Scared To Take The Plunge & Go All In

Ok now… listen up.. last month I took the first “plunge” into this when I upgraded the site to e-commerce site therefore making it into a store website. That’s $35 a month extra for me

Now I’m about to take the second plunge. And I got sweats doing it cuz I’m a complete nervous wreck about all of this.

This site does the whole thing the shopping cart the own site check out the digital products the memberships and subscriptions codes in the license keys to protect

Your digital media you got the marketing the customization the security with the PDF stamping analytics and the API access management so it basically you upload your content to them and they take care of the rest.

This would knock out data breaches on my end and… With all the dumbasses that seem to just think this is a game lol it would also protect all of my media with license keys which is what I’ve been worried about. It would make things easier for me and give all the subscriptions

And the memberships. I can sell it all the digital content from the website and social media as well as Shopify.

And I mean today I put in the end user license agreement on the website I will be doing the return and exchange policies and the digital services of I’ve got to look into that more at the digital services act and the digital media law and marketing and stuff…

Here’s what the fuck is scaring the shit out of me…THE CUSTOMER END


Because I’m already going hungry and homeless and I cannot do all of this I’m just 794 a month on my social security cuz I don’t even get disability I get only SSI. As it is this month I’ve got to come out my pocket for security and all the legal documents that go with that website so I’m already shaking in my shoes right now because it’s hitting me this month.

And I already am aware of the gang stalking situation that I’ve been having to deal with on that end of bullshit…

The other main factor that I’m worried about is well I’ve already done my best this past year on giving everybody exactly what they wanted as much as I could and you still weren’t fucking happy and you put me under on purpose a lot of you so you know you wanted to digital media but you don’t want to give and it’s going to have to be a two-way street somewhere it’s not just a one-way Street I cannot do all this by myself and I’m scared to death to do the rest of this.

But y’all know me and I’m only going to do it once and I’m going to do it right the first time I don’t do anything half-assed at all so with that in mind I’m going to do and do it right…

Been trying to plan things for y’all you know it’s like dealing and trying to make a house of cards when y’all are wishy washy so fucking much it just don’t stand sturdy. It’s going to fall like it did last year and I don’t plan on going through that again.

So that’s where I’m at

I guess in other words I’m just saying I’m really scared to try to do this. I guess ….I’m just scared to do this….

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