The Ban On What’s Natural: Sex (Adult Literature)

Forget everything about me and work, look at me as the author that i’ve been all my life. Nothing else exist about me ok.

I’ve been trying for the longest time, to find a place for my writings to call home. Whether it’s about sex or whatever, because I write REAL….Things that have happened to me, around me, JUST REAL. I want to be able to put all of my writings in a place where i can see them all nice and pretty and neat, in catagories, that way i can start taking those chapters in my life and start putting my book together, and i can’t fucking do that!!!!!!!!!!! Not without worrying about somebody censoring REAL LIFE!!! FUCK IM SO DAMN FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW,

The most natural thing in the world, IS BANNED!!! I literally feel like this world has gone back like in the 50’s or some shit, i feel like my freedom of speech IS GONE!!! Because I can’t (without worrying if my writings are taken down) allow my creative nature no matter what it is, and being that i write about life, sex is inivolved in that!!! I am not allowed as an adult author to write MY LIFE STORY,….WHICH INVOLVES SEX DUE TO ALL THE TIME WORRYING ABOUT LOSING THE HOME I TRY TO FIND FOR MY WRITINGS…ALLL THEY WANT IS A PLACE TO CALL HOME!!!!!!!!!!

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