Taking An In-DepthLook Into Physic Vampires *Original*

Feb 14, 2020 this is the third time I’m publishing this, this time I’m leaving it up, this is the original writing I have not looked nor changed a word. This is important because of what happened to me today, Without this person knowing and without me realizing what was going on, I was fed on today, and because of the way I was feed on which was contact feeding through my breast and down below, which when the contact feeding is done in a sexual manner, it’s more costly to the victim which is me. this is why im not answering anyone today, im not talking to no one today, i cant handle no contact with anyone today, being that i found myself during our time i got really really really sleepy and i couldnt stay up any longer, when i did wake up earlier i had a major headache which i still have my stomach is bloated really badly, and it’s going to take im sure a couple of days for me to recover from this.

me being a very sensitive empath, it’s very costly for me in this job and you must understand this, because i give myself more than you realize, its not just a sexual thing for me it’s all of my energy and when i say that men are very exhausting i mean just that but not in a mean way, it’s that you take my energy and dont even realize it and because of todays events i have to limit how long you are going down on me and feeding from my breast because even though there’s no physical milk coming from my breast there is spiritual milk that you are taking from me. and it hurts me physically and takes it toll on me so im republishing this for this reason

2-14-2020 7:18pm

Taking A In-Depth Look Into Physic Vampires *Original*

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A Few Things About Me

20 Mar, 2019

My spiritual studies started when I was in high school. You can almost say for years now, I’ve studied kinda like a Monk does, doing extensive reasearch on different religions and cultures throught out my life. It’s been the last 18 or so years now that I have studied more on the Wiccan Spiritual Ways, Wicca is a nature based belief system that believes in the balance of the God and Goddess. The more that I studied on this, the more I realized that these techniques used, what was followed was more along the lines of The Laws of The Universe and is when I started adapting this more into my life. Though, I don’t consider myself to be Wiccan, as I’m more Eccentric.  Following more along the lines of my Real Dad’s Heritage with me being Cherokee and Irish. So, I indentify more with following “The Red Road” and the Celts. I was raised Catholic. I’ve always been more “Non denominational” As I do not like claiming any organized religion at all. Since the age of 10 I knew that I was different, seeing things, ghost, spirits, knowing things, and through out the years, my gifts one by one I started figuring out and learning how to use them. Along the way, I have encountered and experienced things that couldnt be explained, so to speak. My experiences that I’ve had through out my life, has given me the knowledge that I’m sharing out for everyone to know what I know. It is by my experiences alone, that I have figured things out. I’ve had many teachers along the way in my life. One in particular that I call as my Master, has taken on the job of being my Mentor since the year of 2003. And I owe my life to Him, as I’ve gone through major spiritual warfare for years now. More specificly when I was living in Pa, for 5 1/2 yrs as I went through some major heavy experiences that had it not been by having His guidance, I would’ve NEVER gotten through them. Before coming to San Antonio. 

For years now, I’ve wanted to be ordained to be able to “handfast” couples into marriage. I took to my studies in Wicca to get my Three Degrees to start on my road of becoming Ordianed in The Corillian Tradition Wicca. I had gotten to my second degree, when life took a turn and I had to stop for awhile. My studies are never over, as I stay in study and doing research and will continue to do so through out my life. 

This is the field of study that has ALWAYS been where I’m best at. I’ve also ALWAYS been a Mentor, and have mentored many between the BDSM Lifestyle and this area. The things that I write on and share out to the world, comes from a life long of many many many experiences i’ve encountered since the age of 10, and the extensive research that I have done through out my life. Though, you can say that I’m experienced, I wouldn’t want to claim that, being that anything that happens in the spiritual world when it comes to Spiritual Warfare, is normally not the same, but there are patterns that things follow. It is because of this very reason that lately, you have seen my struggles of finding and figuring things out and trying to place things that have been going on. Because I have not till now gone through the physic vampire attacks as extensive as I’ve undergone them for THIS LENGTH OF TIME NOR THIS HEAVILY. IT IS ONLY through ACTUALLY experiencing things that happen that you figure them out and learning them!

