The Never Ending Battle of Wills

21 Mar, 2019

Ok so I’ve been inspired once again, This battle of wills to EARN and GAIN the respect of each one of you….it’s put my ass through enough hell ok…For example, them blogs that came from that one client here what a couple of weeks again, the ones that’s titled “let’s live life on the edge” about the client that him and i were going round and round about bare back full service, well….i won that man’s respect, this morning i saw him, i gave him another chance…not a word about bare back, and i guess he wanted to feel and find out just how tight my pussy REALLY is cuz he asked for a condom, and he found out AND mentioned just how tight i was, cuz of the small difficulty getting it in at first….i won that man’s respect so much so, i flipped when i did go pick up the money, and found a $70 tip with my donation. That shit made me cry big time.

But, i want to bring a lil of my reality of what y’all are doing when you do this…LITERALLY EVERY MAN i have gone through this with since I’ve been working here, they will tell you, cuz i sure don’t have to, they put me to the fucking test and put me through hell, and with each one, i got that respect. but ya;ll are literally killing me with this kind of shit here….causing me more gray hairs that both of my kids have done and what I have gone through and done to myself to cause myself grey hair, ya’ll are putting me in the ground over this kind of shangangains!!! And see, when you read “What is to be a spiritually awakened Empath” and you see what i literally was going through while i was reading this, ya’ll are doing some kind of major hurt inside me and causing such an impact of some major pain that i haven’t even had the respect to be allowed to come to terms with yet, much less the time to do so. i just keep stuffing it down and ignoring what is there and I’m just gonna blow the fuck up and it’s just gonna get worse the longer I’m not given the time to deal with it along with continuely doing this to me.

im gonna give yall some insight about me. BEING STRONG WILLED AND DETERMINED…THIS IS MY VERY NATURE, ITS ALWAYS BEEN THERE, BOTH OF MY KIDS GET IT FROM ME….. HONESTLY….TO SAY THE LEAST. LOL….it never has mattered what it was, even when i flat out refused to shuck corn when i was 15 (i may have even been 14 not sure), and i looked at my dad, told him so, and being that i was punished all the time, dad looked at me, he said, three licks or punishment Michelle,….my lil 4’10 1/2″ ass looked allll the way up to him, and just said….three licks dad..

(and yes I’ve been 4’10 1/2″ since i was 12 till about 5 yrs ago now, when I lost that half inch, which btw was fucking important to me)

didn’t know that motherfucker was gonna go to the shed and pull out a 3 foot already stained base board and break that mother fucker on my ass lmao…..nowww…im gonna tell ya’ll, i didn’t shed a fucking tear! ya wanna what i did???? AGAIN, i looked alllll the way to that motherfucker…and told him…dad…im aint shucking no fucking corn, ill cream shit out of it, but i ain’t shucking no corn….AGAIN he gave me the choice, three licks or punishment michelle? AGAIN, i answered…three licks dad…by the time he was done with me, that fucking base board, was NOT even a foot long much less the three feet he came out with…And if your wondering if i shucked corn that day…NOPE….BUT I COULDNT SIT DOWN EITHER!!!!! ROFLMAO

NOW, like i said, my kids get it honestly. lol and to all you men that just keep trying to test my will, you gonna find out, when i get tested, it just makes me more detemined which is the opposite, of what your actually going for…lmfao…so what all you fuckers are doing, is fucking yourselves lmao and pissing me off when id rather be pissed on lmao

so im here ta tell ya, im not yer average everyday ole hag street hoe, ok….ima bitch that will stand up to any man, if i feel the need to put myself in those shoes…im gonna be respected one or the other, we can this one of two ways…like i told my kids, the hard way or the easy way, i prefer things to be done easily and very simply. but if you want to continue to test my will and continue to have the battle of wills in order to gain each mans resect that i come in contact with…we can do that too, cuz im not the kind of bitch that will bow down and cower to nobody, you need to know that ….but you might end up losing the chance to gain a loyal friend. so think about all this when you trying to test my boundaries and my will….

and while I’m here talking about never ending battle of wills between men and me…its been two weeks of hardly any work, 2 weeks, that I was put through hell, i went through my birthday with not one of being around or at least telling me happy birthday, i have gone through this week, with eating very little and worried about rent, and with no sleep cuz i was worried my ass off, now that rent got paid today, and i made a call to be dicked down good to be made to be put to sleep…,,,when I wake to 50,000 KIDS SCREAMING AT ME “I WANT I WANT I WANT” when I can finally go eat and can finally be full as a tick, y’all need to put yourseleves in fucking check. you wanna see me…your best bet is not to say a damn word, cuz words are cheap, and just fill out that screening form and SHOW ME!!!! cuz remember, ive put my life on hold for the last 2 yrs doing yall…my ass is doing me now…need to come to terms with the fact that I’m not the a kind of woman ya’ll have met in your lives have met before and that I’m not no damn fucking hoe and be classified in the category ,,,,shyyyt, you can’t put me in any kind of category anyways…but you cant categorize me as a typically hoe, i choose to do this, cuz i got bored and i like to fuck besides my purpose, so put yourselves in check and treat me as i should be treated..WITH CLASS AND RESPECT!!!! or ill be the one making sure your put in check, cuz im about tired of this shit of proving myself to every freaking tom, dick and harry i come across in my life. especially doing this.

have a good night all

much love


10:17 PM


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