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Here you will find all my reviews in one place. In the order as I have received them, from the very latest one down to my first on the bottom of this page. The reviews are their exact words, as I have changed nothing. I have only just copied and pasted the reviews so that I can place them here. I have also included the links as well as my responses. I want to say Thank You for all the great reviews that each one of you have given. As I have enjoyed my time with everyone of you.

Review From Elijah9197

elijah9197’s Review of MsRogueSA 

4 out of 5 Overall 

Named Used: MsRogueSA 

State: Texas City: San Antonio 

Web URL: 

Answers phone: Yes 


Photos Real: Yes 

Photos up-to-date: Yes 


Ethnicity: Caucasian 

Tranny: No 

Hair color: Red Hair  

length: Long 

Hair Style: Straight 


Body Type: Tiny 

Tattoos: None 

Breast Size:36 

Breast cup: DD+ 

Breast Appearance: Natural 

Implants: No 

Kitty: Partial Shave 

Ass: Normal 

Smokes: Yes 

Pornstar: Yes 

Punctuality: Yes 

Services: Escort 

Service Information Intercourse (FS)BBBJ 

elijah9197’s Review of MsRogueSA – 

She is a chubby lady something that i love actually, she has very exotic looking features. Just a total knockout body. She id fit looking for her age.

The Juicy Details: What a great body, nice and mature. Nice huge tits with responsive nipples I could suck on for days. Kissed her neck, sucked on her nipples for a while, then went down for DATY…. Pussy was clean and fresh. Inserted 3 fingers while licking her clit she had a very sensitive clit!!!…Then she returned the favor with CBJ. What a great sight seeing that pretty face go up and down on my cock! had to ask her to slow down so i wouldn’t pop early. decent amount of spit and payed some attention to the balls….She was ready for more and so was I but mr Dick wasn’t. Did the best we could after and it was wonderful….I’ll definitely be back for more…. 

My Comment On This Review 7-10-21

I’ve been meaning to get around to commenting about this review for awhile and I have not been able to get around to it, sorry. First of all, THIS IS A FAKE REVIEW, ALL BE IT, IT’S A GOOD REVIEW, BUT NONE THE LESS, ITS STILL A FAKE/FALSE REVIEW!!!!!! Let me point this out….

  • If you consider 110 #s “chubby” then you really have a fucking problem because I’m really fucking small as far as my weight is concerned. And if you are THAT fucking critical about the shit to where it makes me feel like im on an “auction block” THEN YOU REALLY NEED STEP THE FUCK OUT, BESIDES THE FACT THAT IM FUCKING HUMAN, at 49 years old and the hell that y’all have put me through, I’m not Barbie and don’t wanna be either!
  • Also if by chubby you may mean my stomach in my pictures, THAT WOULD COME FROM YA’LL HOLDING OUT ON SEEING ME, THEREFORE GOING HUNGRY FOR 6 DAYS AT A TIME!!!! THAT WOULD BE MY STOMACH SWOLLEN LIKE EITHOPIA CHILDREN FROM GOING HUNGRY!!!! That is exactly what happens when you don’t eat for right at a week at a time on a regular basis because of a pissy attitude of whatever made your panties go up your asses in a fucking wad!!! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT “LOOKING” CHUBBY, THAT WOULD BE ON YOU MF’ERS.
  • This review is on Erotic Monkey THEREFORE NOT CREDIBLE AT ALL!
  • When i found this review in March, I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT TO MYSELF THIS MF’ER IS TRYING TO SET ME UP. Because I’ve been trying to get out of this for awhile now, and this review was to make it look like i was working WHEN I WAS NOT WORKING AT ALL!!!! …so all this mf’er did WAS INCRIMINATE HIMSELF IN THE END!
  • Besides the fact that I don’t have sex at all, that my cunt is so fucking tight it’s got damn virgin tight, YOU CAN NOT STICK 3 FUCKING FINGERS IN ME! SO THAT IS FALSE INFO AS WELL!!!

