Taking On A Serious Business Endeavor

Okay I’m going to share a surprise and I need y’all to understand what I’m doing especially you gentlemen. Being that I’m on disability I cannot legally sell content on these sites these sites require a 1099 tax form to be signed. This is because you are freelancing as an Entrepreneur when you go to the sites any site that gives you payback requires a tax form I cannot go from disability per month to making income per month. In order to do this I’m going to start my own business, the business is going to have to go under ” Inc” instead of LLC or Corp.

Now do you understand I’m scared to start this business because of the games that you gentlemen like to play and the amount of responsibility and bills that I am incurring by doing this. I’m scared to death because of the troubles on having now just to pay rent. with the Website bills that I have incurred, the business is going to be even more so. But the only way I see around this is by doing the business and doing it under “INC” now from the amount of problems that I’m having now I’m kind of stuck because I don’t want to do this business. at this Point because I’ve gotten more scared about it. you gentlemen do not realize just how serious this shit is when you ask for and demand the things that you demand but yet play these games. I’ve got to take a 150 out of my July’s disability check and come August 1st I got to take The other 150 out of August disability check so that I can finish paying for the business name.

This means I cannot pay for advertisements this means I can’t pay for a lot these two months because I am doing something more so then I can give all this to y’all gentleman I need some support here from y’all and some seriousness this was going to be a surprise but of course I have to go and tell and explain all this because you do not realize what I’m trying to do for y’all. I’m trying to provide what you were asking for but yet you were not helpin In the support of this and I’m just discouraged as all hell . right now I work 24/7 for y’all and I feel like it’s slave labor when I’m trying to give you a better.

I’ve been stuck this whole time because of the disability. will somebody please support me in what I’m trying to do For everybody. seems like all y’all want to do is give me false identities and put me in the bed about my back for a week and then make me beg for rent after I’ve been down for a week. come on now show you support for your local SW’ers here we do all this shit for you!!!!!!!

Everything I have been doing has been off of my disability check of 771 a month I have done everything, this website I bought off of my money, I have sank $1,000 into this website off of my money. Yall cant support me in this business endeavor that I am doing For y’all and try to help me and support me with some rent money. I’m getting more scared the more i go.

I’m going to have to come up on July 1st and pay for this business with the first installment. Now once I pay for this first installment there is no taking it back This is a very serious business decision on my part and I need to know if there’s going to be so some support out there from y’all gentlemen out there before I take a jump into this business endeavor that I’m doing. I’m trying to rise up and I’m trying to better myself And I’m trying to give y’all what y’all demand and ask for. but I need to know if y’all are going to help me out and support me in this endeavor so please let me know something before I make a big decision in my life cuz I’m pretty scared at this moment.

I understand that when you start a new business you work your ass off to get it off the ground and you go hungry and you struggle but you know I’ve been doing that for two years and it take on such an endeavor as this when there’s little or no support as it is yes I’m very afraid to do this for y’all so that I can get y’all the content out there the way y’all want it so you can see it before hand and all.

I mean y’all I ain’t going to lie this is a big decision in my life and I’m excited about it but yet I’m scared to death about it because I realized and I know just how serious this shit is. I know I’m responsible enough to do it I can do it I know I can that’s not the problem. The problem that I’m scared about is that the end of this is going to incur more bills than what I’ve already got now. I mean this is this is really big for me.A Really big step that I’m proud to be able to to to-do and to take,

but the more bullshit I get from you gentlemen. That’s what scares me more about taking on this kind of endeavor in my life because you men don’t find it to be serious enough you like playing games with people’s lives and this ain’t something to be playing a game about. I want to move forward in this. When I made this decision To go all in I meant that two years ago when I told myself that and I have that opportunity to go out in and go out for it. But y’alls men’s games y’all scare me, y’all really scare me.

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