I share out to the world, NOT just the sex worker community, what I have gained though my research and studies AND my experiences that I’ve had through my life to for EVERYONE TO KNOW. These things NEED TO BE KNOWN, and be made AWARE OF THAT THESE THINGS ACTUALLY DO HAPPEN AND DO TAKE PLACE AND IS GOING ON AROUND US ALL THE TIME! 

 So….I talk all the time about “Physic Vampires”. And I’m sure that many of you is wondering if I’m talking out my head, not knowing what I’m talking about. More specifically saying to yourselves that vampires don’t really exist. Well, yes they really do. But we are not talking about the vampires in folklore or in movies. This is a more specific kind of vampire, that can’t be just spotted by looks or the way they dress etc. To be able to fully understand just what a Physic Vampire really is, I want to once again, bring you with me as I’m doing research on this subject. Taking a closer look into what they are, how they feed, how to spot them, what “physic attacks” are and how to protect yourselves from one “attacking” and feeding off of you. As well as show you actual pics of what happened to me when i fell prey to being fed on and what took place when it happened.


What Is A Physic Vampire?

“Physic Vampires or Psi-Vampires” in simplest of terms, are actual human beings that feed off of other people’s energies. I personally describe them to be “bottom-feeders”. To be more specific, these types of human beings are typically to be very emotionally manipulative, negative, self-pitying people, that feed off your “life force”, leaving you totally drained of energy, way past exhaustion is an understatement, you find that you simply just can not go any farther all of a sudden. They seem to stay stuck in the very “Root Chakra”, not being able to move past to having a higher vibration level. These are kinds of people that just literally “suck the life force right out of you!”, seemingly to be out of nowhere and all of a sudden. With other symptoms including headaches, insomnia, and even nightmares being reported as well.

     (Seems Like I’ve Been Going Through MOST Of These For The Last TWO YRS!!!) 

                       (And The MAIN REASON Why I REFUSE to Talk On The Phone)

Whether consciously done or not, their ability to rob and steal your inner life force (soul, chi, chakras, etc) is one without prejudice. They are able to feed from others that have lower, more negative energies, but most commonly are found to go after those that have a higher energy level having a brighter aura around them. Looking farther into my research, it seems that there’s been issues amongst those that are gifted in “Astral Projection”, Giving warnings of being on alert for unfriendly minds on the same plane.

Quick Crash Course

I’d like to add in this part before going any farther, with my findings as I’m researching. You will find that some of the same things that I’m describing through this blog is also used in some spiritural practices and techniques. I, myself do use some of these same techniques that I’m reading through my research. The deeper I am going into this research, I’m finding myself going back and adding more information in what I have already written. These kind of end up being side notes I guess to call them.

This is also where I would like to point out the importance of what I’m always saying about “Intent”….

“Always be mindful of your intent”

Reason I’m bringing this up is because what I’m speaking on is learning about energy in itself. Energy once learned how to use it, is a very powerful thing. Once again, even though I don’t like describing things as being a “spell”, because that word is automatically “cast out” and not heard because of the stigma that comes along with that one word. The very basic of everything boils down learning how to take energy which is one of the three things that the whole universe consist of and made from. All of the universe is made from Energies, Frequencies and Vibrations. Thats basic.

To farther help those that have no earthly clue about any of this, I’m sure you’re in the mindset that these things are supposed to be happening of this physical plane. No, absolutely not. This is what I’m also always stating


This is where you start training your brain to think more on being on the spiritual plane. instead of the physical, earthly place, ok. Which is where you have place yourself while reading this blog. It’s all done spiritually speaking. Another way of describing it, “The Astral Plane”

Ok, going back to energy, by understanding that energy is in everything, that it can be taken and be “manipulated to be able to form and mold” like using a pottery wheel and clay to maybe help understand. With this understanding that you can take energy like holding an “energy ball’ in your hands, and that you can shape it any way that your wanting to. This, my friends, is exactly and the very core of what “magic” is. It is NOT close to this “hoccus poccus” stigmta that is derived from TV and books. “Magic” is nothing more than taking energy that’s literally in the air and shaping and molding it by manipulating that energy. Doing this “act” alone, this is what would be considered as “neutral”, “indifferent”

