Sept Happenings: Security & Your Privacy Explained

“Confidentiality, Discretion, Safety and Security”

Dated 8-30 This month, I want to talk about about your privacy, your data, the security measures that I take and what all this means for you. As I know that all of this is ALL of our main concern. Most all of you know that I’m actually learning everything as I go. I want go over the steps that I have taken to ensure that you have peace of mind whether your visiting with me or on my website. As security doesn’t end just at the website level, it goes all the way around with everything that I do.

Taking Security Seriously

This subject I take very seriously, and always have. As it should be taken VERY seriously. Which is the reason that my screening is the way it is. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t mind going the extra mile and paying extra to make sure that everything and everybody is secure, safe and sound, even AFTER you visit with me. I have gone and will continue to go to great lengths in order to ensure that this is the always the case.

I would like to add, for those that “think” they are securing themselves by NOT screening or by lieing on your screening. I’m gonna to make sure that I point out to you, that by not doing so, or by lieing and “IF” I was to let you get away with it. This would be putting EVERYONE AT RISK. This would cause a HUGE weak link into all the security measures that I have taken. And by NOT screening, you are begging to find trouble, not only finding it but for you to fall right into trouble’s lap, making it easy for them!!! And I have invested ALOT into security, I REFUSE for there to be any weak link in the measures that I have taken. Ok… we have alot to talk about, so lets get started

New Privacy Policy and Terms Agreement On The Booking Form

I know ya’ll have seen that God awful rough draft that I made on the screening form. lol Yesterday, I worked all day long on making the new privacy policy and terms of agreement that’s going to be on the Booking/Screening form. Matter of fact, any forms that is used in conjunction with me and/or anything with the site, that I make and has to do with any data that is collected and for what purpose. Being within the guidelines of the law. Just so that you know, these are all already in compliance with the law. But I wanted to go farther and make a specific policy for booking and contact forms. So that I can make sure that everything is outlined for you. It always helps when you have a better understanding of things in general. So, I’m gonna give a quick run down of exactly of what’s gonna be on the policy.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlines EXACTLY how your information is used, why, what I’m looking for, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for each one, also what to do in cases if something doesn’t apply to you. It will show the ethics of my practices. What steps I take to ensure your privacy and your data is kept safe

Code of Ethics

While we are speaking on Code of Ethics. Lets explain that also. Whether it applies are not, I do believe in being Non-Judgemental!!! I also believe in having and practicing Good Business Ethics. Being raised in a “self-employed” home, I was taught how to run a business REALLY early on. I was doing my parents check books and statements at like 10 years old. Of course, with mom watching me. But she made sure that I learned correctly. This is why I have put and will have on this policy “Per The Discretion Laws” As I am a “equal opportunity service provider.”This also means that EVERYONE GETS TREATED THE SAME, meaning, EVERYONE GETS SCREENED! LOL These are “MY” ethics, how I feel everything should be ran…as a business.

Terms Agreement

This policy WILL include Terms. This is NOT scare you. This is to ensure that you have gone over at least the outline about your information. Being that I am detailing everything that’s on the screening form. So I feel that it’s very important for you to have read all this. This is also trying to cut out all the lieing that’s been going on. If you are going to lie or half ass fill out the form, (for example: put your first name in correctly, then for the rest of the names putting in your hobby name, THREE TIMES)…..UMMMM I HAVE TO ASK, WHY EVEN FUCKING BOTHER??? LOL uhhhh got me lost lmao…

It will state that by you agreeing to these terms that you have read and understand the policy, you understand how I deal with your information that you provide for the screening and the procedures that I take to ensure security. It will also state that by you agreeing, the information you have provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge. AGAIN, Im gonna state, THIS IS TO CUT OUT ALL THE LIEING ON THE SCREENING. IF YOUR GONNA LIE OR NOT FILL IT CORRECTLY, PLEASE DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO FILL IT OUT.

