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7-12-19 I wrote this 7 months ago, This is why I keep everything the same and never change any of my writitngs. It does help to be able to look back at reflect. and again today, I want to do something constructive but mindless, and every time I look at the dashboard to the site, my head starts to spin so i think im gonna focus on the blogs lol

NOTE: I’m writing this blog with promoting a very confident and healthy sex life, in mind. And is NOT to be taken out of context in any way.

Spirituality (not religion) Has always played a huge role with our sexuality. By its very nature, and beginning of time. The sexual drive to reproduction in humans is called “libido” meaning “life force”. It’s a very natural part of life.

Sex, Its the very drive and motivation in our every day lives, It’s what we get up for, it’s why we go to work, it’s the very reason behind everything that we do. From procreation being the very fundimental drive to understanding the hormonal changes that occur with having sex. With men, a lot of this is driven by testosterone. In women, the processes of sexual drive are a little more complex. With women, the vaginal walls start to lubricate. Hence, the importance of foreplay. Dopamine, the chemical in your brain that is released during sex in large amounts, is the called the pleasure chemical. This chemical is released when your eating your favorite food, gambling, anything that causes you pleasure, gives the same reaction.

When you start to understand sex in itself and learn what happens during the course of sex, to both the male and female, not just that you feel good, but literally everything that has to do with the act of sex. Is when you start to gain more understanding and is the start of having a healthy sex life.

But, I want to go farther than the basic “mechanics” of sex and the sex drive. Over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve been honored with a number of you that have valued my advise on sexuality. With a variety of concerns and questions. Out of everything that has been brought up to me, a few things became apparent to me, that I felt the importance of bringing up. I’d like to take this opportunity to do so.

For my followers that were primarly in their 20’s even late 20’s had two very big concerns for them. One topic had really started to concern me, as I really had not known or realized that there were a number of my followers that had been concerned if masterbation was “dirty”, something to be ashamed of or if you could masterbate too much…With actually working with a couple of my followers and encouraging masterbation. Being that it was not one or two that came to me about these concerns, I felt that there may be more of you out there, that may have these same concerns, and for one reason or the other, don’t know who to go to or how to ask anyone.

First, for young men in eighteen to mid 20’s even going into the later 20s, you are in your prime. It is normal for your sex drive to go thru the roof and want to have sex as well as masterbate continuously. If this none of this was happening, this is when I would suggest asking about it.

What I couldn’t get over is, at “this day and age” is the ones that came to me with expressions of guilt or feeling “dirty”, or shameful by the act of masterbation. Coming to me, telling me that by me expressing my sexuality openingly had gave them the courage to come to me and talk with me about all these things. On several occasions, asked how I had become to be so free and passionate about my sexuality.

So with this blog, I will begin to answer.( I have already written 4 or 5 other blogs that can be applied with this one blog. As with me, once again, things are taking a left turn and is ending up being something else i had not planned on with what I have already written lol) ..But here’s where I believe would be the best place to start to answering…….

I personally see the human body as an art form, as I view sex in the same way…as a art form. Sex is NOT something for anyone to be ashamed of. With the use of protection (safety ALWAYS FIRST) and respecting any and all boundaries, and not used as a tool, it is a very beautiful act to share with anyone (of legal consensual age giving consent) As long as all parties are in agreence, it’s not only an act of procreation, or act done out of our “need” for that Dopamine high, with reaching orgasm after orgasm. But in it’s very nature in itself, is very powerful. And my personal views on this, is something that should be shared by all. I need to add in here, That I started swinging when I was 15, that I am a very open person when it comes to relationships, and am all for open and poly relationships. But I also want to add, it’s whatever works for you or anyone else.

I have embraced my sexuality, a long time ago. And with the very act of me FULLY EMBRACING my sexuality, came such a freedom, that I really can’t seem to find the words in which I can express. So, How did I get to this point? What are the things that I did to be able to embrace who I am sexually and feel the confidence I have within myself? First, for me, sex has seemed to come naturally…since 7, i wont go any farther…but thinking back, i can remeber masterbating on my 8th birthday, not knowing exactly what it was, just knew it felt good. lol…so i’ve ALWAYS been sexual, can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a very sexual person..(shrugs) lol


The Next step is to ACCEPT YOUR SEXUALITY, NOT TO DENY WHO YOU REALLY ARE. This is FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU. No one else should come to mind when this is done. NO ONE BUT YOU. To “embrace” is to ACCEPT that these things that you feel, whether its of a bi nature, a gay nature, or whatever, it doesn’t matter. THIS IS YOU and WHO YOU ARE! In order to accept and not to deny…IS TO STOP JUDGEMENT ON YOURSELF AND OTHERS. (see above, the first step)

These two things espcially when your changing old habits, can be very hard to do…my next blogs i will share my experiences with this and how i did this…I want to say, for me personally, embracing my sexuality was much much easier for me to do than it was to embrace “me”, all of me….

