The Frechtown Road Urban Legend, I’m living proof!!!!

Thurs 3-12-2020 10:03 AM, I had been told that it might not be a good idea to keep this writing up, that it might attract the wrong kind of clients. But ya know what i’ve come to conclusion, WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I ASHAMED OF MY LIFE AND WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME. I’VE BEEN LIVING IN SHAME ABOUT THIS, WHY SHOULD I ALLOW ANYONE TO HAVE ANY CONTROL OR POWER OVER WHAT I FEEL? NO ONE HAS THAT POWER…ONLY ME!!!


where do i start it’s all come to me today, 38 years of my life, gone, i’ve lost my family, my kids, my friends, my everything over this real living urban legend. it started when i was 10. the house i was raised in, it’s right next door to beaver creek, the first mile down frenchtown road. Frenchtown road is located right outside of baton rouge, in small town of Central, thats where i was raised. Central finally now has it’s own school district, city hall, school buses. it’s become it’s own city. I haven’t been home i think this year makes 9 years now. even though the address it’s not baton rouge and its not central, it’s actually greenwell springs, la. I went to Saint Alphonsus Catholic Church that’s located right at the corner of the busy highway of greenwell springs road and frenchtown road. my whole dads side of the family is located down that road, starting with RIGHT ACROSS the street from the church, all up and down frenchtown road and planchet road. all through there, that’s ALL MY FAMILY. everybit of it lol…Frenchtown road is 5 miles long. and the house i was raised in is exactly to the mile marker, ONE MILE from the church. right next to the Creek, that’s the first bridge, because beaver creek, cuts through the road twice, so there’s two bridges. my family’s house was well known, because the front yard dipped, so when it flooded, it looked like it was part of the river. Now there are two rivers that flow into the creek, That’s the Amite River and the Comite River, and back in the 80s, on the Comite River, that’s where Lillan Axe, and Zebra used to play for free all the time, i was kid, i remember that. lol yea those were the days lol

Ya know, thinking back as a kid, my dad, he was raised on frenchtown road, i was raised next door to his parents, my grandparents. My grandmother had my dad when she was 40, they had just moved into their house within 6 months before my dad was born. back then, it was just dirt road. i can remember my dad freaking us kids out at the supper table, talking about being poor, cause he is the youngest out of 5 boys. He would tell us stories playing out in that creek, with no shoes on, when it had snowed, ummm the few times that it had snowed. That’s when dad would get off on his tanguns about moving to the mountains, freaking me out as a teenager. “where there’s no phones, or radios, or hair dryers” yea that’s dad. we used to take the 3 wheelers and go mud riding back there, close by the train trestles, but…i had heard the stories and i did not want to go no where near those train tressels.

When ya hear the stories, dad never believed them. or at least that’s what he would say. who knows. I know I’ve heard many of the tails, but i never thought about it, it never occured to me at all, that it was actually an urban legend. that i was living apart of. i mean this is so deep for me, because all my life it’s haunted me. i never needed to read any horror stories or watch any horror movies, i was living my own. and i can tell you, it’s not easy for me to write this. not at all, because i’ve lost my life over this story, so it’s one of great heart ache and pain.

about the stories, well….back then there was lots of talk about santanic worshipping, and there was supposed to be a little ole shack located at the dead end of frenchtown road and it gives hebbie jeevies talking about it, that shack was supposed to be there area, at the dead end where they held all these santanic worshipping stuff, there were words cant remember what they said now, spray painted on the road, and if i remember correctly they had been spray painted back wards, if i remember correctly, me….i stayed away from that shit, i didnt want no part of it, i had heard just what all i needed to hear, and i didnt want no part of that shennaginans lol uhh huhh nope not me lol….well…hmmmm The stories of cats and dogs being sacrificed on the train trestles in the back at the dead end. The stories of electronics not working, and just different things. I honestly, never dealt with it, because i stayed away from it. The best I could. I was aware of it,

And believe or not, i ended up being a Bible thumper, as they called me back then going to central middle and high with my Bible, praying in tongues and stuff. I written about all that some of my other writings that i’ve been working on trying to put together, the extension of this site, the sharepoint site which is me trying to put for a book, i guess.