Let’s NOT forget, this will also have that you agree that any gifted donations are for my time ONLY. That whatever happens during our date, is strictly between two consenting adults (or however many adults there may be lol) I need to read up more on that to make sure the wording is correct. I wouldn’t worry about that, I’m a dick-o-holic, that loves sucking dick! lmao So I mean, you should already know! lol

If you want to take a peak of what I have done so far, here’s the link to the policy:

Self Made Encrypted Forms

ALL forms I make on my own, through JotForm. They are ALL encrypted! And they are ALL legally binding. I have had to do EXTENSIVE amount of research to ensure that I am doing this correctly. Have gone through alot of anxiety about all these forms also. lol I don’t even use templets. I tried to use a privacy policy templet the other day, all that did was throw me off. lol So, instead I’m using it as a reference. The only forms that I have not made is the forms that are on the website, the cookie policies and privacy statements that are done by I had bought the whole “suite” from them for the year. They have a set wizard to help with all the legalities and keeps it updated with letting me know of any changes that have been made with cookies and such. So that I can keep updated. This was ensure that I was compliant within the GDPR laws. Mind you, JotForm says it only takes 2 minutes to make a form. But that doesn’t include trying to figure out how you want to do your form. lol That part, just may take a while lol. The new booking form, that took me 3 days to make. With going back and forth with everything. So, this in itself, is very time consuming.

Decrypting The Forms

Welllll, (and that’s a deep subject lol) at the moment, I can NOT decrypt any of the forms. Yes….I know…lol I’m fucked, and NOT in a good way lol. The other day I had no choice but clear all of my site data and cookies that I had on my browsers. That fucked up alot of shit. lol well, that means that I need to make new API Keys for the forms. Being that I have done EVERYTHING by just playing around with stuff and by chance figuring things out, I don’t remember how I did this the first time around. It’s all that coding shit that I’m now calling it LMAO. So Until I can get this figured out, make new keys, and announce that I have fixed this issue, Please just send your information that I require for the screening to my protonmail account, as it’s also encrypted.

Where Did The Website Go?”

I know that’s the question that everyone has been wondering about. Well, I had got shut down AGAIN. Once I had to go to support, that was alll she wrote. This is more explained in detail in one of my personal writings. Since then.,….

Finding The “Right” Webhost

Once the site was shut down again, needless to say, I was in a total panic! But I didn’t just the gun and throw another one up. I did EXTENSIVE research this time around. I read all the Terms of Use on all of them. I needed a host that allowed adult content, and I was looking for and HOPING that I could find one that was offshore, and something I could be able to see porn content on. Everywhere I looked, they were hosted here in the states and for one reason or another did not suite what I was looking for. Until, by chance, I happened to find just THE PERFECT ONE!!!

Red Umbrella Hosting

Who is Red Umbrella? A sex worker who after Fosta did this for sex workers!! Just what we needed!!!! Had everything I was looking for!!! I was so excited after being so stressed, I was jumping for joy and so happy to be finding her as a host! And on top, she’s been absolutely wonderful!

Sex Worker Friendly, Porn Friendly, Dedicated server, Located off shore. More specifically mine is located in the Netherlands, the TLD is in Switzerland. And totally anonymous! I’m telling ya’ll, what A Godsend she is for doing this!!!!! Because there’s no other servers out there tailored just for these needs!!! She even got started on the site after I sent her everything, BEFORE I WAS ABLE TO PAY HER!!!! She fine tuned the site for me and was able to do everything that was needed from the back up I personally had downloaded on my computer. I was smart on that one, having an outsite source to do my back ups, daily. Some may say that she’s a little more expensive than they are used to, but for me, SECURITY IS EVERYTHING!!! If you want to find out more about Red Umbrella, here’s the link:

Securing The Website

After this last go around being a VERY hard lesson learned, I had no problem on boosting up security on the website. Red Umbrella had already installed a better security plug in on the site, and I made sure that when I got paid for the month, that I got the premium on it. So now, there are certain countaries that blocked, the brute force attacks, failed login attempts, all of it, It’s now, ALL bunkered the fuck down!! LMAO I have also taken other measures along and for security reasons, I’m just gonna keep it like as is. I can now say, WITH full confidence and being content to MY standards, that the site is fully secured!