Review From Pquill25: A Worship Goddess

She had skills that everyone one should try out. I never felt so relaxed in my life. She is in a safe part of town and a safe complex. If you are ever in town you should check her out. Her communication skills are great mostly through email, he verification process takes a day or two, she covers all her bases. The place was very clean and felt safe. Her attitude was pure sensual and very caring. I highly recommend.

MsRogueSA – August 28, 2020

Thank you suga for your review! Safety…it’s so hard to try to get ppl to understand when you are harassed constantly, death threats, ppl stalking u, knocking on ur door at 2am, its scary for me, i try my damnedest to provide safety & security to u, ppl don’t get it tho, my safety is taken from me, fake names, #s, & emails don’t fly w my. YES, im gonna be thorough. THIS IS MY HOME… Ty darlin!!!

Review From Conejoj: Genuine

She’s a sweetheart. Sometimes you just need a little tenderness.  Life is hard. It’s tough to meet genuine people and be comfortable.   She’s one of the good ones.  Patient, kind, funny and very easy to talk too.  Time seemed to stand still as I was able to relax in a clean, quiet environment with nice lighting and comforting company.  The world definitely needs more smiles, especially currently,  thank you darling.  Thank you for sharing yours

MsRogueSA – May 8, 2020

You know, I’ve thought about how I was going to answer this, I deal with so much hatred that every time i see Kind words, I cry. It’s a shame the world is like it is. Thank you for your time, your kindness and the chance to just be myself and the chance to enjoy simply some company and new friendship! it does suck being lonely, for both sides! friendship is always a nice thing to come across! ty

Review From O3illini: A Specialist Indeed

Rogue was very attentive and detailed in the entire process. Her website provides exact instructions on how to set up a date. She did a great job of communicating with me from screening up to my arrival. Upon arrival my lord this lady really likes to play. This is not work for her of you allow her to be herself and open up. Not only did she do as I asked in certain situations she also far exceeded them. Gentleman if you go with respect and honesty you can have the time of your life. She puts her all into all efforts not just her stated specialty. Of which she is a master. I know when it when I meet the really good ones and she is one of the best! Rogue thank you.

MsRogueSA – March 21, 2020

Hun your very welcome!! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spoil you. it’s not often i get to do so. this is the fun part, the computer and the bs is the work, Thank you for such a wonderful time  and review! I hope to see you next time you come into town. stay well and safe out there Darlin!!!

I’d like to add,..honestly…”I’m just me” …If I’m ever allowed to just be me, those that think that their sessions are damn good or “the best,” I can tell ya, they could be better, just allow me to be me and stop pushing “the issue.” Here it is, IMA TRUE FREAK FROM THE WORLD GET-GO, IT’S NOT SOMETHING THAT I CLAIM, I JUST AM……BUUUUT I SEEM TO HAVE TO KEEP THAT PART OF ME LOCKED UP, WHICH IS A SHAME TO!! if any of you REALLY ….REALLY KNEW…SMH oh and yea men seem to love ruining their own surprises, got to know everything and impatient…it ruins it every time!

Also in just about every one of my reviews it’s mention RESPECT AND HONESTY…THAT’S VALUEABLE TO ME!!! IF YOU CAN’T BE HONEST, I CAN’T LET YOU IN MY HOME…..WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU DO?????

Review From rlujanb

“She looks exactly the same as she does on her pictures, the service is ok. She is a little older, but the experience is definitely on her side”

MsRogueSA   San Antonio, Texas

I’m sorry i can’t verify this. I dont recall your username, i could be wrong if anything get back with me and let me who you are before i actually verify this, and here it is, I’m going to make this statement. seems like a good many of you are not telling me your usernames and then you pop up a review…that’s not verifiable to me.. it doesn’t make me feel comfortable at all. if i am wrong please email me so that i can verify both you and the review please

Review From Sagolfnut82

“What a great lady. Very petite with large breast. Best oral skills around. She is top on the list. Will repeat. Glad I finally met her”

Short Review By Archite666

“Rogue’s oral skills are beyond compare. This girl seriously dares you to F her face as hard as you possibly can. I highly recommend her”

MsRogueSA   San Antonio, Texas

i died laughing on this one!! This is great!!! Ummm you do realize this IS typical of me lol…i decided i was going to just flip this script a lil bit lmao…Instead of yalls challenging me, i figured i up the game some and challenge y’all lmao. Thanks baby, ya know we need to do that again right Muah!

