Signs and Symptoms of a Physic Vampire Attack

Last year I found this article When I needed it the most! From this article, I have copied and pasted the 10 signs that she has in article and what I’ve done is added what my expressions were with each sign and symptom that I read over. I’m also adding while it’s fresh for me because I’m still going through everything from yesterday, I’ve added what I’ve personally noticed from going through contact feedings, especially sexualy contact feeding.

Finding yourself being the victim of a physic vampire attack or energy attack it’s difficult to process for alot of people. It can be very confusing for someone that doesn’t have any clue of what happened to them all of sudden. And it’s also a very distrubing experience to go through. Alot of times, you are not aware of these attacks, then when you do become aware of something “weird” going on and happening to you. Often times, it’s way too late. It’s already been done. For the victims, it can take a bad toll on you. And from what I’ve noticed, alot of people don’t even realize that they are stealing someone’s energy. But then, again, I’d say that’s about half and half, because they are plenty that are aware of exactly what they are doing, and the ways that they can go about it. It’s always best to just be aware of these signs and symptoms. Especially for those that are empaths, it can be even more harmful to an empath. Which is from my personal experiences.

I’ve written an in-depth article on physic vampires and the different ways they feed. But to quickly highlight what a physic vampire is, I personally call them the “walking dead.” They have to feed on the souls of others for their souls to stay alive. If for some reason all of a sudden, just totally out of the blue you are faced with an unexpected negative response from someone and this has rubbed off onto you, making you instantly angry and upset also, of you find yourself instantly so tired you feel like you just can’t go anymore. You have probably found yourself of being the victim of someone either directing negative energy toward you or feeding from your energy.

Negative energy or low energy is anything less than being happy. Comes in the forms of worry, doubt, fear, sadness, anger. It can be come from a person’s words, thoughts, behaviours, attitudes, emotions. Anything that’s not of any positive nature. Also as an empath, I can hear the energy vibration, and I’ve noticed that there’s a “low bass thud” vibration that I can pick up on.

It can make you feel “out of sorts,” confused, ungrounded, like the floor or ground has shifted under your feet. Make you feel like there’s a black cloud just hanging over you all the time. Can even feel like you’ve had a curse put on you, especially over a long period of time.

If you have a job like say as a bartender or as a counsler for example where you are dealing with people with low energy or crowds the probablities of you finding yourself as a victim is very high. And for those of us that are sex workers, it’s even more so.

These attacks can happen in person, on the phone, on the internet, especially social media, which seems to be a breeding ground for physic vampires to find victims to feed on and steal your engery, and it can happen far away by tendril feedings. Here’s the ten signs that I had found in the article listed above with my reactions:

1. Coughing or choking on seemingly nothing in particular (YESSS JUST OUT OF THE BLUE)


3. A throbbing headache or even symptoms of a migraine (I STAY WITH ONE, A MIGRAINE, ALL THE TIME!!!!)

4. Constant feelings of guilt, anxiety, or worry eating away at you all through out the day (WELL WE CAN TELL THAT IT DOES ON SOCIAL MEDIA LOL)

5. Having a sudden feeling of disoriention or feeling out of sync. (Ive had ALOT OF THIS LATELY!!!)

6. Difficulty in breathing or a tight feeling in your chest (YESSSS THOUGHT IT WAS A SMALL HEART ATTACK, DOWN TO THE BELCHING WITH “THAT” TASTE AFTER YOU HAVE ONE!!!!)

7. Feeling stomach cramps or nasuea (YESSSS!!!!! EVEN BEING GASEY)


9. Feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders (OMG YESSS YESSSSS YESSS YESSS)

10. Suddenly feeling angry or on edge for no apparent reason. (thought it was the “overload” feeling ive would have, it was but this part of it)

Signs and Symptoms of A Sexual Contact Feeding

I want to take this even farther though. Being that I’m a sex worker that is also an empath. With coming into contact with such a diverse group of people all the time, being in the public and more often than not, coming into contact with those that have keep a low energy or negative energy around them. It can be much more costly for any sex worker, and ESPECIALLY a sex worker that’s an empath.