(Akasha/Energy Ball)                                                           (Etheric Plane/Prana)

Now to explain the word “intent” and what that truly really means and the power that comes behind. (Being that most of us never think on these things because we are always just busy doing “life thing’s), going a little bit deeper, “thoughts”. With the poem,

“Watch your thoughts, they become words” poem in mind, There’s always intent that forms into a thought. Without us physically thinking the steps that are actually taken place with the simple act of a thought, With that one thought you have in mind, you have “intent”. Whether its looking for a job or cooking supper for the family, “intent” is ALWAYS and is the very beginings of bringing something to actually start the motions of it taking place and physically making it real.

Having a Good or Bad Intent is the very power of causing “magic” (which is manipulating energy) and making it into becoming a “spell” Quite literally speaking, EVERYTHING we do in life can be considered as a spell. By taking the intent that came with that thought, and making it happen. As a mother, thinking it’s time to cook supper, by getting up and doing the cooking and placing it on the table, is a spell. simple ok….

To explain it just like i had explained it to my son, Think, see and believe ….To Think it, or medatate, To see it or to visualize and to believe it These are the three main componants that it takes to be considered a “spell” 


By adding the next two componants in, it needs to be understood that this should NEVER be done irresponisbily, NOT EVER! By doing so, you are being held accounted for. You are RESPONSIBLE for lives and situations that can be and are affected by this. By just simply placing the right word in the wrong place, can literally cause disaster and even up to death. By “Botching the “spell” which is making mistakes, or in my terms simply fucking it up lol, not only can you “botch” others and situations, you can and will end up “BOTCHING YOURSELF’ IN THE PROCESS, EVERYTIME!!! 


So that you can understand the Importance I’m speaking about, I’m gonna show you the differences of what I’m meaning

For Example: 

Screaming out “I HATE YOU! JUST WISH YOU’D DIE” while you are angry and arguing with someone. By doing this in anger, blindly having the REAL FULL INTENT in anger, you have sent that a spell of undeniable amount of YOUR ‘WILL” AND “POWER” UPON THAT PERSON LEADING THAT PERSON TO BE IN A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION, AND YESSS VERY POSSIBLY TO THEIR DEATH!!! 

This would be considered an “non-uniformed” spell. The ONLY clearly stated “intent” is  “hating them” and “wanting them to die”. It has NO form to it, and  it was left “VERY WIDE OPEN”LEAVING ANY AND ALL SITUATIONS THAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN. The “energy ball” that you just sent out, it has not been given a specific direction to go to to manifest into becoming reality. That “energy ball” was sent out VERY IRRESPONBILY bouncing around, bouncing every which way…LOOSE, and who knows what’s gonna take place when it DOES manifest into reality. LEAVING IT TO BE SOOO VERY DANGEROUS, FOR BOTH THAT PERSON…AND DO NOT EVER FORGET YOU IN THIS!!!! CUZ, YES YOU ARE INCLUDED! REMEMBER: YOU ARE SOLELY RESPOSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU SAY AND DO AND THEREFORE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! 


or as I taught my son, “You do good, you get good. You do bad, You get bad”

Simply said….YOUR KARMA. 

                                                                                                                                       (And YES, There IS such a thing! I’ve seen it happen TWICE…UNFOLDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, with the THIRD karma happening long distance, with my girlfriend seeing that unfold as it happened in Cali…(that was hers to see, me to hear about). All within very close time frame of one another.) 

Where as, sitting down taking the time, having positive intent, that formed a positive thought, leading to a better “uniformed” spell while being “grounded”, CLEARLY STATING YOUR INTENT, in a calm peaceful atmosphere, and by actions and behaviours that you have while having this intent in mind, will manifest in something that’s positive in nature. 