on that fateful night in 1982, ET had came out, we all went to the movie theater, went to ET. my room, i shared with my little sister who is 8 years younger than me. my room was located in the back on the corner. where there is a window facing the road, and a window facing the back, where the creek is My momma had set up my room is Holly Hobbie, the curtains were very thin. You can see through them. I was in the fourth grade. And i was one that never slept anyways, sleep never came easy for me. Well that night, we had came home from the movie, I dont remember ET ever making an “impression” on me so to speak, i dont think i thought twice about the movie actually. While laying in the bed, we had twin beds, all of sudden i see this face at the back of my room window. and you can only imagine, i was TEN! I was totally flipped out, i hid under my covers, and i’d wait a few mins. and i’d peak my little head out, and it would show up again. like it would move to the side, like you have your back against the wall, and move your neck around to see. yep….

i’m gonna tell you, these details i’ve suppressed them. They are very scary for me. even at 48. They are real life. And this THING, this demon, it’s strong, its real, it’s horrific just horrible. just horrible this thing. and i can feel it aroud me. and that’s what’s been haunting me so bad. so this is so so so very hard for me to write this, this is the first time ever that im speaking of this in such a detailed account.

That night, after a few times of covering my head, and peaking my head out, and it’s still being there. i slithered out my bed like a snake, like not to be noticed right. and i crawled to my parents room. still crawling, i went to my moms side of the bed. and i woke her up. and i told her that someone was at my window peaking in my window. We had storm windows so there’s two sets of windows. like you couldnt see in the windows during the day cause of the storm windows but at night with the lights on, you could see my room from the road. So mom wakes up dad, and as funny as it is now, it wasnt then, he got up in his tighty whiteys and grabbed the 357, and went out the back door, and he had it cocked and ready to shoot. but there was no one there……again….there was no one there. so dad told me, maybe it’s just kids, teenagers partying at the creek, cause there was always ppl under the bridge partying at the creek. so that was it was chalked it off to be.

But it never stopped for me. it kept happening every night. ok on the back of the house, it was my window, then the dual air conditioner unit and then my parents window to their room. it was like i could see this shadow person, this man, would be on the slab of the air conditioners with his back against the wall, and you could see his leaning up like looking towards my way. i would go to the window and i would look, just frozen in fear about this, but i guess i was always one that had balls in my family. i had the guts to go up to window and still look and try to figure this out.

now remember i was in the fourth grade, right. i started finding out, i dont remember how, but i started researching the philadelphia experiement. and when i started learning about that, my God, it just seemed to fit right. i was 10 years old, trying to figure out about how someone could occupy two dimensions at one time. And this is exactly the beginning my research and studies through out my life, this is where it began for me. but it seemed to fit it seemed to make sense. in my little head i couldnt quiet figure it out, but it made sense to me.

i knew i couldnt really go back to my parents and talk about this any longer, after that first night, my mom asked a couple of times, i think i shrugged it off, i think maybe i may have mentioned it a time or two in passing, but i knew better because of all the teenagers that partyed under the bridge, i knew dad would take another thought about it. so the next thing i knew to do, i went to my bus driver, and i talked to her about, and that night after i talked my bus driver about it. in my little ten year old mind, i wrote this note, right. in this note i had put they needed to leave my window alone, and that i had told my bus driver and my parents and everything and to leave me alone that i would call the cops. As the tears roll down my face right now, it seems so childish ya know, thinking back on all this. so i went to the laundry where my mom kept the masking tape to wrap meat with when we put meat up, deer meat up and everything. i went and grabbed and i snunk the back door later on that night right before 8 when i was supposed to be in bed and i had taped this note onto the screen ok, the screen with the masking tape. it was open it wasnt folded ok. i had put two pieces of masking tape on the top of the paper, to stick it good on the screen. later that night after my parents went to bed at 10. not long after that, 30 mins to an hour, i laid there so stll, frozen still, my whole tense, scared to death. ……all of a sudden, i seen this shadow, this face, the one i always saw, it was the first time i had seen a hand, the shadow of one, and slowly but surely, i heard the tape come off the screen. i just froze, i almost pissed in my bed, but i was so frozen scared that i couldnt even do that. and i sat there, covers up to my neck, just frozen watching this hand peel this note off the screen of my window.