Encryption All The Way Around

Your data is VERY sensitive and it needs to be treated as such!!! This is why, for one, I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANY PART OF THIS JOB!!! This is a major responisibilty legally, non adult oriented, and even more so because it’s adult oriented!

But it goes way deeper than that for me. It’s about being right, doing right, having a code of ethics, as well as living by the code of honor. This has always been very important to me! Giving you my word of honor that I will do everything that I can to protect everyone; This is what i stand for!!!

With that in mind, I keep EVERYTHING encrypted. All of my devices that I use is encrypted. My phone including my SD card, my laptop, my external hard drive are ALL ENCRYPTED!!!! I use NOT “.com.” I also would prefer and suggest using Signal or Wickr for IM’s and have both on my phone. I DO NOT USE ANY BIOMETERICS ON MY PHONE OR COMPUTER!!! Everything is password protected. I also Do NOT keep screening information or any information that I find while doing your screenings!!!

I Keep It Low

I do NOT have alot of traffic in and out of my place!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! This is why I never have done QV’s and all. That’s a HUGE No-No no matter what your doing!!! I don’t have anyone just come over, every day, all the time, in and out. There’s times where I may see anyone for over a week. And it’s not everyday either. And honestly, you just a friend that’s visiting, so why take any different. Why act like it’s anything else, than just a friend visiting…just so happens that friend just can’t help herself and has to have something to suck on…lmao …now do you see where I’m going with this????? There’s just too many of you that just don’t know how to just act right! lol I’m hoping that you just caught on to this. lol So, when I say that I’m literally working ALL THE TIME on this computer, I MEAN JUST THAT! LOL

To Sum it all up, Safety and Security is ALWAYS on my mind!!! So, if there’s other things or ways that I can go about ensuring that I may notice or if I question anyone’s screening, then I won’t do it, I’ll “shut shop down” in a heartbeat. If I get a feeling, then it’s a no-go! Just what I deem necessary to take in order to ensure EVERYONE’S SAFETY, SCREENING IS NOT JUST ABOUT MY SAFETY, IT’S ABOUT YOUR’S ALSO! Once i ok you to be “in MY cicle,” your for the most secure. I say that due to anything that I may not be able to control. But I do everything in my power to do so. I hope that by me breaking it all down and letting you know that I DO CARE about everyones safety. That this ease’s alot of your worries….

In Other Happening’s

Literally FIVE Websites In ONE Year!!!

Man, I swear, it seems like a million years ago for me. (which is the reason why I say that if we haven’t kept in touch on a regular basis, please don’t expect me to remember you.) So much has happened this year for me. To look on everything, WOW! It’s so unreal what all I’ve gone through in one year. Just for a small clue, It was Labor Day Weekend Last Year that I had announced my very first website “” Since that site, I’ve had “” which has been my back up site. lol I’ve had “” By the way, I still own THAT domain, I paid 2 years for that domain. And now, you can count “’ as twice. Yes, all the pages are up and everything looks for the most part, like it’s all done from your end of things. But I can tell you, the “guts” or “back-end” of the site, I’m literally doing all over again!!!! It was by sheer using my smarts and having a back up that anything was saved to bring over to this host!!! But I can tell ya, i do have my work cut out for me now, when it comes to this site!

So, just to let everyone know, if you don’t see any changes evey day that seems to be what everyone expects. Believe me, I’m definitely NOT sitting idle with nothing to do!!!!! I’m not going there, it’s just THAT DAMN MUCH FOR ME THAT I HAVE TO DO!!! which brings me to…..

As A Reminder

Sept 1st Rates do go up by $20. I will still be dealing with the corporation business. So I’m just gonna add those links in here as references:

PSA: About The Rate Increase:

August Happenings: Getting You Prepared:

Website Updates:

New Texas State Laws To Be Aware Of

Need to be aware, These sex crimes carry stiff felony Charges

Please Have a Safe Labor Day Weekend and keep Florida in your prayers please

much love


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