“The Gathering”

Through out my life they will come so fast that i can’t keep up with writing the words down as well as some times it’s can be a little difficult for me to understand exactly what I’m getting. When I received this message I was in the shower, so I jumped out with only a towel around me and did a voice recording of what I was getting.So this is the original messae as I was getting it. You can hear my frustrations as I’m trying to make out what I’m getting.

Second Version of the Message

To all enlightened ones all light beings
We are once again being called to stand up to prepare.
Take the rest of the time of the year of the god to rest and feast,
Endurance we will have to take on
The gathering has come
For the mother’s children are being called to take our positions
This message are for those of the enlightened to hear four and wide
Those that do not understand this message here, your eyes have been blinded
The mentoring time is now over
It’s time to gather the warriors
the armor of endurance will be your very protection

I received this message January 31, 2019 4:30am while I was taking a shower. It was the first time in a while that I had received any messages. Since I had received “The Keys To My Purpose” I had been mentoring others on a one-on-one basis. In this message it is told to me that the mentoring that I had been doing was done. And with that the Married Man that I had been mentoring was the last of my mentorship of others.

Since this message I have taken on EXCESSIVE Spiritual Warfare unlike no other that I have taken on in my life. This spiritual warfare has included humans as well. More specifically speaking, “it’s” foot soilders. Had it been just in the spiritual sense, it would not have been like it’s been. Not that spiritual warfare is easy. By no means is any of this easy to go through. But it IS something that I’ve undertaken through out my life. With each time being a preparation for the nex battle that was ahead of me that i was not aware of at that time.

The Conversation

This is a conversation between my Mentor and I. He haa been my Mentor for over 20 years now. It was Him that helped me through out the exorcism with te boyfriend I had in Pa. If it had not been for Him I would not had been able to make it out of that time. I had not talked with Him in a while and He had text to check in to ask if I was ok. This is when I had told Him about the message that I had received.

Prophecy of False Gods

It was during the conversation above that He had brought up about the False Gods and superheroes. When the quarantine happened in March 2020, I noticed that The Bill Myer Show on HBO had made his audience out to be in the times of the 50’s. I knew this was to be part of the “programming” that is being done without anyone realizing what is REALLY going on.

Also every weekend on TNT, they have been showing movies that has to do with having to do with superheroes, robots and/or futuristic. So does TBS. Movies like Star Wars (even though they are classics), or the Transformer Series. Any movies that have to do with the future of spsce ships and the chips to pay for drinks in the bars, so forth so on. All of this is part of the programming to ready us believing in the Second Coming of Jesus that WILL NOT BE JESUS’ that so many will believe that is Jesus.

Miracles will be performed just like Jesus did to get everyone to believe that it REALLY is the Second Coming of Christ. All the miracles that the Bible gives accounts that Jesus had done, WILL BE MIMICKED. For example, when Jesus turned the water into wine. This will be “performed,” a show if you will, for all to believe that it is Jesus. But it will NOT be of wine. It will be of blood and mud instead. This will be offered for all to drink from. Those that drink from the cup and taste the blood and/or mud will have been lost and counted as a “number.”

Another miracle that will be mimicked will be when Jesus walked on water. Be warned though, when this miracle is “performed” it will NOT be water. It will be of quicksand.

The Prophecy of False God’s was further proven/shown to me when yet again it was “suggested” to me about needing to have an exorsism done last February/March. This time suggested by te married man that I had been seeing personally. With the first time that this was suggested to me by my own mother. When I went to the Diocese of San Antonio website to write to the Archbishop of San Antonio about what I have been enduring and what I knew of it all, at that point. The literature that the website offers talks of The Illuminati Bloodlines and False God’s. As well as The Mason’s being part of all of this (which I have read this in many other places as well,) Demonic Oppression along with Demonic Possession. The amount of requests for exorisms have been on the uprise and continue to be in uprise of demand.

To go further with this knowledge, my mother had worked for the Catholic Diocese for 17 years. When she “suggested” to me that I was in need of an exorism to be done on me (just a few short months before I done the one I did in Pennsylvania), I contacted the Priest that she had told me to contact. He had informed me that he was a retired priest that he would be present but would not be able to sign the paperwork once the exorism was done. That there would be a male priest and a female priest that would be doing the exoriscm. That there was a high demand of exoriscms needing to be done. I was also informed that I would need to let them know of every sexual partner that I have ever had as well as my need to RE-FORGIVE every one person that for me, I have already forgiven.