needless to say i didnt sleep that night. so the next morning i jumped out of the bed when the alarm sounded, and i ran out the back door, to go see. and there it was laying on the ground. just laying there, the taped wasnt messed up, it wasnt folded it was just by my window laying there, no dew on it, like i had just walked by and had just dropped it, it shouldve had dew on the paper, it didnt and it had been all night long. so that freaked me out, more than you can know.

so that was the beginning, over the years, my mom and i fought bad bad, hard fucking fights. bad fights, i thought i just a rebellious teenager, i cant tell ya looking back, i cant. that was 82, 1983 came and the 100 year flood took place. it flooded the house out, 4 feet, and my grandparents place, which had never been flooded, 14 inches that year. i can remember GOD, the creek was a river, dad was bitching and screaming at everyone flying down frechtown road, cuz of the waves of the water going into the house. that was august of 83 micheal jackson’s thriller album was at the top of the charts. So we moved in next door and stayed at my grandparents, went to greenbrier elem. and had started fifth grade. turned 11, started my period and had sex for the first at 11, so i guess what im saying, life went on. never really thought to much about it all. kids would come over riding their bikes up and down frenchtown road, from georgejays subdivision, but us kids, we were never allowed to go up and down frechtown road, it was death trap, with all the curves, going down the road really fast like everyone would do.

so fast forwarding, the fights with mom and i were bad, we are so much alike, umm to strong willed hard headed ass females in the house, boy dad had his hands full between us two. neither one of us would give in, i get it honestly ill tell ya, and so do my kids needless to say…well, during this time backwards masking was going on. and i was listening to ozzy osbourne bark at the moon, and juda priest and my first heavy metal tape was motely crue’s shout at the devil. so we go to this non demonational church in baker about this backwards masking deal with the records. how you spin the records backwards and there was supposed to be devil submilional messages when you spun the records backwards. So mom figured out about my records and started breaking my records and not allowing me to have any skulls or anything that had to do with Goth or “Valley Girl” yesss i went thru that phase also, “like gag me with a spoon man” lmao…yes i went through it lol i could think of other things, but im keeping this writing clean lol humm ok lets try anyways lmao…

well, what im going at is something i never could speak about, and i cant tell you how horrific this was still is for me to ever think about much less, to say to anyone much less to put it out here in public, i mean this is so unbelieveable. right ummm i was 15, my dad had noticed i was wearing some skull earrings while my mom was at work, and he came into my room and grabbed some stuff out my room, well, the rest of the stuff i had i went into the closet and hid all my stuff, cigerettes, lingerie and some other stuff heavy metal tapes, UNDER THE CARPET in my closet, yea i know slick well i went and hid all that stuff under the carpet in the closet, i didnt realize it, but dad was outside cutting grass, and he spied on me at the back window and saw me doing this, therefore busting myself right. well next thing i know he came storming in my door and freaking grabbed it all, im like damn man, my lingerie lmao…damn it man…yea yea that was me lmao…so he went and put it all in his closet and locked their bedroom door. he had went back to cutting grass. and i as a rebellious teenager, was trying to get into the room. and (omg i havent spoken this) and i dont know what came over me, i just wanted into that room, so i went into the hallway bathroom, and i grabbed a hairpin, and i was trying to open the door, and i dont know i said something to the fact of “let me in and you can have my soul” or something like this, i dont even know where that came from when i said that, i still cant figure that out. but as soon as i said whatever i said, i really cant even remember, the door it just opened…bam just that easy right. well i got into the room, and i went to my dads closet and i went to grabbing stuff to bring back into my room, and yes of course dad busted me straight up in his closet. …..i honestly i dont know where all this came from, thinking back, i guess it just took over, like. i thought i was just being a rebellious teenager, but apparently. it’s more than that.

