofsa@pm.me ( To Make It Easier Click Here For The Visa ECards)
***Cash App and Venmo are NOT Adult Friendly Payment Processors.***
Venmo IS PayPal, who is widely known NOT to be adult friendly at all!!! It is imperative to keep this in mind when giving your reasons for your payments and use discretion please.

I’m going to ask that you refrain from using any words of any sexual nature nor terms like “clips,” “memberships,” “content” or anything to do with this. Please keep it generic, “groceries babysitting, a smiley face emojoi. By using these kinds of terms, not only are you putting me at risk of my accounts being shut down without notice and losing all money in that account at the time of closure. Which therefore causing everyone to lose the payment options. You risk BOTH of us (not going into detail here)

Gifted Donations

$100 USD BnG *ONLY* Up To 20 Mins Deposit of $25 Get The 5 Vids Varity Package W Visit
$125 USD **New** Worship
(ONLY Oral)
30 Mins
Deposit of $31 Get the 10 Vids Variety Package W Visit
$150 USD30 Mins Deposit of $38 Get The 10 Vids Variety Package W Visit
$230 USD1 HourDeposit of $58 Get the 20 Vids Variety Package W Visit
$315 USD 90 Mins Deposit of $79 Get The 30 Clips Variety Package W Visit
$400 USD 2 Hours Deposit of $100 Get The 40 Vids Variety Package W Visit
$485 USD 3 Hours, 4th Hr FREEDepsoit of $121 Get The 50 Vids Variety Package W Visit
***Life Time Members Receive a 25% Discount OFF Donations for All Sessions***
I’m NOT leaving out anyone I promise! 🙂 Established Friends receive your set on your next visit. This special is limited to ONLY ONE SET PER PERSON, NOT PER SESSION!!!

Disclaimer: I am a professional service provider. Any fees or compensation paid to me are for my time and companionship only. Any actions that take place within our contracted timeframe are a matter of mutual choice between consenting adults.

Any scenarios, fantasy or otherwise, contained in this ad are purely that; they do not constitute any form of contractual obligation. I do not engage in any unlawful acts. I reserve the right not to enter into any arrangement with those whom I reasonably believe to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or for any other reason at my sole discretion.

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  1. It seems like your having a shitty time recently. I’m sorry. That really sucks. I’m sorry that people aren’t treating you like you should be treated.

    1. Oh Hunny i appreciate it but umm don’t be sorry for ppl who are NOT worth being sorry for, they will be getting theirs soon enough. and well i guess i made my point so, ppl just gotta make drama and since i dont cause any dont talk to anyone or go anywhere, messy ppl gotta bring it to me lmao

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