Short Review By Trucker33074

“I’m not one to kiss and tell and write a long review. I’ll just say you will get the best service in town from this provider and I will be a repeat customer.”

MsRogueSA   San Antonio, Texas

Imagine my surprise seeing your review, and a one huge wicked smile that crept up on my face when I just logged in! Yea, I have to say, that was pretty awesome! Enjoyed meeting you and spending every bit of my time with you! I look forward to seeing you again! I like the fact that I can take the extra time when I can with a new friend! That was nice time “off” for me lmao. It’s not work when your enjoying time with someone. Thanks!

Review By Deprivedmature

“I’ve got to say this provider is GREAT. Just as advertised, she met me at the door like I was her long lost lover…. and everything that followed was just as good. She looks much better than her pictures in person. I sometimes say that when a provider makes you feel like you guys had something great, then she is something great. She gave me those minutes away from everything…. where all that mattered was the together. She is EXCEPTIONAL oral and if that’s all she offered, it would be worth the price. I’ll cum back because she wants me to….. I think?”

“And those breasts. Geez, for a 4’11” girl….. “they are real and they are fantastic””

MsRogueSA   San Antonio, Texas

of course i want you to come back, i told you that next time you come to visit, we would spend some extra time together!!! my word is HONOR! So yes i meant that hun!!! As ive stated, ALL LIFE CEASES TO EXIST, nothing matters, just me and that person is all that exist. That’s all that matters!! I don’t have anymore worries about any family or anything with my phone or whatever to where id be worried about any emerrgancies or otherwise, so i don’t worry about the phone or anything else. Nothing else matters, just the time spent together!! It means alot to me as well!!! Thank you for YOUR time and for the great review!! I really appreciate it, like i said, one good deed, deserves another, so next time around, expect to set aside some extra time, the tip helps alot especially with me having to start over. So it won’t be forgotten i assure you!! kisses and licks baby, and be safe!

MsRogueSA   San Antonio, Texas

i meant to comment about this the other day and i didnt….about anal….IN THE 22 YRS THAT I HAVE WORKED OFF AND ON, I HAVE NEVER DONE GREEK WITH ANYONE PROFESSIONALLY!!! IT IS NOT YMMV!!! Revolution freaking lied about that shit in his review and i immediately called him out on it also.!!!! STOP thinking that you can try to mess around with that down there!!! plain and simple, thats NOT for my professional life!!! This is how i differenate between my personal life and my professional life….the ONLY possiblities of THAT happening would be in a orgy, gangbang, or any swinger/mulitple situation….and yall dont wanna play like that, so then ITS NO!!!

Review By Oldbuthorny69

“This is my second time seeing her. Our meeting was a little hectic, due to her having to move quickly. But we seemed to pick up where we left off. We started kissing the minute I stepped through the door. Getting comfortable took only seconds then the fireworks began. Her oral skills are by far the best I’ve ever experienced. She would bring me to the popping point then back off to let me calm down. Then it was my turn to get her juices flowing. Talk about sweet. By the time we finished we were both dry and throbbing for more. Treat her right and she will give you an encounter you will remember long into the night.”

Review By Oldbuthorny69: Very Enthusiastic

“Totally engulfed in giving you the best time of your life. Respect her and she will treat you to the best encounter ever. Contact by text, no calls. She will meet you freshly showered and ready to make your day special. She will kiss you like a long lost friend. Get comfortable, sit back and enjoy the ride. You will have the best time of my life and will definitely want to see her again. Don’t let this opportunity pass by.”

MsRogueSA – September 18, 2019

Thank you for allowing me to spoil you for you birthday! It was such a joy to be able to do that for you!!! Being able to spoil others gives me such a huge smile and makes me happy to see that little wicked grin afterwards. I hope to that I can do that again for you before your next birthday!!! much love and licks!!!

