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7-27-19 This was an awesome surprise to see on my phone when I got out of the shower a few mins ago! And yes, I ALWAYS will ask for permission before I do anything, I have to say, it’s the best thing in the world to spend time with someone that doesn’t play games, has their shit together, etc, It just makes the experience that much better!!!

Seems Like OH2 Voted Me “A Must” To Face Fuck lol

This Is What Makes It Worth Everything To Me!

Ya know over time, I’ve been put some kind of hell with this job. I’ve had to prove myself time and time again, with alot of you. But I can tell ya, you can just melt my heart and make it all the shit I go thru worth everything to me, When you do this for me!!! I’ll give you everything I can possibly give, work with you, whatever it is, I’ll try my damnedest to move mountains for you. As long as you don’t fuck me over. This right here, means EVERYTHING to me!

The “Perfect Client” ….It’s Never Goodbye…It’s Always…”See Ya Later”

I can ONLY count FOUR Clients that have been absolutely the most dearest perfect clients in the world to me….and he is one of those four. When everyone else feels entitled to take…HE GAVE!!!! I put this up to REMIND ME WHEN I NEED TO BE REMINDED OF NOT TO TAKE ANYONE’S BULLSHIT AND TO REMIND ME OF JUST HOW I’M SUPPOSED TO BE TREATED!!! Such a wonderful friend to have. Thank you for everything!!!

My Very First Promo

Working With Alex AnacondaXXX

Alex AnacondaXXX first approached me May of last year (2018) to get together and shoot some POV Porn with him. Being that I am inexperienced about that side of the business, I didnt see what he had seen. During the course of this last year, we have formed a wonderful friendship. On Memorial Day 2019, I recieved a surprise message, saying that he was in town. The time we spent making the vision he had seen into reality was more explosive than either on of us could have imagined! It is Alex AnacondaXXX’s vision of bringing both brands together that gave me the opporturnity to do my first POV Porn and thank him greatly for!!!! (note: I had put this on my other domain with a couple of pics, and….that’s when wordpress took my site lmao. I have been able to screenshot the comments between him and I. Which is what I’m putting up now)

Where It All Began: Escort Babylon

When I came across my old ads the other day, and I honestly have come A LOOOONG way since this very first ad. I literally did not how to write any ad at all. And had to get someone to write it for me. I was completely shocked to see that I had 13 reviews on EB. Last I remember seeing was I think 7

“No Matter Where Ya Go, Never Forget Where Ya Came From”

When I saw my first ads, I had to stop and reflect, becauses I’ve came A VERY LONG way in close to 3 yrs time now. I’ve fought and clawed my way to where I am now. …And STILL fighting. But I can tell ya, I’ve EARNED my respect many time over now. These first 3 pics were the first pics I put out. See what you don’t know is that when I got here literally EVERYTHING that i brought here, had been stolen from me. TWICE..yes TWICE. I was left with only my clothes on my back. My identity, (birth certificate etc) went both times as well. This little red dress was given so that I could take these pics.

Feb 20,2020

These words below, they come from the very first person that i met when i moved here. He has seen me at my lowest, he is the one that i called on when i had to scoot out from getting caught up in the cartel being traffick when i first got here, when i lost EVERYTHING the first time around. We have had our times and moments, some tough ones, but ya know, ya make right, you try to do right even when we fuck up, and that’s what he did, he made right with me, and all honesty, he’s about the ONLY person that really gets me and understands me. So with a business proposition that I threw at him tonight, this is what he told me, and THESE WORDS, THEY MEAN SOMETHING TO ME, CAUSE IVE HAD WORK AND FIGHT FUCKING WAY HARD FOR WHAT I BUILT UP THUS FAR!!!! FROM GROUND FUCKING UP ABOUT 3 DIFFERENT FUCKING OCCASIONS!!! SO i put these words up on here, FOR ME!!! TO KEEP REMINDING ME WHERE I CAME FROM!!! THANK YOU FOR THESE WORDS THEY MEAN THE WORLD TO ME AND KEEP ENCOURAGING ME TO KEEP TRUCKING! ……

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by POD on MsRogueSA

live and in color. Job well done. Will see her soon.

yea i am that kinda person aint i lol these days people dont know how to handle a person that's live real IN REAL and up in your face lmao ....thank you for your compliment on the site, she IS my baby.

by NJDaddy on MsRogueSA

Damn she worships the cock!

uhhh yeaa been trying to tell yall that!!! lol i love me sum cock! what can I say,,,,besides "feed my hungry ass, this dick o holic stays fucking hungry!!!"???? ill make yer ass holla for help afterwards! lol

2 thoughts on “Raves”

  1. Glad to see MsRogue back. Treat her right & she will treat you to cock worship extreme. Why do I think this broad only has 2 speeds – sexy idle and full bore pedal to the floor all out slut. Welcome Back Darlin’

    1. I’m glad to be back around honey and you’re right there’s only two speeds and most of the time I’m full bore all out slut lol. it’s just the way I’ve always been I love being a slut ? the nastier the better, the more taboo the better right?! ???

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