Spiritual Messages: “The Gathering”

“the Gathering”

Throughout my life I’ve gotten these “messages.” Sometimes they will come so fast that I can’t keep up with writing the words down. As well as sometimes it can be a little difficult for me to understand exactly what I’m getting. When I received this message I was in the shower. I jumped out with only a towel around me and did a voice recording of what I was getting. So this is the original message of it. You can hear my frustrations as I’m trying to make out the words.

Second Version of the Message

To all enlightened ones, all light beings
We are once again being called to stand up to prepare.
Take the rest of the time of the year of the god to rest and feast,
Endurance we will have to take on
The gathering has come
For the mother’s children are being called to take our positions
This message are for those of the enlightened to hear far and wide
Those that do not understand this message here, your eyes have been blinded
The mentoring time is now over
It’s time to gather the warriors
the armor of endurance will be your very protection

I received this message January 31, 2019 4:35 am. It was the first time in a while that I had received any messages. Since I had received “The Keys To My Purpose” I had been mentoring others on a one-on-one basis. In this message it is told to me that the time of mentoring has come to an end. And with that the Married Man that I had been mentoring was the last of my mentorship of others.

Since this message I have taken on EXCESSIVE Spiritual Warfare unlike no other that I have taken on in my life. This spiritual warfare has included humans as well. More specifically speaking, “it’s” foot soldiers. Had it been just in the spiritual sense, it would not have been like it’s been. Not that spiritual warfare is easy. By no means is any of this easy to go through. But it IS something that I’ve undertaken throughout my life. With each time being a preparation for the next battle that was ahead of me that i was not aware of at that time.

The Conversation

This is a conversation between my Mentor and me. He has been my Mentor for over 20 years now. It was Him that helped me throughout the exorcism with the boyfriend I had in Pa. If it had not been for Him I would not had been able to make it out of that time. I had not talked with Him in a while and He had text to check in to ask if I was ok. This is when I had told Him about the message that I had received. BTW, The “patches” on my eyes that I was talking about in this conversation, I now KNOW that this was the beginning of EMF Radiation I had started going through. The burn patches on my face in directly from being targeted of “microwaving” or “EMF’s ‘Electromagnetic Frequencies’…..or in PLAIN ENGLISH…RADIATION BURNS

Prophecy of False Gods

It was during the conversation above that He had brought up about the False Gods and superheroes. When the quarantine happened in March 2020, I noticed that The Bill Myer Show on HBO had made his audience out to be in the times of the 50’s. I knew this was to be part of the “programming” that is being done without anyone realizing what is REALLY going on.

Also every weekend on TNT, they have been showing movies that has to do with having to do with superheroes, robots and/or futuristic. So does TBS. Movies like Star Wars (even though they are classics), or the Transformer Series. Any movies that have to do with the future of spaceships and the chips to pay for drinks in the bars, so forth so on. All of this is part of the programming to ready us believing in the Second Coming of Jesus that WILL NOT BE JESUS’ that so many will believe that is Jesus.

Resource: The Opposite Side of Darkness: Types of Demons

I had stumbled across her website and was amazed that I found reference to what my Mentor had said.


False Gods are Fallen Angels: angels of God that chose to leave their places of authority in heaven to follow Lucifer in his rebellion against God.

  • Lucifer aka Satan: first fallen angel, leader of the Second Heaven and the Army of Hell, also known as the Antichrist spirit
  • Baal: god of fertility, son of Dagon
  • Dagon: father of Baal, territorial spirit over all of Northern California
  • Jezebel: god of witchcraft and human seduction
  • Molech: god of human sacrifice, child sacrifice, the god of destruction
  • Leviathan: the spirit of pride, could also be the same as Lucifer
  • Asherah: fertility goddess, consort of Baal
  • Ashtaroth
  • Beelzebub
  • Jupiter/Zeus
  • Mercury/Hermes
  • Ishtar/Queen of Heaven
  • Tammuz
  • Ostara
  • Isis
  • Osiris

These fallen angels are extremely powerful because we as humans are still actively making human sacrifices to them, giving them our family lines.

For a complete list of demons, ranks of demons, their names, and meanings ONLY TO BE USED IN HAVING KNOWLEDGE FOR YOUR SAFETY, NEVER TO BE SPOKEN OUT LOUD!!! https://hellhorror.com/types-of-demons/

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