Review By FlameCap: A Kind and Welcoming Physical Connection

“Even more alluring and beautiful than I thought possible, Ms. Rogue was exactly what I needed at the right time.  Screening was simple and smooth, and her kiss at the entrance was divine. The location was clean and comfortable, and she took her time getting things done, which was one of the best parts of my visit.  Her body feels phenomenal to the touch, but Ms. Rogue advertises herself as an oral specialist and it shows!  The way she handled herself down there was more incredible than anything I’ve felt before, and doubtless ever will again, outside of further visits of course.  Everything Ms. Rogue does makes you feel truly special.  I may be a nobody, but she made me feel like I could take on the world, and I truly appreciated my time with her.  Don’t pass her up, and don’t disrespect her or her talents.”

MsRogueSA – September 4, 2019

Thank you for such a beautiful review not only for that, but for such a wonderful evening as well. Ya know, you made me feel special as well hun!!! It’s just as important for me on my end as it is on ya’lls. and you are waaay more than a nobody i can tell ya!! As far as my speciality, guess it takes one that TRULY enjoys it, which I do!, but that’s how it’s been explained to me anyways lol I do look forward to building a friendship as well as a provider/client relationship with you. Thanks for your caring heart!

Bottomless Throat-Ms Rogue

MsRogueSA: Bottomless Throat – Ms. Rogue
Companion’s Handle: MsRogueSA
Date of Visit: 27 July 2019
Preferred Method of Contact:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Website, Ad, or Profile URL:
City, State: San Antonio, TX
Location: Northwest
Type of Visit: Incall
Was the Appointment On-Time?? Yes
Activities: DFK, Convo, DT, Russian, FIV, FIA, DATY, DATO
Scheduled Length of Visit: 1 Hour
Donation: $180 + 20 tip (Grandfathered Rate)
Approximate age of Companion: 40s
Hair Color and Length: Long red hair
Smoking Status: Smokes, but could not tell
Ethnic/Racial background: White
Companion Description: She’s super short, compact, busty and slutty. Bite sized cajun queen.
Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?? Yes
Would You Recommend this Companion?? Yes
Public comments:
Met at the agreed upon time in her discreet love nest. Left me TOTALLY satisfied. Highly recommend.
The rest of the story…
Ms. Rogue and I have been friends on another porn
 site for years, and we have had a provider/client relationship in the past, so we were able to make a love connection easily the same day. She reminded me of her room number after I arrived at her clean, discreet incall.
She greeted me with a DFK, and we made out like teens in the back seat. I quickly made my way down to eat her deliciously clean pussy (very sensitive clit) and inserted a few fingers just inside her twat to start to get her off. She dripped cum almost immediately on my fingers and onto my tongue. I managed to get four of my fat fingers in her **** before she came again.
She draped her head off the bed and let me fuck her face with my hand around her throat. Gents, she has NO gag reflex, so feel free to bang her skull freely (as I did). She really got off to having my dick balls-deep in her skull. When she came up for air, I grabbed her red hair and slammed her head up and down on my cock. I then teased the shit out of her by holding her head by her hair
so that her mouth could not eat my dick….just the tip of her tongue licked the tip of my dick….she moaned as if she was STARVING for my cock….but I just held her head so that my cock was JUST out of her reach. Then I slammed my cock back into her open throat.
She then go on top of me so I could fuck her amazing tits. I pushed them together while she hungrily licked my cock on each up-stroke. I finally blew my load on her beautiful tits and face while she eagerly ate my man juice off her chin and tits.

(Please note, The only way I have this was because this was sent to me to approve the review he did on me! this was the reason why I had the screenshots up, but having problems with pics with the errors on the site, so i just copied and pasted from our conversation)

Review By Bluzman: Couldn’t Get Enough Of This One

“Pics do not do her justice she’s really cute in person. Screening was easy and I just added some information on her website. Nice clean location with candles and everything was spotless.. wonderful welcoming kiss that put me right as ease. Rogue took her time which I really appreciated , her head game is incredible and I   could have gone over the edge anytime she wanted to put me there but she gave me the time to really enjoy the session . She’s a total gfe in a ver petite and tight package. Incredibly gifted to make you feel like your the king. Can’t wait to pass through Texas again soon just to get a little more of her. Treat her right please , this one is all 100 percent erotic if you give her the space to just be her.”

