Signs To look For When Attacked By Vampires/Demons

Now to try to explain to my readers what has started to happen what happened what has happened they do not have Twitter.

I’m Valentine’s day I’ve had a a fan long time fan bring me some items one was a 360 degree camera and during that time is when I got fed on unbeknownst to him and unbeknownst to me which is what I’ve been doing with all weekend long.

What happened is when there is some directed negative when there is negative energy directed at somebody like saying someone’s been cursed that energy you’re that demon that has been directed it’s going to lights on to anything that’s week are not strong in spirit so that it can get to the person that it’s been directed to that person that came in my home on Friday apparently is what this demon or this thing attached itself to to find its way in to me. Within two days time it has worked on me to keep me wheat without being able to get up all these nightmares he’s crazy weird dreams I’ve been having I’ve been falling asleep within seconds of being awake I can’t I haven’t been able to function right I’ve been on an emotional mess because well I was left with no Spirit left I was left with my body is just but air

Twhen I’m jumped up and realize would happen I realize there were other items that were brought into my home I jumped up and I throw everything out the door when I walked outside I felt like I was ungrounded my perception was wrong I felt like I had eyes all over me I felt paranoid schizophrenic actually when I came back I mean the ground was ungrounded I was walking crooked I couldn’t the the depth of my perception of when I was walking across the street of cars how close they were to me was really off walking back into my home and looking around there was pieces of paper that would not have normally been behind my couch that were there but I went to take a shower there was a black mark in the bottom of my tub that was to be that is a black hole that was to leave me ungrounded that was to desecrate my getting clean and the other is to big of an opening for them to come in where I get clean upon cleaning my home I found a mark on my door that was to cut an opening so they can come in my home unseen these things I’m speaking about or things that you need to be aware of when you’re being attacked or had a negative energy directed to yThe reasons

The reasons why discunt happening again it seems like when I start speaking about demons in the spiritual warfare and things speaking of truth that of course the demons do not want to be known I get attacked that is why I was attacked and had to go through the exorcism that I went through in Pennsylvania when you are strong and spirit dental like that and this is the reason why so I’m going to start journaling like I did last year and I’m going to start explaining why I went through and I’m going through again these things said that you can be aware of somebody sending negative energy to you or a curse has been put on you and what can happen and just how quick it can happen in the amount of time that it does I cannot speak of the things that I’m going through to take care of the business now if I do this would tell the demon how I’m going about things I cannot do that the things that I have to deal with when I’m being attacked.

Here’s what you don’t understand about today’s technology it is all the mark of the devil it is what I was explaining in my writing that I put out to Twitter the other day and haven’t put out to anybody else the things that I speak about maybe long then they lose your interest but they speak the truth they speak of knowledge and I speak on things that you need to know about be worried about just like this 360-degree camera that I did not like in my home that made me feel funny I did not like the fact that people could see all around my home when I want some things in my home quite a lot of things actually very private those eyes in today’s technology in people spying on you and shit that can happen in all this shit and you don’t think deeper than just the Earth in this physical realm and what’s really going on around you you better start looking quite a bit deeper if you can’t understand what I’m saying in the mark of the beast cuz it’s here I didn’t like that mark of the beast in my home it found its way into my home and it and like it and now look at what I’m dealing with and see you may not be dealing with it because you have not even recognize didn’t you had not confronted it when you do confront it this is this shit that’s going to start happening to you very much so and it happens every time I’ve confronted it in its fSo

If you go to wanting to face it and its face these are the kinds of things that goes on and you better be prepared cuz once you start this little war between you and it it’s not going to become so little anymore it’s going to become a big fight because that it has hold of your spirit and hold of your soul and we’ll that’s what this is all about in the end so it’s nothing personal it’s just a fight between God and the devil and how many souls the devil can grasp a hold of and it’s trickery and night just be aware it’s all I’m trying to say

Cuz I’m here to tell you this isn’t my first go-round this isn’t my second third fourth or fifth or even sixth I kind of lost count on how many go-arounds I’ve had with this demon called Lucifer who keeps wanting my soul. I guess when he kicked me out of hell when he cast me out and judge me he didn’t realize just what kind of soul I was going to have what kind of strength of is going to make me bein the light of God and I guess every since he realized just what kind of sold I’ve got now eat it regrets it inside their lives me fighting and going my round and round all my life with this demon called Lucifer that I call it

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