My Incall is my home. I openingly invite and welcome you into my whole world. Therefore it is imperative to be congruent before our first Experience together.

I value safety and security foremost, as well as the need for vigilante privacy.

Without exception, I require all first-time gentlemen to be screened. This is not only for my safety and comfort but for yours as well. In respect to privacy, any information conveyed remains strictly confidential.

If You Are Not Sure, Gonna Flake Out, or Change The Time To 2Am & Then Flake Out, DONT FILL THE FORM OUT

Here it is, i have already raised the rates due to me having to come out of my pocket to pay for one screening 2 mths in ONE MONTH, I am close to being out screening credits for that program, if i have to come out of my pocket when im looking at probably having to move again because i dont have wifi and have spent close to $300 just to have internet, MY NEXT STEP IS TO IMPLEMENT A $50 DEPOSIT DUE WHEN YOU SEND THE SCREENING FORM IN, NO IF’S, ANDS OR BUTTS ABOUT IT ANYMORE!!! So please you need to make sure you know what you are wanting because not only are yall wasting my freaking time AGAIN but i REFUSE TO PAY OUT OF MY POCKET A FOURTH FREAKING TIME 2 MTHS OF A BILL IN ONE FUCKING MONTH CUZ OF WISHY WASHY BULLSHIT I MEAN IT, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOUR WANTING AND NOT FLAKE THE FUCK OUT!!

IM NOT MADE OF FUCKING MONEY AND YALL ARE COSTING MORE THAN AN ARM AND A FUCKING LEG YALL IM TIRED OF THIS SHIT, WHEN YALL THINK ITS GOD DAMN FREE!!!! GOD DAMNIT AS IT IS I CANT PAY FOR MY ESCORT-ADS AND ESCORTSTATE PROFILES RIGHT NOW!!! and cant go to the fucking hospital and get meds for the fucking eye shingles ive had for a yr now, im tired of yall costing my ass money and i cant take care of myself damnit !!!! it’s now gotten to the point, your gonna have to pay for yalls own fucking screenings i cant afford this shit like this straight up

Privacy Policy

With the new booking form that I’ve made, I am in the process of making a Privacy Policy and Terms Agreement for both the contact and booking forms. This is NOT to scare you. Matter of fact, quite the opposite. I know that ya’ll needed this to help you better understand all of my intentions.I wanted to make a policy more specifically tailored to how I do your screening. So I’m breaking everything down for you. Letting you know what’s acceptable and what’s not. What to do in cases that anything doesn’t apply to you. The whole nine yards, ok. During the night while working on it, I have gone ahead and added to the booking form, that way you can see the progress in the making. Being that you can see “live” when I’m working on it, you can me saving it and going back to change my sentences lol. This is for you to help you understand better.

Terms Agreement

Again, this is NOT to scare you. The way I’m breaking down how I do your screening, I felt it important for you to stop for a minute and take a look at this information. Being that this gives it all for you. So this is just letting me know that you actually took a minute to at least read over “Summarizing The Purpose Of Your Information” part . By law, I have to give purpose of any personal data that is collected. There are specific steps that are outlined that I have to follow. This is all done legally but, said in regular terms for you. The specifics of the terms is just the acknowledge you have read the policy, that you haven’t lied considering that’s been a big issue, and that Gifted Donations for my time only. That’s it.

Here’s More About Security & Your Privacy

For September’s newsletter, I had wanted to discuss security, safety and your privacy. If You are wanting to know about the steps I take that ensures your privacy and security here’s the link for you:

Wondering Why You Havne’t Heard From Me

In case anyone is wondering why you havent confirmation from me, it maybe because you have not either put na or a middle initial and when i go to screen and i see 5 different people with your same name that are sex offenders, im just gonna assume it’s you and just not bother wasting my time 

Review Board Members NOT Exempt

Sorry guys, being on Review Boards does NOT exempt you from being screened. There’s no special treatments when it comes to my safety and the safety of all others that I visit with. Between Eccie, Tryst, Private Delights and Eros, all these boards have had situations. Which BTW, I wouldn’t be on Eros If I were you…NO ONE GETS EXEMPT! NO Special Treatments for Screening! Your special treatment is during your visit??