With these first steps Embracing your sexuality, is to “KNOW ONESELF”, When you know EXACTLY who you are, and it NOT matter what the hell anyone else may think, is when you start to feel, know and “understand” True Empowerment. “Self-empowerment” is what you will feel. With feeling and having empowerment of YOURSELF is waaay deeper and a MUCH better gratitication than that one may feel when passing judgement onto someone in order to “feel as though” they have empowerment. Are you curious to know the difference between the two…“TRUE Self Empowerment” and “FALSE Self Empowerment”? …..There’s NOTHING like that natural “FUCK YEA I DID!” feeling that Dopamine High….That Rush! That “Feel Good” Rush, I talk about it, the rush I get when I’m getting dressed for someone…That shit is addictiveeee AF!!!! ….”False Self Empowerment” dont get that rush. To compare, “False Self Empowerment” Get “Yea, i feel good, i made that person feel like shit, so…hmm..yeaa i feel better” …HUGE difference between the two, which one would you want…me? that’s exactly part of my sex addiction…Hands Down, I want that Dopamine Feel Good Rush!

Also, when you get to “know oneself”, who you are inside and out, you start to see life differently, you start understand “life”, you will have a better understanding about “life” which with all this, leads you to have a better understanding about your partner(s). When you know youself, your perception changes, you start to rely on your senses more…at this point your REALLY CLOSE to “FULLY” UNDERSTANDING what True Self Empowerment is, you start to knowing what passion is and can be used for and the abilities that you have with this.The abilities of pleasing your partner, and the pleasure that you will derive from it all and how to control all of this…..

…….Here…here is where you have the choice to stop ….or if you have a thirst for more, like I did…you can choice to go farther…if you want to know what’s over the “EDGE” that I’ve spoken about. Are you content where you are? Or will you get curious enough to start looking around and try to find any way to figure what’s on the other side, but without having to literally go over that edge???? hmmmm only you can decide…but here’s what I found….

Spirituality….yep I finally got to this point…With Spritiuailty, comes “Enlightenment”, A higher level of consciousness,(your crown chakra, ‘subconsious’) comes a MUCH DEEPER understanding about energy, about the universe, about how all of the universe vibrates on frequency levels. With this understanding about energy is when you start to be able to GRASP the TRUE POWER IN SHARING ENERGY DURING SEX. When you start to understand how you can literally change the energy fields by the simplest most easiest way of just the blink of an eye, a movement, anything, when you begin to learn how to become ONE with your partner, when skin has no meaning, how you can pass through the outerbody and literally melt into your partners body and BECOME ONE WITH YOUR PARTNER, When you are One, touching soul to soul…that “Powerful Shared Energy” becoming ONE…..is when you have literally reached depths of your sexuality that i guess for lack of better words maybe, is like a piece of Heaven. That doesn’t even do it justice. The passion and fire that each one of you feel from me, this is it…with you feeling it from me on that end…how do you think it would literally be feeling on my end???

So as I’ve literally in my own words gone through and told you the steps to take to have TOTAL SEXUAL FREEDOM, EMBRACING WHO YOU ARE, YOU VERY BEING, WITH EVERY BIT OF YOU, EMBRACING YOUR SEXUALITY, i know you are asking, how can this be done…im sure a good many of you are wondering if it involves anything to do with work, therefore working it….pleeeasseee…anything that is very easily gained, is NOT WORTH the very tards in the toilet you shit! lmao flush it, you won’t get nothing from it lmao…..(all of yall seem to be enjoying my 17 years of dedication and studies, so I mustve done something right! lol)

You gotta work at it, gotta earn it, but I’ll tell you what you will have gained, Through this process, you will gain knowledge, wisdom and enlightment that all the gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and cash in this world will never equal up to. and guess what?!!!? NO BODY CAN TAKE THIS AWAY FROM YOU EVERRRRR!!!! You WILL THEN POSSES THE TRUEST FORM OF SELF EMPOWERMENT EVER IMAGINED!

But, heed this warning…as with any position you hold with your job….with each promotion that you get in your job, yes makes more money, but it is also…has a greater responsibility….The secrets at this point of having possession of, needs and is to be taken wisely. cuz no matter what you believe, the universe has its own laws….

“An It Harm None, Do What Ye Will”

“Ever Mind The Law Of Three, What You Send Out Comes Back To Thee”

Signed:Michelle DBA MsRogueSA


5:07 AM

Blogs “Can’t See Till You Can See Parts 1-3” next

(ps, I wonder if anyone has figured out why I use colors so much, speicificly Indigo Blue???hehehe)

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