So that tells me two things, first the importance of forgiveness and not holding a grudge on anyone. To NOT hold any hatred and/or resentment. That by doing so is giving up my soul. With sex being another avenue of

Those that are “woke” meaning no longer having the veil over our eyes blinding us to all the trickery that has been taking place. That is now more forth right bluntly out in our faces than ever before since the turning point of Covid-19 seem to be more sensitive to noticing these things. For example, I can not handle hearing any robot sounds or voices. It freaks me out. I can not watch any of these kinds of movies at all. Because I am aware of what’s REALLY going on with this type of “programming” that is being done to prepare for this to come to ” light.”

I had stumbled across her website and was amazed that I found reference to what my Mentor had said.

Resource: The Opposite Side of Darkness: Types of Demons

False Gods are Fallen Angels: angels of God that chose to leave their places of authority in heaven to follow Lucifer in his rebellion against God.

  • Lucifer aka Satan: first fallen angel, leader of the Second Heaven and the Army of Hell, also known as the AntiChrist spirit
  • Baal: god of fertility, son of Dagon
  • Dagon: father of Baal, territorial spirit over all of Northern California
  • Jezebel: god of witchcraft and human seduction
  • Molech: god of human sacrifice, child sacrifice, the god of destruction
  • Leviathan: the spirit of pride, could also be the same as Lucifer
  • Asherah: fertility goddess, consort of Baal
  • Ashteroth
  • Beezelbub
  • Jupiter/Zeus
  • Mercury/Hermes
  • Ishtar/Queen of Heaven
  • Tammuz
  • Ostara
  • Isis
  • Osiris

These fallen angels are extremely powerful because we as humans are still actively making human sacrifices to them, giving them our family lines.

For a complete list of demons, ranks of demons, their names and meanings ONLY TO BE USED IN HAVING KNOWLEDGE FOR YOUR SAFETY, NEVER TO BE SPOKEN OUT LOUD!!! https://hellhorror.com/types-of-demons/

Psychological Warfare and Santanic Ritual Abuse

When I came across the website The Opposite Side of Darkness, I was researchin Santanic Ritual Abuse after FINALLY realizing what had been going on with me. Which in reality is the same exact thing that is now going on through out the world right now. And showing its prevalence more and more since Covid-19. That is the same exact methods that Hitler had used during the Second World War.

I bring all this to light fro my

Erasing The Past, allows History To Repeat Itself

The “Erasing of the Past” both of The Halocaust and Slavery has been a critical steps that has been taken for what is to come. To “erase the past” is to forget. That allows for history to EASILY vrepeat itself. Technically we are experiencing The Halocaust again but on a much larger scale. We are already doing human experiments with the Covid-19 vaccines. And after looking up The Tuskegee Experinment. We are literally only just an experiment for the Government. A puppet to be toyed with. When they started erasing the past of The Halocaust, that just allowed for it to happen again

Same goes with slavery. Why bring the statues down? What i mean by that is, that history is what brought you are today. YES, GET ANGRY, GET MAD, BUT YOU CAN NOT CHANGE YOUR ANCESTORS HISTORIES. Yes, we have come a long ways in this area of history. But then again, I myself have experienced my rights being taken away from me. I myself have been nothing but free slave labor JUST FOR OTHERS AMUSEMENT. So from my own personal experiences, we have only traded one people to another people to be slaves.

Spiritual Message : Karma Cleanse

Stated on Twitter 2-29-2019

I knew from the time that I had gotten these two messages, that I was supposed to start with these two. So, this is where I’m starting.

My children have you thought I have left you a stray
Just because my presence hasn’t been known
I have stood and waited on time in the corners watching as a darkness grows
It is now time to call out again but this needs to be heard far and wide
Listen to our friend through her I am
May your hearts become pure, cleanse with water
Let the fire in your soul renew and become again
Let the air carry you and carry pure thoughts to you and from you
And by the Earth ground in me
Akasha, your souls will return

Hear the words I speak I beg my children far and wide
The pain I see, the pain I feel
It’s so great to bear
Purge and cleanse your ways
Walk in the light but never
Think I have led you astray
Because I am walking with you, guiding you through the way
For this has been said, this is to be in known

Second Spiritual Message 2: Karma Cleanse

My children born why did you think that I would not send a messenger not to be believed
Did you think I was going to send messages without instructions on how to do so
Believed to be what is me
For these are the last words of this message to be said
with these last words these last pictures I fill,
Cleanse your soul cleanse your heart
First steps to cleanse
Purge what what you been
To bring a new
These words I fill, these words I bring to you
These words I say ,these words to be

Spiritual Message 3: Those Who Choose To Live Wickedly

Spiritual message March 6, 2019 sent on Twitter
those who choose to live wickedly and wicked ways will only gain wickedness it is only by living
by the rules of the universe that you will gain that of which it’s most important
Walk in the light
Clean your souls
Live by the laws of the universe

Vision: Spreading The Word in the Marketplace

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