I Am An Equal Opportunity Service Provider

( Per The Terms Agreement it’s a legal document you NEED to read it, i put things in there differently!!! )....This means that each and every person wilIl recieve the same quailty professional service. EVERYTIME!!! The quailty in the services that I provide will NEVER Diminsh!!! No matter what I have going on, when it’s time for you to come through that door….if you get that can expect PERFECTION EVERY TIME!!!

This also means that everyone is screened the exact same way, with no special treatments. And whatever decisions made are solely based on the findings during the screenings. 

Special treatments are given to those of “MY” choosing that “I”am really close with, normally being on a personal level. (NOTICE OF “MY” CHOOSING..NOT JUST BECAUSE YOU TELL ME YOUR SPECIAL) If I don’t know you or I haven’t talked and/or seen you for a while….YOU’RE NOT SPECIAL, GET OVER IT!!! (SPECIAL TREATMENTS AND ENTITLEMENTS HAVE GOTTEN ME NO WHERE BUT HURT, STOLEN FROM ETC ETC ETC ! )

Per The Discrimination Laws

Per The Discrimination Laws, my decision are NOT based on race, sex, religion, disability, age, debts, or martial status....or anatomy size for that matter. 

Screening Form Procdure

The following is to be followed exactly to the “T” and the reasons for me to have all of this in place is due directly from the continual ghost screenings that I’VE HAD TO PAY FOR OUT OF MY POCKET FOR AND THE AMOUNT OF GHOST BOOKINGS THAT GET TO THE POINT OF GETTING MY ADDRESS AND THEN NOT SHOWING UP….WHICH IS SCARY BEING THAT IVE HAD SO MUCH STALKING HAPPEN TO ME . SO THE DEPOSITS FOR DAMN GOOD REASONS . I will NOT take you seriously if you do not follow this procedure because im trying to figure who is who and who is serious and not so serious!

For New Visitors

  1. New Visitors

    A) New Visitors defined as; NEVER SEEN ME and/or LONGER THAN 6 MTHS W NO CONTACT W ME.
    If you have not visited with me within Six Months from today’s date YOU ARE CONSIDERED A NEW VISITORS

    B) Those that have seen me before, and it’s been longer than 6 months, you will NOT be given grandfathered rates. You will have to pay the current rates.

  2. 24 Hour Minimum Advanced Notice

    I am NOT taking same day appointments for anyone that has to be screened

  3. You ONLY Get ONE Chance!!!!!

    Ignorance is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Giving me Hobby Email For Your REAL EMAIL, NOT ACCPETABLE!!

    If I turn you down because you gave me your hobby email etc…and you think by waiting for awhile and come back and try again..I REMEMBER YOU! AND YOU’VE BEEN BLACKLISTED FOR GIVING FALSE INFORMATION!!!

  4. Completely AND Correctly Fill Out Screening Form





  5. Send your $25 Booking Fee: Both The Rates Page and The Naughty Corner Page Has The Payment Options

    A) As soon as you send your screening form in, send your booking fee using any one of the payment options offered. You can find the payment options on both The Rates Page and The Naughty Corner Page. IF YOU DO NOT SEND BOOKING FEE WITH FORM, I WONT KNOW YOU SENT IN A FORM, I DON’T STOP TO LOOK, I STOP WHEN I SEE THERE’S BEEN A FEE SENT

    B) I will NOT start on your screening until the fee is paid

    C) Your booking fee counts towards your Gifted Donations.

    D) Once I start on your screening, at that point the $25 is NON REFUNDABLE

    E) This $25 Fee would also be considered as your cancellation fee, if you need to cancel.

    F) The purpose of this booking fee is to put a stop to all the game playing, time wasting and unneccessary screenings that I end up having to pay for out of my pocket.

    G) This is a one time fee, specifically to pay for your screenings upfront.
    (your donations pay for all the bills that are your “free’s” anyways)

  6. Email me at To Confirm Payment

    With a PROPER INTRODUCTION so that I make sure your balance is credited correctly.

    (and what I mean by this is there is ALOT of ppl emailing beforehand and just want to sit and waste time wanting to just “chat for free”)

  7. You are to confirmation BY EMAIL 2 Hours BEFORE your appt time

    This is for BOTH of us to confirm.

    I will give you my address at this time, AFTER 25% deposit of remaining balace is paid

  8. 25% Deposit of Remaining balance BEFORE I give my address

    The purpose of this deposit is to cut out all the address collectors, that just get my address and then do NCNS’s
    (Not only is this shit dangerous for me, but scary as fuck!)