so after that, it seemed like for a couple of weeks, my mom and i were at each other’s throats, quite literally i might add. as hard as we would fight, it was worse. my mom finally sat me down in her room one night and talked to me, and i told her i didnt know what was wrong, why. and i had told her what i had done, and i told her that i didnt know why i said that or where it came from. so we immediately put me on the prayer lines and we grabbed the bible, took the “roman road” to save my soul. so we prayed and i went back to praying in tongues, and so was she. and we were wore out that night, cause we worked really hard with saving my soul that night. so exhausted, i was finally sent to bed.

ummm…i got woke up at 3 am, and momma taught us that 3 am was the darkest hour…umm this is the hardest thing for me to type out ok this is fucking me up right here, it’s bad really bad for me, ummm….i woke up to this heavy THING ontop of me grabbing my right titty, i coudnt see it though, i started to sream, and i felt pressure on my chest keeping me from screaming, and i felt weight of this i dont know thing, ummm omfg umm i felt something not human rape me umm my arms were held up above me, and umm i felt this thing raping me and i couldnt move i couldnt sream i couldnt scream ummm. i couldnt breath…it was suffocating me..omg and umm i could feel when it came when it finished, umm it was on my leg so it was real ejulate semen…umm it lasted i dont know a few mins, i know it when it finished it was like just omfg sighs…ummm it was just like air it just lifted off of me,matter fact when it lifted off my chest, ummmi was in mid sream, i was screaming that bloody murder high pitched scream, that you never want to hear from your kids ya know, wake my mom up of course, no one else knew about this, i mean umm i lived with this all of my life, i mean you cant go telling counslers something like this, that you couldnt see this monster thingy but you could feel every bit of it, no one else knew..

this is where ive got to stop right now, i cant go any farther with these stories right now, there’s plenty more, it woke my mother up, calling out her name, in a raspy voice, i helped her thruough that, it apparently raped my little sister as well, but i cant get involved in those details, im still trying to deal with this.

umm i will say this much, whatever was going on down there at the back of the road, these sacrifices they fed this demon and manifested it. its real its real cause all of you thats been reading my blogs, ive been trying all my life to figure this out and and so happens yesterday im talking with someone and ummm we finally get to the root of my problem, here’s ther thing though just when i googled up frenchtown road santanic, and found what i found this isnt gonna be easy to get rid of. this demon it’s taken 38 yrs of my life. it gets mad, that’s whats been going on. im not possessed its attached, ummmi cant just go to any priest with this, this is have to dealt with very very carefully and knowing my heritage of louisiana i’ve got to account and be aware of the voodoo and hoodoo and all that goes with my hereitage .

i refuse to go back to the house because i had another demon attach itself to me when i went back for my uncles furnal and when i went to longbeach ms it turned on the heater in the middle of summer and shit and on halloween it killed a friends of mines albino pet rat. that year. so i cant go back there, this depths of what ive gone through and how to handle this situation so i can be free from this thing im not dealing well with all this, i dont kow how to handle this ….this is not made up this is not fiction this is real my real life horror i cant even grasp all of this i dont kow i m so lost i dont know what to do.

this author, his from baton rouge, he has written about frenchtown road, just to see the picture, the train trestles im spooked the living fuck out. you can read the facts it’s fucked up.

i hope he doesnt mind the screenshot, and the only reason why im doing is because i know alot of you are freaking lazy and wont go read this, so im putting in front of your faces like i do anyways lol. cause i know already you wont click on that link until you at least see this much!!!! ha yea, see i know yall lmao

this is just some of the blog and i get a headache looking at this, i cant even read it.

i need to find out how to take care of this thing, it’s taken my family, my kids, my friends, its taken my whole life away from, me, i cant piss this fucker off without being prepared correctly….i mean ummmm who would have ever in their life think theat they were a part of a real life horror story, welp, im LIVING PROOF OF FRENCHTOWN ROAD URBAN LEGEND THAT I DID NOT KNOW WHAT A LEGEND…


ill be continuing this this is just the start of my stories

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