Take A Peak Into My Life 6

So i thought that I’d let ya’ll see what toys I HAD before they were stolen, and tell ya’ll a couple of funny stories that went along with a couple of these toys. The first pic is when I had them up in my apt in PA. For those that’s been in my place here, you can see, that I pretty much had things the same way. With hanging my stuff on my closet door. :)~ The duffle bag that I had kept all my toys in weighed about 100 pounds, give or take a few lmao. Three different clamps. I’m pretty creative with shit bahahah Key rings are really good for weights. I also had 2 one pound weights.

Sooo, about them rat traps lmfao…ok so this is when I was owned by my First Master, before I became 24/7 with Him, I would drive every weekend to His place. One of my main rules was to NEVER WAKE MASTER UP. So One weekend I was there, He was taking a nap. And I had plopped my ass right there on the floor, in the bedroom. And I had started working on the rat traps for my Master, for me…forgetting that i had told Him that He needed mouse and rat traps for the house. lmao So I started working on them traps, diligently trying to QUIETLY take out the part that holds the cheese for the rats. I had a pliers in my hands and i was focused like a motherfucker. Till it went….SNAP!!! “OH FUCK!” Thats all I could say, i knew I was in a world o’ shit!!! …..and I WAS in a world o’shit!!! Cuz He jumped up…and that was all she wrote!!! smh….

So that was how I came about my FIRST punishment, was dem fuckin rat traps lmao What’s even worse is I had to wait for my punishment, that I can tell ya, kills me!!! That’s when He brought home Mr Twisted up wired coat hanger, that He kept in the freezer. Actually, I earned my collar by this first punishment. …ummm i took three of these punishments, I sure did. So it’s still standing joke between Him and I about the rat traps lmao Oh and btw, that’s speculms that i grabbed from the drs office right by the traps lol Hey man, what can I say, I got curious lmao

The picture with the tens unit, well, that was my THIRD TENS UNIT and out of all three of them, I have NEVER used them THE CORRECT WAY lmao. Never put them on my back. I actually have THREE tens units NOW that have NEVER been used correctly lmao…and that black tube by the tens unit…well here’s that story…

One day about 5 ‘O clock traffic time in Baton Rouge, my best friend call me up, tells me i need to come over…NOW..and i was like it’s traffic lmao..well long story short, i got to her house and she hands me this “black thingy” lol and tells me its vaccuum attachment that she made me!!! hahaha it’s made out of the top of a plastic bottle, with electrical tape, so when you attach it to the vaccuum hose and it works either like a clit pump for the smaller end or a dick pump for the bigger end. and yes i have videos playing my vaccuum attacment lmao…i tripped when she gave it to me, but that bitch is just as much of a freak as i am hahaha

Yes I lost my full slave collar with it all also. That was my “wedding collar” more or less. The slave collar is the equivalent to a wedding band. And the two cat o nine tails that half gone lmao…yes my First Master used to use both of them on me at the same time, making 18 tails. Man, look, that pain feels good, especially on my upper back. mmmm mmm hmmm lol and yessss i do love a belt on my upper back also…daymn

ohhh yeaaa… i forgot about that double dong up there thats cut in half ….yea thats proof of my leaving me unsupervised! lol i had been playing around for a couple of days, just messing around by myself, and i guess i kinda a lil bored and went looking aroundn the house went digging in the basement to see what i could find, well….i found me a drill….so i got to thinking lmao…hmmm so i went back upstairs and grabbed my double dong cut it half and gutted that motherfucker, lol…turned out to be a REALLY DAMN GOOD DRILL LMAO… and yes i got vids of that also hahaha

i am a TRUE FREAK from the word get go…and i mean every bit of that shit lmao

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