Contact feeding is a very intimate way for vampire’s to feed. Whether it’s by the touch of a hand or just by brushing up against you. When that contact feeding is sexual in nature, the intimacy and urgency that is involved, for the victim, it then becomes very very costly. So I want to go over some of the things that I’ve noticed from experiencing this on several occasions;

It’s hard for me to try to explain this and can only be expressed from the way i’ve experienced so im not sure how this is gonna come out to sound lol…

  • I found with being ate out, I was “lapped” on, like a cat lapping up milk, really fast and quick tongue strokes, so fast it made my head start to spin, then i became really dizzy with a tingling senstation on the top of my head,
  • while sucking on my breast, like even if they say things like “i wish there was milk coming from your breast”, and it seems like they are starting to become almost like uncontrolable like, their sucking becomes more “firce-like” so much so that your nipples start to hurt and they keep just sucking fasting and harder, they may not be getting “physical” milk from the breast but they ARE feeding and getting “spiritual” milk from you
  • Trying to push them away, and find that they are tightening their grip around you, and your not able to push them away to stop
  • If you are trying to slow them down, they may slow down for a couple of “laps” but then start “slurping” profusely again, it’s so fast and just so fireceful that you find yourself not being able to think or to react any longer
  • if you more or less, “haven’t even gotten started yet” and you find yourself just not being able to stay up and awake and alert any longer from being “lapped on” or “slurped up”
  • Also while kissing, deep french kissing, and you seem to not be able to break away from the kissing, like your head is being held and your not allowed to push away to break that connection. like also, your tongue is being sucked on very forcefully

The Side Effects of Sexual Contact Feeding

From experience the longer that this goes on, the bigger the toll it takes on you. when the sex act is stopped, you’ll pass out without even moving. You will sleep for days on end. (and this is pretty hard for me to write on cause i’m still going through all of this, cause it happened on Valentines Day, and today is the 16th, so it’s emotional for me to write about)

If you, as a woman, have experienced this, very literally, your soul was sucked out of you. You will find yourself to be bloated and be very gasey. My stomach, even though it’s been two days now, I still look like I’m 9 months pregnant. Your left with nothing but air, So you’ll find yourself , feeling bloating and burping and farting all the time. Cause there’s nothing left but air. You’ll be in constant sweats, almost like you feel like your in menapause. You’ll feel like all of sudden your face is beat red like the heat will go like from your stomach and rise to your face really quickly making your skin on your arms and up to your face beat red, and you turn dizzy to where you have to grab onto something to be able to steady yourself

Also your energy force/soul,….your spirit is grasping for energy to survive. On Valentines Day night I had a girlfriend visit for a little while. And I started going through and feeling certain things that she had started to feel. It’s because my energy is needing to “feel” something to feel “alive”

Other Signs and Symptoms To Be Aware of

  • You often wake up after a full night’s sleep and you still feel tired.
  • You tend to have dark circles under your eyes without a profound explaination.
  • If you having weird dreams things that just don’t seem to make sense in a way, almost like you’ve been in a daze.
  • like with a tendril feeding, you’ve been drained so much so that you noticed your face becomes distorted very quickly. like within 15 mins and even more so within an hour and half, you find your face looks very sunk in
  • also you seem to all of sudden find yourself, as a woman, very very horny out of the blue, like you ask yourself “wow, where did THAT come from all of a sudden,” like that feeling comes over you so quickly and so firecly that you HAVE to stop whatever your doing, and take care of it

The Physical Damage That Can Be Caused Over Time

If you go through these things over time and not know what’s going on, or how to fix it or how to stop it from happening to you. Like what’s been in my case. With having to be in the public eye so much, and you don’t know where it’s coming from to stop it, it can cause you to be very desparate to get all of this to stop from happening. And the physical toll and damage that can happen, is very horrific. I know from my own personal experiences over the last couple of years now.

With the constant feeding, and draining from you, it’s causes you to age, your eyes to be sunk in and very aged looking. It has caused my face to be have red blotches that are very dry and scaley like. And it does hurt, with the only relief being me putting vaseline on my forehead and eyes to both soften my skin and to relieve it burning.

Also I now have tentitis in my left ear. So I now hear either like a squeaky wheel that needs WD-40, as funny as that sounds it still sux lol..or i hear like crickets in my ears.

These physical side effects that have happened over time, also does alot of mental and emotional damage to you. Especially when your face is messed up from these long periods of being attacked like this. It’s toll that it takes on every part of you, is goes so deep, that I can not put it into words. And then you feel very humilated and scared to talk to people, you don’t want for others to see your face. Especailly when going through stressful times and the red blotches become even more red. And your trying to hide the blotches with make up.

Having these signs and sympotms over time is very costly. And it’s been a very hard and difficult road for me to go through. These signs if you can catch them quickly, it would be more easier for a person to deal with. The longer it happens to you, the more damage in all ways that it will cause you. So I’m hoping that by sharing my experiences and what I found to be the signs and symptoms of long term physic feedings and attacks, that you can recognize them more quickly for what they really are. And shield yourself from these attacks happening to you.

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