MsRogueSA – August 2, 2019

This was a wonderful suprise, i had to compose myself before i could type, you have now touched my soul, twice! 

 I want to thank you again. With you giving me that space, you gave me the chance to show you a side of me, that doesn’t get to come out to play that often. You gave me a gift that really meant alot to me, you allowed me the chance to  actually “spoil” someone, fulfilling the submissive part of me,…yea….that was great!!! For you to pick up on that, and be focused on what was REALLY important, ….simply said, it just came out to be a perfect session! The only regret I have is not being able to get out with you before you left. Thank you again!!

Review From Mozart124

“Great Body! Pix are for real. Shaved Kitty and Pierced Clit Very outgoing and friendly. After the screening MsRogueSA contacted me and we set the time and date. Arrive on time and was greeted at the door and welcomed in with a hug and a kiss.”

“We got rid of our clothes and she asked me what I had in mind. We went on from there. Did some groping and feeling around, Fingers in, very sensitive clit! After some DFK she went down on me. Best BJ I’ve ever had! She was ready for more and so was I but mr Dick wasn’t. Did the best we could after and it was wonderful. I’ll definitely be back again.”

Review From Revolution

“She was so inviting and very easy to talk to. Her oral skills were amazing. She completely sucked me dry and swallowed everything. It was the best head I have ever had. And then we relaxed and made out and had a good time”

Review From Flexson4

“Rogue is an amazing woman! She made me feel very comfortable right from the start.Her mouth is a gift from heaven, the way she blew me was nuts. I couldn’t take it! I nearly busted just from her head. We got completely undressed and I played with her gorgeous tits. We moved the party to missionary (covered) and that’s when I finished. Definitely recommend Rogue, I’ll be seeing her again very soon! She’s the best”

Review From Seemorebetter

“Had connected with Rogue a couple weeks prior to my visit to San Antonio. After she accepted my request following her screening on her website, we arranged to meet up after I landed at the airport. She gave me the address to her long stay motel and I arrived at our agreed upon time. She told me to come to her room where the door was left ajar. I walked in and she looks exactly like her pictures. She is a petite spinner and we started off with a nice long french kiss. After flying for three hours, I asked if I could shower and she got the shower ready for me and I quickly washed off. When I returned to her bedroom, she was already naked and waiting for me on her bed. I jumped on the bed and we made out like teenagers. Lot of tongue action as our mouths were locked together. I then began to suck on both her nice nipples. She has nice natural tits.” “Finally, I spread her legs apart and licked and at that pussy of hers.” ” She tasted fresh and clean and I got her to O a couple of times. Now it was her turn to pleasure me. She took my already hard cock in her mouth and slowly sucked it. She does give nice head, but I wanted inside her pussy, so she covered me and I took her in standing mish. I had her legs straight up on the sides of my head as I pounded her hard and deep. Finally I filled the cover. I dressed and we kissed one more time before I departed. I would see her again when in San Antonio again.”

Review From Traveler33

“She looked better than her pictures and her body felt like silk. This woman is amazing! I was very happy with her looks. She is better in person. I was a little awkward, but she had me relaxed in no time. The woman knows how to kiss and take care of you with her mouth like no other. Slurppy noises, wet, enthusiastic, unpretentious, and genuine. She made me feel like we were old friends in no time. No rushing. I asked her to see if I could try for a double pop and there was no hesitation from her Sooo… besides the mind-blowing oral, she has the best personality and positive energy coming from her. I will definitely be booking another appointment with her. Just remember, treat her with respect and I guarantee you will receive ten times back from her.”