The power that comes with “intent’ AND the “words” that are said espeically when those words are carried in the “Element of Air” along with the actions you take in doing this and actions following with this intent in mind, therefore changing the energy, vibrations and frequenecies of the universe, With the “BELIEF” that already happened. Therefore bringing “magick” to LIFE, is what a “spell” is. 

Sometimes it’s better for me just to show you the screenshots, cuz i’ll never be able to say it al the right way or find these right words again. lol….Lots of times it’s hard for me to find the words to be able to explain things. ESPECIALLY when it’s of this nature of things.  These screenshots have some good points in them to answers of yalls questions, cuz this friend, he thinks on the average level as most so his questions are just as most are when it comes to all over this. 

One more thing to make sure that I point out. Everything that’s on this existing “physical plane” is carbon copied in the other planes. So everything that’s on this “physical plane” is also on the “spiritual plane” or “astral plane” (which when we as humans, envision what the “spiritual plane” is, we normally think to look up) and is also on the “lower” or “underground plane” (which also when we envision what that plane is, we normally look downward and consider that to be hell) (NOTE: I also want to add in here that “Pagans”/ “Wiccans” don’t see the “Underground World” as the “hell” that “Christians” see it as) This physical is the only one that does not have the ability or freedom that the other planes have (im saying this with the difficulty of having the correct words right now, these three paragraphs are being quickly done before i was even gonna allow this to be really put out, ill word it correctly later) 

The Shamans have long been using the spiritual plane for their journeys, “Shaman Journeys”and for right now, the only way i know how to explain this is when i wanted to know what my “spirit guide” was. I meditated, and after practice and knowing how, i took to my own “shaman journey” everything is alive ok, we can understand the birds and all the animals and can communicate without speaking, my wolf came to me…omg this is so much easier teaching in person, i taught my own 7 yr old son to do this when he broke his leg to help with pain lmao…this is hard, anyways so the point is, the other planes have freedom to change and this isnt so free to do these things…ok now on we go..lol 

The Importance Of Understanding Energy & How Your Hands Are Involved

I bet you didn’t realize what you can actually do with your hands? Being that your hands are quite literally “tools” that we use for just about everything, as well as made up of energy, the way we use our hands and being aware of how we use them in everyday life is VERY important. Because by the way we use our hands and the placement of them, ALONG with “intent” can also, be VERY powerful in “magic” or “spiritual” use. Here’s what you need to know about your hands:

Your Dominant Hand

The hand that you write with is called your “Dominant Hand”. I think im gonna go about it like this: If you are right handed, like I am, this would be the hand that you use to: 

“Push out”  your energy into something or give it to someone….By placing a stone in the palm of your “dominant hand” closing your eyes, mediating and WITH “intent” pushing your energy into the stone, you are putting your energy into that stones, therefore “charging” the stone you hold with whatever “intent” you’ve used. (like for protection, for example) or it can be as simple as holding your arm out with your palm facing outward, and by pushing your energy down your arm and out from your palm of your hand directing that energy toward something…….This hand, “PUSHES OUT” OR IS YOUR “GIVING HAND”  “WHAT YOU PUT YOUR ENERGY INTO BY PUSHING OUT FROM YOU” 

Your Non-Dominant Hand

The hand that’s opposite of your “dominant hand” is simply called your “non-dominant” hand. So for those that are right-handed, this would be your left hand. And of course, all of this would be vise-versa for those that are left-handed:

This is your “recieving hand”.  I feel the need to go farther with this…so here goes…

Understanding The Use Of Energy

Ok, so in order for me to be able to get across to you so that you can REALLY be able to concieve just EXACTLY what we do in our eveyday lives that has become so mundane and robotic that we NEVER EVER stop to take notice or to even begin to think on these things AND on these levels. It IS from this….“the busyness that our lives have evolved into being that “trickery and deception” ALONG with the LAZINESS OF NOT WANTING TO LEARN THE PROPER KNOWLEDGE, that we as humans, as a whole…in this day and age surrounded by techonology, that WE HAVE TRULY BECOME THE FOOLS. and WHERE THE WORDS I’M USING “TRICKERY” AND “DECEPTION” PLAY ONE HUGE ROLE NOW!!!! (Please take notice, ill be writing on all of this later on)

