“There’s a certain appreciation when it comes to enjoying an older woman…like a good Bourbon..”

.should be sipped slowly to enjoy the body, flavor and smoothness…it should be savored or you’ll miss the best part! “

A mature women requires a dedicated approach. She knows what she wants. You have to be ready to meet her needs and she will meet yours.

It’s NOT what we do that makes THE experience….

From Mild….

Especially during this time we all need human contact……it’s a basic human need. So for me, it really doesn’t matter what we do…I can go from the mildest….just laying quietly cuddling together, chilling out on the couch with pop corn and a movie, drinking coffee together, or a home cooked dinner by candle light…..

……And Everything In Between…..

It’s THE Experience Itself, That Makes THE Experience!!

….To Wild…

….To The Wildest….anything from getting really nasty while riding in the wind…Dinner and Dancing, (I have a passion for dancing), swinging parties, Comedy Clubs, Tracker Pulls, Gun Shows, Wrestling,(yesss, I’ve always been ‘one of the guys”…ummm with tits lol) …..

…to doing things like….going to the basketball game…and having great wild sex in EVERY family bathroom in that stadium…to even picking up a stranger at Megaplex and having a 3 sum (when I was staying out in NE) ….bringing fantasies into life (yessss I’m Just FULL OF SURPRISES ain’t I? lol Ya’ll don’t wanna find out about my surprises though…oh well lol)

Disclaimer: YESSSS I do believe in trying to make fantasies into realities..And when it comes to fantasizing about things, I’m down with it…BUT there’s just one or two in there….ya just don’t cross that line…that’s all

“The More, The Merrier” 

Que les bons moments roulent a” ( Cajun “For Let The Good Times Roll”)

Good Friends, Good Food, Great Sex = Good Times!!!

To be uninhibited, open-minded and free-spirited has always been my very nature. Having embraced my sexuality, believing that fantasies are to fulfilled and having a taste for variety, all of which, contributed to many great adventures and experiences along the way. 

A “Few” of My Experiences

  • Bisexual/30 yrs: I’ve always loved the sensuous touch of a woman, I don’t know why but I especially love being with a woman when it’s their first time. I believe maybe It has something to do with the tenderness and care that should to be taken for a Woman’s First Experience.
  • Swinger/32 yrs: Full Swap, Sharing, Orgies, Gang Bangs (most 15 BBC), Swinger’s Clubs, MMF, MFM, FFF, FFM, Groups, Bachelor Parties, Road Head, Public Play, A Voyeur and an Exhibitionist
  • BDSM “LIfestyle”/30 yrs: (meaning I live it, not wanna be/pretend) I am a TRUE submissive/masochcist. My training was VERY intense within the Old Guard Ways, Been collared with the Training Collar 3 times, the last Ownership going into Full Ownership with the Full Slave/Steel Collar, was also registered through The Slave Registry, having a “slave number”? (slave positions, Obediance Training, Wax Play, Stretching , Orgasm Control, Cumming on Command (by touch, look, AND hand signals), TPE, Age Play, Anal Training, Humiliation, Body Worship, Ball Gags, Ashpiyxiation Play, Electric Play(Tens Units, Butt Plugs), Water Sports,Wartenberg Wheel, Cupping, (pretty much every aspect of BDSM (B/D, D/s, S/M, M/s) BDSM Clubs (Including Munches) Just to name a few… 

“The Oral Specialist….”Specializing in All Oral Talents”… 

By the use of my senses, I take notice of everything..,By listening..the way your breathing changes, how you moan. Through touch…feeling your muscles as the tighten at the height of passion, then relaxing with release. By smell…Taking in your natural scent and how with each phase of desire it changes ever so slightly. The way you taste, From the succulent taste of your sweat to the salty taste of your seed…. 

