thank you

thank you for taking my only out, and using it as a tool against me, thank you for taking everything that ive had, down to my voice, and leaving me always sad. thank you for not even caring that i have cried out, and everything was in hope that you would just see how bad you all were hurting me, you can see if you wanted to, plain as day clear as blue, but instead you left me all alone no one to talk to no one that would give me hope. i hope you all are happy with what’s been done, as this morning my last no call no show ….and all the cancellations i was so excited to see, YOU TURNED YOUR BACKS AND TOOK THE LAST OF MY LIFE FORCE OUT OF ME, now with no motivation to continue, no one to care for. taking away all my joy, happiness, hope. eveyrthing i have tried to get all of you to see, was just turned around and used against me, you took the dick away, seeing peoples joy on the faces when i surprised, you took human connection and ran away from me, like i said everything was used agaainst me, so here ya go the only writing thaat you will find, is my last one to say thank you for all of you turning your backs and closing your eyes to my many cries of just not wanting to be hurt anymore. since you didnt like what i wrote, i broke and gave you the very last thing i cared for, my very last stand! haop you are happy that im left always sad. i hope you have accomplished what you all set out to do, leaving me feeling like im beat down, all black and blue….in my corner quiet i will stay, theres no more left in me to move or to have my voice anymore. 3:24pm

all of you special and deserving, you have done just what everyone else has done in my life, when its too of a bother, you turn around and walk away, turning your backs and leaving me all alone, so fucking predicatable i expect everryone to do the same damn thing that everyonen else has done that i have loved or cared for in my life…yea so special you are all are smh …thank you for showing me the sawme thing and taking what i loved and cared one more time away from me everyone in my life and everything ihave cared for and loved, TURNED THEIR FUCKING BACKS ON ME HOW COULD I NOT EXPECT OTHER WISE

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