Ok, so, in order to have the complete understanding of “recieving energy through your recieving hand” actually means. You first have to understand EVERYTHING THAT WE COME INTO CONTACT WITH, WE LEAVE AN IMPRINT OF OUR ENERGY. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!! You also have to know and understand that everything we come into that contact with, that inprint of our energy is “RESIDUE” that we have left. Also, you need to be able to understand, what I’m meaning when I say, “come into contact with”, That our bodies “RADIATE OUR ENERGY OUT PAST OUR BODY FORM”, being that our bodies are made competely up of particles of energy that vibrate together, tht we never see, giving us “the ILLUSION” OF US HAVING A FULL BODY FORM.(yes i know, im going really deep here lol) The energy that is “radiated out” is known, as our “AURA”. Our “aura” that we give off, with whatever mood, we are radiate in different colors (IE: the mood ring)that by some people, can be seen. So we really don’t have to come into “contact” like the majoity of people would think and “take as is” when I stated that (and quite honestly, i have to continue to remind myself that i have take my writings to the very “beginner level” and explain better. So that EVERYONE can FULLY GRASP the DEPTH OF HOW THINGS REALLY ARE, AND THE DEPTH OF THE WAY THINGS CAN BE USED)

Have you ever once put thought into, say for example, going to Walmart and trying on clothes??? Have you ever put thought into what actually takes place when you try on a shirt take make sure of it’s fit for you.????? AH-HAAAA LOL…Now, what if that shirt didn’t fit???? You put it back on the rack right??? BUT…..what is it REALLY that you have just done??? I betcha, (and i’m not one to gamble at ALL LOL) That we NEVER put another thought into what we have just done, by those EXACT VERY ACTIONS.…Why not??? Because they have become mundane, mindless actions!!!!!!! And Because, of the “busyness” that our lives have become!!!!!! 

So this is what has ACTUALLY taken place with those actions, that’s (again i say all the time) “UNDERNEATH THE SURFACE LEVELS”...you left your “energy imprint” or your “residue” of your whole upper body on that shirt for someone else to come along and do the same thing with. Therefore, leaving their residue behind as well. And going farther into this, from the moment that the fabric was touched to cut into the pattern to make that shirt, through shipment etc, it has taken on i dont even wanna think about just how many different energies thats in that one shirt….this is why you clean someting after you buy it before using or wearing it…

I need you to also understand, that just like I’ve explained above, that just as easily someone that has the “PROPER”knowledge WITH BAD INTENT THAT MEANS TO DO HARM TO YOU, can something that has your energy in it WITHOUT YOU EVER REALIZING IT!  This all can be easily obtained by your “receiving hand” or your “non-dominanting” hand by pulling energy from something. 

Using These Hand Techniques

As an Empath, I use these same very techniques. There’s been quiet a few of my clients that I have seen, that I have used these hand techniques on, and ONLY BY GIVEN THE PERMISSION TO DO SO, I use my left hand to take whatever it is that’s bothering that person (I don’t need to know specifics), I pull as much as I can handle out. I never leave anyone “empty”. So, with drawing out whatever the aliment was that’s sickness or whatever, I then use my “right hand” to give back! With clear intent, I “push out” normally it’s peace, stillness in heart, love etc. I’ll take out  the negative and put back positive. 

Also, by “sharing energy” it then becomes much stronger, it is “amplified” especially when it’s derived from “shared sexual energy”  which is amplified even more so, because of the amount of energy that is formed during sex. As you farther read below, you’ll understand why i felt the importance to come back up and break things COMPLETELY DOWN FOR EVERYONE. 

 Here’s why knowing this information was important. “Taking” or “giving” of physic or “pranic” energy depending on your intent is what makes the HUGE difference between a physic vampire (who takes energy from others in order to be able to survive and live) and someone that is a “Healer” ( that uses energy to help others in postive ways, sharing the energy) which is what I openly state that I do as an Empath.

