stop dumping your drama on me

I swear to God every time I turn around this fucking website and this job it’s nothing but a fucking money pit every time I turn around this shit is just straight up costing me money. not to mention that every time I turn around I’ve got some motherfucker trying to fuck with me and I’ve got to clean up some motherfuckers ass from other drama that they drop on me and shovel to me. if it’s not one motherfucker it’s 10 others I spend all of my fucking time doing nothing but cleaning up other people’s shit that they leave for me to clean up just like with this website issue and this fucking Microsoft issue every time I turn around is somebody’s drama that I’m fucking dealing with not my own cuz I don’t have any drama The only drama I have is fucking you people I’m so fucking frustrated agitated aggravated annoyed fucking pissed off upset everything that all I am doing I can’t ever get the fuck ahead because all I have is mother fucking bullshit from God damn men that leave me their drama. it’s either playing head games it’s either fucking manipulation it’s either fucking lying it’s either it’s always something with you men always I’m so fucking sick of it.

why the fuck can’t you just be a customer and not have to manipulate shit and fucking lie and play head games why can’t you just fill the fucking form out come in get your fucking rocks off and fucking leave and leave my fucking life out of your shit.

I’m not here to fucking deal with your bullshit.

just because you’re in a bad place or just because you’re in a bad mood or just because whatever we see you at your worst times does not fucking mean that we have to deal with your bullshit that your wives and your girlfriends don’t deal with

I pay so fucking much for this shit just for you to treat me like shit no that’s not the way it works.

I’m not paying for you to manipulate me I’m not paying for you to fucking abuse me I’m not paying for you to tell me I’m not worth anything I’m not paying all this shit for you to tell me all this negative shit that I’ve been told I am tired of it I am fed up with it you come through you stalk me you fucking stalk me online you stop me and in real life you fucking do all this shit

and then you tell me, oh I’m nothing I’m just a paying customer

motherfuckers I’ve been in customer service all my freaking life customers do not walk into a store and start manipulating a cashier they do not fucking do the shit that you do to us especially to me.

I was paying $119 a month for trusted site I cannot pay for it now I’m paying for more shit on this fucking Microsoft but I really can’t afford none of you are fucking coming in nobody I can’t even get ahead to get these fucking videos and shit up to sell I can’t ever fucking get ahead why because I got you motherfuckers driving me and just burying me for fucking nothing just because it’s just your life’s fucking goal to fuck my life up That’s all Dell have done since I moved here it’s your fucking life goal to fuck my life fucking totally up it really is you have set out to do any and everything to fuck me up one way or the other.

ever since I got on MocoSpace that I didn’t even fucking know existed. The same motherfuckers that are on eccie which of course is the same ones that are on our home 2.

you entitled motherfuckers or narcissistic and you just fucking can’t deal with me being around you hate it so you do nothing but destroy and run my life just to because you’re fucking bored.

I am so God damn tired of picking up and redoing and doing and redoing and doing and redoing everybody else’s shit that you leave to destroy every time you motherfuckers come around you know what I swear to God

you won’t give me any peace of mind you won’t give me any peace. do you dick as a weapon to punish, and if you don’t like my blogs or anything I have to say or my attitude or what the fuck ever you punish me by not fucking coming in you fucking punish me you fucking manipulate me just because you don’t like whatever.

you don’t support me you don’t help me you leave everything to me and I don’t know half of what I’m doing but yet you fuck with me all the time to where I cannot learn it.

it’s either one thing or another with you fucking men I swear to god yall more drama than women.

I cannot handle this no more I’m about to shut the fucking shit down all the fucking security all the fucking shit I’m about to shut it down and just fucking leave it like it is and say fuck you and your fucking safety security and privacy considering I don’t get none of it none of you respect the same thing that I give to you why should I fucking give it to you when you don’t give me the same respect I give to you I am so sick of it I cannot handle it no more I’m just want to fucking I want to fucking just punch a hole in the wall right now besides ring every one of your necks.

I am so sick and tired of Dylan with your bullshit just because you who stole all my shit in the beginning I fucking got this job because I had no choice I am so sick of being the fucking blame to your shit I am not the blame of your shit I am not the one who did it.

I am not the bitch accountable for your fucking bullshit.

how in the fuck is it that my house is so fucking quiet you can hear a pin drop I don’t go nowhere I don’t talk to nobody I don’t hear from nobody The TV is so low you can’t hardly hear it and yet I get all your fucking drama brought to me to where I have to pick up your shit. just because you feel like I’m the bitch to just dump your garbage on and fucking so tired of it I’m so god damn tired of your shit I’m tired of the lion the manipulating the fucking telling me I’m crazy telling me and I’m a drug addict telling me I’m an ex junkie telling me this telling me that God damn it shut the fuck up for a change just come and get your dick sucked and fuck you get out my fucking just out of my business God damn man fucking another that I can’t four months I have gone without my new glasses four goddamn months I have my broke glasses are broken in three different spots and I’m not able to get my goddamn glasses cuz I’m steady selling up money for you motherfuckers I’m steady selling out money to pick up your shit and nobody is coming in I’m fucking god damn pissed

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