The Night I Experienced Hell On Earth, taunted psycholoical

This night ill never forget, you cant ever forget something like this.and being that 3-19 through 3-21 A YEAR AGO EXACTLY..i was with some much negativity and bad spiritual stuff thrown at me that i went through . Please take notice of these shots becauses this is like a guide or something like that for what’s happening now.

To set the story last night i was made to grovel and beg on twitter, situations would push into direction of having to disgrace myself begging for rent. and people play dirty tricks and just awefully mean, wait till 7 pm when the office was to pay me what i was owed. it was a lot of stuff…i was desparte scared about the roof over my head..and i mentioned about trying to get my content together to sell..welll of course that led to trolls, making me send samples then telling me “i wanted “this” or i worked through out the night just because told me….get these and ill get them from you tomorrow” all to turn around and totally crushed telling me..”oh i dont use money apps, they are rip off” just hateful shit like that..even though i told everyone the prices and everyting, its they had to get to repeat myself just PLAIN OUT FUCKING WITH ME AND JUST TOYING WITH ME OK..

All the while…all a sudden….this starts im trying to make my vids and im going through all of this all at one time…but to take notice to all of this, the syptoms all of it…and i want to remind you..


one last thing…that picture of me being in the shower, and eating toast in shower, ummi cant hardly look at that picture, it fucks me up everytime. the air was littely hurting my skin, well first…ITS NOT THAT HOT FIRE THAT WE ALL THOUGHT IT WAS….IT’S COLD AS FUCK!!! AND I WAS BURNING FROM INSIDE OUT!!! this is pretty fucked up for me ONE YEAR AGAO I HAD ALL THAT SHIT HAPPENING smh…and i NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THIS THIS WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE GOING TROUGH THIS ..NOW

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