The difference between a “Healer” (like me)  and a “Physic Vampire” is ONE HUGE DIFFERENCEPic 1: A “Healer”/”Empath” “GIVES” THEIR ENERGY OF THEMSELVES IN ORDER TO HELP OTHERSPic 2: A “Physic Vampire” “TAKES” THE ENERGY OF OTHERS IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO SURVIVE.

 Static Energy

Every since I started writing this blog, i’ve had a VERY STRONG URGENT FEELING that I need to bring this up. So, here it is (not sure how to say it though),Demonic Forces…When there is a demonic force that’s present, normally you will hear static, and things start to “act up’. You will hear static in the phones, and can even transfer from one person that’s talking and hears it, to the other person that’s on the phone, that doesnt hear it, transfering back it forth. It also out of no where, the phone calls will just drop or you can’t be heard or you can’t the other person. The static also goes through tv’s, radios…ANY KIND of electronics. And the reason behind this is that “it” (notice how I worded that) uses the energy in the electricty to gain “it’s” form for a stronger presence. 

Many of you that’s around my age, should remember back in the 80’s when there was a big deal on “Backwards Masking”. For those that don’t know what that was, this was said that by taking a “record” and playing it backwards, you could hear “subliminal” messasges while it playing backwards. As of yet, I’m not to sure why the words “backwards masking” keeps up so I knew that it was important to add it. 

Footnote: while doing the research I began to see where things can be construed for those that don’t have any understanding of any of it, making me aware of needing to come back up to give a small crash course, if you will, to help better understand what you are reading.

How Do They Feed?

Learning how these “Human Vampires” work, gaining a better understanding of them and how to recognize them, starts with learning their basic “feeding techniques”. Those that find themselves to be “donors” when they feed consider this to be “physic attacks” . After what I have just found, again, I’m gonna start with the simpliest of terms, then go into farther details.     (Reference point for me, for next blog, and the word choking 3-17-19 1:20 PM)

How They Feed In Basic Terms

How a vampire feeds differs, depending situations and the specific taste (or way) that the vampire has. Being able to choose from one of three different ways to feed.

1) By Contact

2) By Proximity

3) By Tendril (what I have just experienced recently)

Contact Feeding

This is one of the easiest ways to feed. It can be done as easily as someone brushing up against you (I’ve experienced this being in line before), a hand shake, a hug and can be as intense as a kiss or by sexual contact providing a direct link to the persons energies

This specific feeding technique, is quite dangerous to the donor, as it’s effects are more profound, like I’ve described in my experience above. The most dangerous area to be fed from is the heart. This is done by placing his hands over the donor’s heart. (This is the reason why I went back to the top and put everyone through the crash course and had to make sure that I explained what exactly your hands can do and to be aware of them. Also the reason why I made sure that the differences of the uses were explained as well) Though, many vampires choose not to feed this way.

My Most Recent Personal Experience of Contact Feeding

This is something that I have very recently encountered with a client that didn’t realize that he was doing this, was when he had been eating me out. And the only way that I can really explain this one is that it was like he was lapping at me, like a cat lapping up milk, I guess. With quick and firece movements. So quick and so firece that with each tongue stroke i could literally feel a “notch” of energy gone down, and i would get really dizzy, because it was so quickly done, and so much that was taken from me at one time. I would have to very abruptly just stop him and really couldn’t give a reason as to why. It was so powerful that it was get all the damaged nerves that I have started up with me having the back and nerve problems that I do.

Proximity Feeding

This feeding technique is the hardest way for a physic vampire to “learn” how to feed. With the “donor” in mind, this would be the most recommended and safest way to be fed upon. (I’m sorry, I just can’t seem see this, but okay lol) Proximity Feeding allows the vampire to feed by sight and works great for feeding of crowds. Feeding off of crowds, does benefit the donor, being they are not taking too much off of any one particular person.