This allows me the ability to anticipate your needs and wants, I am able to literally get in tune with you, reaching down deep, grabbing your inner most deepest desires, those dark primal desires that stay locked up and hidden, setting them free, even if it’s just for those few moments…That’s what I’m after..I feed off from those deepest desires and wants. With my pleasure deriving from your pleasure. knowing that I have touched your inner life force and literally leaving you totally spent and paralyzed, Upon seeing that half-crooked wicked smile form as you try to regain your composure, is EXACTLY what pleases me.

Sensuous Oral Worship Sessions

I wanted to offer the worship sessions for more my greed 🙂 I enjoy passionately worshiping someone and I missed being able to do this, as well as to help with not feeling so ‘rushed.” Sessions are for Sensual Oral Body Worship for You in Half Hour ONLY . Now offering “Worshiping Packages” for more options for you.

“Up To 20 Mins”: DFK, LFK, BBBJ, BJ, CBJ, DT, No Gag, COF, COB, CIM, Swallowing, with a DAYMN GOOD Skull Fucking ALWAYS being welcomed!!! 

Worship Sessions: In Addition To Above Listed, FBSM, Cock and Ball Worship, Tongue Bath, Rimming

Worship Sessions Offered

  • “Up To 20 Mins”
    • For those that are short on time is still offered
  • Sensuous Oral Worship
    • Half Hour Session
  • Sensuous Oral Worship Package 1
    • 2 Half Hour Worship Sessions
  • Sensuous Oral Worship Package 2
    • 3 Half Hour Worship Sessions
  • Sensuous Oral Worship Package 3
    • 5 Half Hour Worship Sessions

Notice: The Packages are for separate sessions and are not to be combined into one session.

“Seeing You Pleased, Knowing That Your Pleased….Is What Truly Pleases Me” 

The Total GFE and PSE Experience

Can Include But Not Limited To: All The Above, Body Worshiping, Cock and Ball Worshiping, MSOG, Rimming (Giving and Receiving), Daty, Russian, Breast Play, BBJ (Bottomless Blowjob), FIV (Or multiple FIV), Masturbation, Mutual Masturbation, Toy/Dildo Play, Food Play, Covered Italian, CFS, 69, Face Sitting, HJ, Erotic, Sensual Body Massage, FOV, Snowballing, Prostate Massage, Voyeur and Exhibitionist Request, Tea Bagging, Multiple Positions (K9, Mish, Etc.) Etc.… 

GFE and PSE Experience Offered

  • Half Hour Sessions
  • Hour Sessions
  • 90 Minutes Sessions
  • 2 Hour Sessions
  • 3 Hour Sessions Get An Extra Hour On Me

Notice: If you have any questions, concerns or requests make sure to use the comment section on the screening form. Doing it this way, allows you to have your voice with still ensuring things are on the cool side, if you know what I mean.

As Eccentric of a person as I am, always seeing beauty in uniqueness and individuailty. I openingly welcome diversity

“Variety IS The Spice Of Life”

Transgender, Bi Sexual Men and Women, Bi Curious Men and Women, Any Race, Cross Dressers, First Timers, person’s with disadvantages (handicaps), Cut or Uncut, Ages from 18 through….?? (there’s no age restrictions. Just restrictions on behavior) Etc.… 

About Your Manhood

I understand that for men, the size of your manhood is very important to you and that it gives you great pride to show off your manhood. Please understand, that for one, the size of your manhood is not important to me. Also, for me personally, I’ve seen so many in my lifetime, that they all look the same to me. It starts to become blurry. So it does not impress me to “show off” your manhood to me in any kind of way. It’s a turn off for me. So I ask you to please refrain from “showing off” your manhood, let’s keep that for the “right” timing. 

On Hygiene

Having good hygiene is VERY IMPORTANT. Please make sure you shower before arriving. And If you need to shower here, I surely don’t mind. Please no powders, colognes, or any other “smelly goods,” as I call them lol, on your lower areas. I don’t want the taste of these in my mouth. Thank You. 