My Statement Regarding Your Privacy and Data

For anyone that may have any questions or concerns about how serious I take this matter or if you are concerned with what measures I take. I have taken the time to detail out everything that I do to ensure your safety, security and privacy. Please take the time to go over these details by clicking here

Regarding Alternative Verifications

Taking References: I’m sorry but the integrity and worth in references can NOT be trusted these days. Between all the fake references that clients like to fake out, and the buying and selling of references, I do NOT accept any references from any client whatsoever. All the bad apples had to make itAs

Giving References: I will give references to any established provider, you can have her either email me or PM me through whatever site that we are both verified on.

Being Reviewed: I don’t mind being reviewed, though I’d prefer to be reviewed on Private Delights which allows for providers to reply back and verify if the review is accurate or if it’s a fake review. If you intend on leaving a review on any other site, I’m going to ask that before you hit the send button to post it, to be courteous enough to go over it with me. This is to ensure acurracy of the reviews.

Reviews As Part Of Screening: Again the integrity and worth in reviews can NOT be trusted these days. I Do NOT accept any reviews that any client has written as part of screening with the amount of fake reviews and reviews done with malicous intent behind them. Again, the bad apples out there, made harder for everyone.

Verifciations on OurHome2: I am NO LONGER VERIFYING ANYONE FOR OURHOME2. Seems like every time I verify someone i am forgotten….up until someone needs to be REVERIFIED again. I’m getting pm’s from clients that up and disappeared with the last time being a NCNS last Nov, wanting me to verify them again. First I can not consciously verify someone if i havent seen you in six months, I cant consciously do this, with the safety of others at stake. This is plain just abuse of the verifciaction process CK has in place with this site. MY PM IS TURNED OFF FOR OH2 NOW

Adultlook Reviews: Mighty funny no one has usernames for Adultlook but then I turn around and find a review from someone I do not know….I will NOT verify any reviews from anyone’s usernames that I do not know and I will contest the review.

If You Are Between The Ages Of 18-25….

IF YOU ARE Between the ages of 18-25, your probably not going to have much of a digital footprint if any at all, I AM NOT GOING TO RISK MY LIFE NOR THE LIVES OF EVERYONE ELSE THAT I AM RESPONISBLE FOR…WHICH IS EVERY ONE OF YOU, I may require your ID, Which I am not asking anything that what I am required to do with verifiying all of my profiles. I would not ask anyone to do anything that is not required of me.

Review Board Members NOT Exempt

Sorry guys, being on Review Boards does NOT exempt you from being screened. There’s no special treatments when it comes to my safety and the safety of all others that I visit with. Between Eccie, Tryst, Private Delights and Eros, all these boards have had situations. Which BTW, I wouldn’t be on Eros If I were you…NO ONE GETS EXEMPT! NO Special Treatments for Screening! Your special treatment is during your visit??


Hobby names are any usernames that you use to register onto websites with.  These sites include, but not limited to, Eccie, P411, Nightshift, TNA Board, The Other Board, Escort Directory, Private Delights. Escort-ads, Escortstate, Sip Sap, Switter, Adultlook, or any other site not mentioned…THIS INCLUDES SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS…YOUR USERNAMES THAT YOU SIGN IN WITH! THAT IS CONSIDERED AS A “NICKNAME/HOBBY NAME/USERNAME

NO VOIP’s, Work or Hobby Numbers Accepted

No VOIP Numbers will be accepted for the screening process, ONLY Real World Information will be accepted. Real World info is ONLY for screening purposes. Any communication that is needed through hobby numbers and emails is ALWAYS respected.

If You Can’t Be Honest, Just Don’t Bother

Honesty is really important. Not only is it important but it is imperative so that trust can be built. It is the very start of what could be a wonderful experience. Please remember you are coming into my home. If you can not be honest, how would you expect me to trust you in my home.

Want To Know What To Expect From Your Experience?

I wrote a blog detailing exactly what can be expected during your visit with me. From First Contact to you walking out of the door, I went over everything for you to ensure that you get the best experience possible during your visit.Hopefully I was able to answer most of your questions or concerns about what can be expected. Here’s the link:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at

To Book Your Appt Click Here For The New Booking Form

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by Jim Washburn on MsRogueSA
Easygoing nice guy

Michelle, I am interested in meeting and spending time with you, I look forward to hearing from you. Jim

Heyyy there Dahlin! I honestly would love for you to break me away from all this mundane admin work, so that we could shake things up a bit! lol But first you must do both of a big safey favor please. that Screening Form....right above, if you could fill it out for me, so that i can get your screening done, as soon as i can do that very imporntant step, we can defintely give her a whirk and really shake things up quite a bit! MUAH!!! 🙂

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