There are two types of energy that a physic vampire can use when using this feeding technique, “energy-pranic” and “emotion”. It’s important to understand the difference between the two energies. Energy-pranic is the energy you have by just being alive, and is not as personal to a vampire to feed from. Where as, the energy that’s from emotion, that’s a very personal energy and is more of an intensified feeding because the person is using more energy when you feeling the emotion. This goes without saying, a vampire would prefer to feed from this energy and is more damaging to the donor that is being fed from.

(A AHHHH-HHHAAA MOMENT FOR ME: Anger!!! YESSS!!!! It’s been feeding off of my anger and anxiety!!!! 3-20-19 5:24PM)…Explained in next blog.

It’s also important to note here, the impact that feeding from emotional energy can have on the vampire using this technique. If the donor that the vampire is feeding from is angry towards that vampire, it’s more beneficial and is very useful for the vampire. On the downside of this though, if the donor is depressed, taking the emotion away can make them more depressed because the person (donor) already has a low energy.

I’d like to stop and make sure this is noticed, cuz i had to go back and make sure I understood what I was reading cuz at first I had the impression that the vampire would also become depressed due to taking from a depressed person…i guess because of my being an empath that i had to make sure of what i was reading.

(To clairify, a vampire that feeds from a donor that is depressed will make the donor more depressed)

Tendrill Feeding

This is a more advanced feeding technique that most physic vampires use because it is less detectable.

A physic vampire has what’s called “psi tendrills” that they can use over long distance to manipulate the energy around the donor, to pentatrate the “donors” aura. How the vampire does this is by using his mind (by meditating and visualizing like I explain above), he extends one of his “tendrills” and penetrates the donors energy field, his aura. Once penetrated through, the vampire then inhales in the donor’s energy by using his tendrill. Think of the tendrill as a straw,as the vampire inhales his tendrill is sucking up the donors energy and drains the donor’s “almost” completely dry.  

My Personal Experience Of Tendrill Feeding

I’m gonna be finishing this blog on the feeding tonight, then I’m gonna start on the symptoms, which I’ve been EVERYONE OF THEM FOR TWO YRS NOW, AND I DID NOT REALIZE IT, THIS IS THE PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A PHYSIC VAMPIRES FEEDS FROM YOU, I STLL HAVE TO FIND THE SCREEN SHOTS TO SHOW ALL THE CHAOS AND BULLSHIT THAT HAPPENED THAT DAY, I HAVE THEM, ITS THAT ALL THE SCREENSHOTS IVE BEEN taking over this i dont know, couple of months to show what has been going on in one folder and iknow ive taken OVER 1000 screenshots…just in one month, to show everything thats been going on 

Within an hour and a half of taking these two pictures that day, all the below pictures of when one clamped onto my arm, i could feel the tendrill going into my right arm when it happened, i was literally drained in less 15 mins. 

Ok, To explain these pictures here, Remember, up above I had make up on. Again, this happened within an hr and a half after the pics above were taken. You can’t even tell I had make up on. Look at how my face looks all distorted. When I first felt it happening, in Pic 2 and Pic 3, you’ll see I got bright red. It felt hot, really hot at first. Once, it latch onto me, there was absoutley NOOOO shaking it off of my arm or get rid of it. I was not able to stop it once it was started.

This distortion that you see, is my energy literally being drained from me, this is within 15 minutes of time after it happened….so it takes 15 minutes for your energy to be drained this much!!!!!  To time line everything, I think this started around 1:15 pm, I’ll be putting the screenshots to everything that had happened around all of this also. Being that this whole day had been nothing but chaos and drama that had surrounded around me that day. 

That day was a sunday, I had gotten another attack from 5:12 through 5:43PM, What exactly happened, that i wasnt aware of at the time that this was going on, the vampire masked itself during the time that i had told my best friend to use my energy to help heal a friend of ours that was in the hospital, i really had thought that this was it, but things were off, the more i thought about things, i was going through things that ive never gone through before with while i was doing anything that partained to healing, during this time that these pics were taken place during this time, i was also, FIGHTING my ass off to do a screening during the physical pains that i was going through. My EYES, omg they burned, i had stopped and put both my hands over my eyes screaming. My STOMACH, i was bent over in a fetal position, holding my stomach in PAIN LIKE YOU WOULDNT BELIEVE!!!! …..ALLLLLL THE WHILE, IM STILL TRYING TO STRUGGLE TO GET THIS SCREENING DONE!!!!  

