Whether we visit just once or we form a lasting friendship that last through the years, there’s one thing you can count on, is giving you my absolute best during our time together. Being a perfectionist on top of being ADHD and OCD I never do anything “half-ass’d.” No matter what my endeavors are that I take on in my life, I give it my all or it’s nothing for me. You will always walk into a nice clean home, a relaxing environment with me excitedly waiting to greet you with a deep passionate kiss. If I can’t give you my best and peaceful clean home, needless to say, you wouldn’t be walking in.

“You will get no less than the best from me EVERY TIME”

Perfection cannot be rushed. With that in mind, I ask that you not arrive early for our visit or ask me to see you “right now.” My standards are high, and I will only give you the best. Remember you are coming to see The Specialist; I cannot give you The Specialist qualities that I guarantee you to have on short notice or you are being early. Please don’t expect me to lower my standards, so If you are wanting any less than the best, than I’m not a match for you.

“I’m ALWAYS on time, but I will NEVER be early.” 

Business Hours

All bookings MUST be made thru the Booking Form for BOTH Established and New Friends

Required 24 Hour Minimum Notice for New Friends

Required 2 Hour Minimum Notice For Established Friends

Sunday 9 AM thru Midnight
Monday thru Saturday7 AM thru Midnight

New Friends

If this is going to be our first encounter together, please understand that screening is a MUST. I ask that you go to the screening Page and simply fill out the screening form. Please allow “up” to 24 hours for me to be able to complete your screening. Just in case that I am not able to get it completed quickly. For those times that I am able to do the screening right then, it takes a minimum about an hour to complete the screening. And I will always require 2 hours prior notice BEFORE of your desired visit time. That’s a 3-hour Prior Notice MINIMUM for New Friends.

Returning Friends

For Returning Friends please fill out the contact form or email me with a SPECIFIC DATE AND TIME that you desire no sooner than 2 hours Prior NOTICE of your desired time. Giving me a 2-hour prior notice, will never change. If you need to talk with me personally about your life having scheduling conflictions with having 2-hour prior notice, please do so. I am always willing to try my best to work with you.

The “Right Now” Thing

Please respect that me in call is my home. Things that are personal need to be picked up and straightened up before you come visit. If you are wanting the “right now” thing as I’ve dubbed it, I DO NOT take any “right now” visits. Unless We have worked something out personally due to scheduling conflictions with your life, be it your job or what have you. To respect my time or the person I may be spending time with at the moment, I will not just “drop everything” and do “right now”

It’s NOT About “My” Availability, It’s About “Yours”

I’m available during the times stated above. When contacting me give me a date and a time frame that YOUR schedule is open. “I can visit on Monday between 11-3”.…this is way more efficient than us going back and forth about availability. That gives me an idea of what you are needing, and I can go from there and answer you quickly.

If It’s Been 6 Mths or Longer

I hope that you understand that I talk with and meet a lot of people, if we haven’t kept in touch for a length of time, I’m not going to be able to recall you. And honestly, it’s quiet embarrassing for me that you remember, and I don’t, not to mention that I’m normally trying to rack my brain trying to remember who you may be. Also, I’ve had a number of people trying to tell me that they have met with me, and actually haven’t. So, if I haven’t seen you in 6 months or I can’t recall you, I’m gonna need you to fill out the screening form and send it in for me. Being that I do not keep this information. Also, you would not be grandfathered in any rates from before and will be expected to pay the current rates that I have at the time.

On Arriving Early

There is security that walks around 24/7, please do not try and sit in the parking lot waiting to visit. They will ask you to leave. Also do not expect to be seen 30 minutes early because you have early. I have everything timed out to a “T” with scheduling everything that I have to think about. I cannot change my scheduling just because you arrived early like that.

After Hours

If you are needing to visit during the night time hours that I’m off, I don’t have a problem with working with you. Just let me know in the comments section on the booking form. I don’t mind at all. What I do mind, is expecting for me to see you on the same night without any warning. That’s definitely not gonna happen.

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