Group Play: Offered With Hr Visits Or Longer

MFM, FFM, MMF, Roman, Gang Bangs, FFF, Orgies, Couples 

Group Events and/or Outings

Bachelor Parties, Swinger’s Clubs, BDSM Clubs, Bike Rides, Runs and Rally’s, Barhopping/Pub Crawling, Movies Dates, Family Event Companionship, City Touring/Sight Seeing, Shopping Companion, Nightlife Companion, Dinner Dates, Clubbing (General), Corporate Event Companionship, Private Companionship ( tete -a-tete), Modeling, Sporting Event, Body Rub/Massage, Concerts/Festivals, Comedy Clubs

Truck Drivers Are Welcomed

Truckers, you have a place to park your trucks. If there is no room in my parking lot, you will be able to park right next door at the store with no problems at all. Safety is NOT an issue either way. I also offer and extend a “home” shower for you instead of worrying about going to a stop to take one. Just let me know when booking and I will make sure I get you all set up for a good shower here!

Traveling To You

For those of you, more specifically on Twitter and on OurHome2 that keep asking about my traveling to Dallas, Houston, and Austin. I keep getting this question constantly, and I’m continually giving the same answer. So, I felt the need to put it here.

Am I open to it? Well sure, of course I am! UNDER THE RIGHT CONDITIONS! I can not risk the Company Headquarters, my permanent in call and my home which is all one place, just to go on a wild good chase. Deposits have to be made and things have to go accordingly.

BDSM And Fetishes

The possibilities are almost limitless with me. From Role Playing to any number of fetishes…I’m not even gonna try to start listing anything with some many possibilities. I will say, the more that I get to know you, the more open I am gonna be to share the deeper darker sides of me when it comes to the kink lifestyle.

My Personal Fantasies that have not been fulfilled yet, but actively seeking to fulfill have been a Glory Hole and a Bukkake (the Bukkake I do wanna take that up a notch, adding Watersports), One day would love to experience Fire Play

Please Note: This is ONLY for Dominants that’s looking for a submissive. I will NOT take on any Dominant role. With that being said, I love kink. as long as I’m not in a Dominant role, we can do kink all day long lol

Amentities Are Always On Hand and Offered 

Shower, Bleached towels and wash clothes, choice of two Men’s Body Wash, Men’s Shampoo, Men’s Body Lotion, Mouthwash, Dial Soap (request for something to be kept here is welcomed) 

Services NOT Offered Include

Anything Deemed As UNSAFE Practices, BBFS, SS (Slippery Slide), Dirty Talk, (Sorry guys, “Speech is a form of experiencing” is not in my submissive nature, though asking me questions does help, but to initiate Dirty Talk…I just can’t lol) Any FemDom (Domme’ or Switch) Services (again I’m a TRUE submissive, this is NOT in my nature), Cream Pies, Greek (That’s for personal) Car Dates, Out Calls, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE THAT HAS NOT BEEN SCREENED AND WANTING AND EXPECTING “RIGHT NOW” Haggling, Bartering

Other Services Not Offered At The Moment

Until I can get the company going, which will be 90 days AFTER I file the paperwork for the “Corporation” I can NOT offer Sexting, Camming, or Phone Services. Please understand that these are NOT my “strong suites” as far as other services to offer you; though I am willing to try and learn them. They all have a certain “art” about them and how they are done. Also, please understand that there legalities for each of these services that need to be taken into consideration.

Hard Limits Are 

Needles, Scat Play, Enemas, Vomit, Blood, Permanent Markings, My Feet, tickling Absolutely NO MINORS

Due to my back disabilities, I do not offer being on top, though at times I “may try” to push myself, Depending on my Physical Condition. This being the only thing that my back limits me being able to do.

Disclaimer: Services Offered But Are NOT Limited To, And Are ALWAYS Subject To Change Depending On Any Spontaneous Notion That May Stake Me At Any Given Time. All Of Which Does NOT Leave Any Opening For Anyone Else BUT ME.(whew! lol I’m trying to make sure that I cover all grounds so that no one will get things twisted but will allow for me to be me), All Of Which Is Offered With Half Hour Visits And Longer

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