The reason why I had mentioned above about the Element of Air, When you say something outloud, its in the Air, Air is carried by Wind, which means, “it’s carried in the Element of Air” When you say something outloud, it is HEARD ok. And carried! “The Other Forces” more specificly demonic forces DOES HEAR YOU AS WELL. 

Notice how I had started turning really pale, this first picture, i was still red in my hand though, the more they fed from me they more pale and discolored that i was. look at the last pic, my hand is discolored. 

This is really hard for me to do, ok….By 8:15 that night, this is how i ended up turning out, look at the distortion, look at how gross it looks to be fed from by a physic vampire. To look at this it really makes me sick to my stomach. its humilating for me to put these up, but i have to, i have to show the real effects tha this has on people. i have to let you know the truth and ALL OF IT! During this time, i was TRYING to get dressed for a call with a client from Twitter, the one i was doing the screening for. And of course, i had alot of shit going on that, these things kept draining me. To realize now, that I had become to be known as “a poplaur known easy feeding ground” so to speak and that’s why I kept getting hit harder and harder the closer to me realizing and figuring things out, is because these vampires didnt want to lose such an easy feeding donor. 

I still need to get the screenshots to show the what had taken place that day on Twitter, to show you exactly how they work, as things were so confusing and so chaotic that no one not even me could actually see through things until you really take a look at things, by taking a step back and knowing what you’re looking at, will you see the pattern that starts to emerge through all the stuff that’s been going around that surrounds these creatures, better known as “The Living Dead” Whether consciously aware of it or not, A Physic Vampire, they do NOT have their OWN life force to be able to live on their own, THEY LITERALLY HAVE TO FEED AND STEAL OTHER’S LIFE FORCES TO BE ABLE TO KEEP THEIR HUMAN FORMS ALIVE! This is the REALITY OF THINGS. PLAIN AND SIMPLE! 

Key Points Of My Intent

Before I close out this Blog on The Physic Vampire Series I’d like to take a small detour down a trail I have found in my journey…

 I’m gonna let you know EXACTLY what I have done through out this blog, if i can remember them all lmao…

1)Bringing awareness if you don’t understand on the outside, I brought awareness to your life force, your subconsious

2)Pretty Pictures, backed up what I’m stating 

3)Pretty pictures, started training your brain to think on a more spiritual level. 

4)Pretty pictures, helped you to get an idea on the way to start visualizing thing.


6)brought awareness to who is actually a physic vampire

7)Showed you that we use “magic” in our everyday life

8) taught you that intent was the most important thing there is 

9)showed you the physical effects of what physic vampires can cause you

10)I had EVERY INTENT with this blog, to do exactly what I have done btw. lol….

This blog did NOT show you how to do any kind of spell work at all!!! That was NOT my intent, so if you are trying to do any kind of spell work by the componants of this blog, your gonna botch the hell out of yourselves!!!! 


IT WAS TO ALSO START SHOWING YOU JUST EXACTLY WHAT I’VE GONE THROUGH FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS. THAT THIS IS PURELY THE WORK OF MY STRUGGLES OF TRYING TO PIECE THINGS TOGETHERR AND TO SHOW YOU HOW CHAOS AND CONFUSION IS SURROUNDED BY PHYSIC VAMPIRES…just simply to take you on the road with me, through my learning process as things have been happening so that you can recongize them for yourselves when you start having things happen around you in your lives…


Upcoming In Next Blog:

The Traits of a Physic Vampire 

Symptoms of Having a Physic Vampire Attack

How to Protect and Shield Yourself From Having An Attack

I still need to look into the question what If you realize your a Vampire and What To Do about it, if you can do anything about it..

I also have plans on a blog: on the differences between Empath and Physic Vampire

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