(For those that are 25 and younger, I may have to ask for an alternate screening, ONLY if deemed necessary to do so.)


*Hobby names are any usernames that you use to register onto websites with.  These sites include, but not limited to, Eccie, P411, Nightshift, TNA Board, The Other Board, Escort Directory, Private Delights. Escort-ads, Escortstate, Sip Sap, Switter, Adultlook, or any other site not mentioned*

Absoutely NO VOIP’s, Work or Hobby Numbers Accepted For Screening

No VOIP Numbers will be accepted for the screening process, ONLY Real World Information will be accepted. Real World info is ONLY for screening purposes. Any communication that is needed through hobby numbers and emails is ALWAYS respected.


And to put your mind at ease, I personally made this form myself on and with safety and security for all of us in mind, I have transferred my account with them to their European servers to make sure that everything was encrypted. And yes, in order for me to do this, it’s another $20 per month.

I, ALONE, am the ONLY ONE that has anything that has to do with this site. This is why it may take me a little longer than anyone else. But Please be rest assured, I ALWAYS have ALL of our safety in mind.

If You Can’t Be Honest, Just Don’t Bother

Honesty is really important. Not only is it important but it is imperative so that trust can be built. It is the very start of what could be a wonderful experience. Please remember you are coming into my home. If you can not be honest, how would you expect me to trust you in my home.

Allow For Time

If this is your first visit I need a mimimum of 3 hours total. It takes about an hour, if there’s no issues during the screening, to be able to complete it. And I will always ask for a 2 hour prior notice of your desired visit time. Most times I can get your screening done quickly, and have you come by for your visit in no time. But I do ask for you to be practical and understand that I can not possibly be ready to visit with you in 30 mins time.

My Stance On Alternative Verifications

Giving References: I will give references to any established provider, you can have her either email me or PM me through whatever site that we are both verified on.

Taking References: I’m sorry but the integrity and worth in references can NOT be trusted these days. Between all the fake references that clients like to fake out, and the buying and selling of references, I do NOT accept any references from any client whatsoever. All the bad apples had to make itAs

Being Reviewed: I don’t mind being reviewed, though I’d prefer to be reviewed on Private Delights which allows for providers to reply back and verify if the review is accurate or if it’s a fake review. If you intend on leaving a review on any other site, I’m going to ask that before you hit the send button to post it, to be courteous enough to go over it with me. This is to ensure acurracy of the reviews.

Reviews As Part Of Screening: Again the integrity and worth in reviews can NOT be trusted these days. I Do NOT accept any reviews that any client has written as part of screening with the amount of fake reviews and reviews done with malicous intent behind them. Again, the bad apples out there, made harder for everyone.

Verifciations on OurHome2: I am NO LONGER VERIFYING ANYONE FOR OURHOME2. Seems like every time I verify someone i am forgotten….up until someone needs to be REVERIFIED again. I’m getting pm’s from clients that up and disappeared with the last time being a NCNS last Nov, wanting me to verify them again. First I can not consciously verify someone if i havent seen you in six months, I cant consciously do this, with the safety of others at stake. This is plain just abuse of the verifciaction process CK has in place with this site.

New Booking/Screening Form

I have FINALLY just finished the new booking/sreening form. Took all weekend to make it lol…If there’s any problems I have included the direct link below. If you do find any issues with the form, please by all means contact me about it, so that I can fix it. Thank you

Please understand I do need a mim of about 3 hours, give or take a few depending on the screening. Also I will NOT give my number out unless there’s no choice, and you have to email me about the reason first. I’m VERY strict about NOT giving my phone number out anymore…thank “stupid” and “disrespectful” for that ok.

Want To Know What To Expect From Your Experience?

I wrote a blog detailing exactly what can be expected during your visit with me. From First Contact to you walking out of the door, I went over everything for you to ensure that you get the best experience possible during your visit.Hopefully I was able to answer most of your questions or concerns about what can be expected. Here’s the link:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at

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