Review From thegenerousman

“Very exotic looking features” “Just a total knockout body” “she is fit looking for her age’ “she was also alot of fun and very professional and accomodating.” “after checking her pics and contacting her, I needed to meet her” “I just needed to see her and see how good she was” “she actually was” “and to my luck, she was better than what I expected” “what a great body, nice and mature” “nice huge tits, with responsive nipples” “pussy was clean and fresh” “with a cbj, what a great sight seeing her pretty face go up and down on my cock!” ” decent amount of spit and paid attention to the balls” “she had some sexy moans that was a real turn on” “we got really hot and sweaty” “almost fainted and had to catch my breath for a minute” “I would definitely repeat with this mature goddess” “she knows how to tickle your pleasure buttons”

Short Review From Revolution

“Communication with her has been so easy and so professional I can’t wait to see her”

Short Review From Olderbuthorny69

“can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write this. She is without a doubt the best sexiest kisser around. A truly exceptional GFE. From the moment I stepped through the door she hopped on my lap and kissed me like a long lost lover. To say I can’t wait to see her again is an understatement.”

Short Review From ChocolateVixen

” Very hot nice and fun service would definitely go again”

Short Review From Tarheel46

“A very memerable time, was greeted with a smile and a kiss that never ended!

So glad I found her again….hope to see her again soon”

Review From Broadswoard: MsRogue Got Sum Titties

“TINY!!!!!!!” “She claims shes 4’10” but you could pack her in a suitcase” “she has a rockin little body and really enjoys what she does” “easy to talk to and really a nympho” “she’s very accomadating and took instructions well” “the way she handles her body and the way her body looks she could easily keep up with ppl half her age”

Review From Flinde: We Have A Winner

“SHORT! HUUGE Bazongonas! perky pink nips” “the pics don’t do MsRogue justice” “dicksucking is amazing, world class head bobbing, twisting, deep throat, suction, slobbering and swallowing, the whole tamale” “knew just how to suck the post cum sensitive dick” ” she managed to squeeze two loads down her throat in 20 mins” “she’s that good of a cocksucker” “ball work was first class” ” “she MADE LOVE to my asshole with her tongue” “no other words for it” “easy to schedule” “immacualate room” “two thumbs up” “one of the most pleasant, skilled, cock sucking sessions ive had in quite a while”

Review From Iloveoraland69:Oral With MsRogue

“A sexual dynamo packed in a small package” “pics are spot on accurate” “a safe incall location and her room was well kept” “greeted me with a hot passionate DFK” “Rogue started some toe curling BBBJ” “plenty of slurping and taking me all in” “quite skilled orally living up to her videos” “her kitty was clean and very tasty” “Rogue sucked me dry”

Review From FunguyinSA: Unwrapped My Christmas Present W MsRogue

“we kissed, clothes came off, got in the bed and continued to make out” “my time went passed the half hour” “after 45 mins of play we were both sweaty, so i jumped in the shower”

Review From Orale: Mini Tornado: A Blowing Experience

“She’s tiny with huge jugs” “The Chick can kiss” “She became a possessed Nympho” “DT all the way, no gag” “This tornado was relentless as she worked her lip, tongue and throat” “She is a jewel”

Never Disappointed by Zum_3 on MsRogueSA

Sep 27, 2020

Have spent a few times with this beauty and every time gets better and better. She’s a keeper for sure and worth it to spend your time with. As the title states, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Dahlin! I give it all I got babe! i don’t like being disappointed so i try my best not to disappoint. 

 Much love sweety

Give This Beauty Your Time by NJDaddy on MsRogueSA

Jul 13, 2019

Michelle aka MsRogueSA is 1 sexy lady, kind & caring. U can tell she puts her best in her efforts to give U pleasure. I’m sure she can be a classy lady if that’s your thing but me I like the dirty slut whore experience

Your the most awesome!!! I can go from classy lady to the sluttiest whore you ever wanted in less than a half a second flat! lol…I’ve very versitile, so no matter what anyones preferences are I right with ya!??? im just a perv that has one hellva high sex drive that literally NEEDS it all the time! lol And ive just always been a caring person, its that submissive in me. its who i am…

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