The Oral Specialist Experience

I’ve been meaning to do this for a minute now and with everything that’s been going on, it’s honestly been slipping my mind. Until just a minute ago when it was brought up to me again. I have been asked what your experience would be like and what’s expected. From both, experienced hobbiest that’s curious as well as the new comers. And I also know, there’s several of you who have come in from out of town that would like to know and be rest assured that your trip would not be one of dissappointment for you. And In all actuality, all the questions and doubts and everything , thats exactly how the “Home Page” got written. lol So thats what to expect as well….Obviously for several reasons there won’t be anything explict in this blog. Sorry…And besides, everyone is different, so can’t all be expected to be the same and that would get boring and ruin surprises lol.

Typical Mixed With Spontaneity

Ok, sooo…I guess we are just gonna do this…the Cajun Way…. With me,….ya gotta think of the recipe here lol…ya looking at throwing in ADHD, OCD, Being a Perfectionist as well as being an Empath into the Gumbo Pot all together, and for some lagniappe (means “extra” for those that don’t know what that meant), we are gonna throw in sum Spontaneity for dat added “spiiiice” ???? With that said, MOST things HAVE TO BE DONE IN A CERTAIN WAY, or I just won’t function well at all. ???

The ADHD/OCD/Perfectionist Mix

From the beginning with you first contacting me to the end, walking out my door. I’m gonna break things down for you, so that I can ENSURE that YOU get the absolute BEST POSSIBLE Experience with me that I can give to you. Whether you see me once or a million times, it does NOT change at all. I’m also gonna give ya’ll some tidbits that ya’ll don’t realize about me. This way you can understand it all about how I go about doing things and what works best for me. Also, this way…. ..You KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO EXPECT AND HOW THINGS GO….EVERY TIME!!!

Tidbit #1:

Any one that has ADHD, you can NOT just spring a time up on that person! As in the “Right Now Thing” as I call it….You HAVE TO GIVE ME A TIME FRAME! I do best when given a specifc time and date and length of your visit.

This way, it’s efficent, I can answer you right off the bat, neither one of our times our wasted….and most importantly, my ass doesn’t spin out of control in a panic attack thinking about everything all at once that I have to get done…seriously ???

Tidbit #2:

For me, part of my “high,” “rush,” “excitement,” “enjoyment” is getting dressed FOR YOU!!!! Especially for the first meet, THAT’S my “adrenaline junkie rush” that part of me I mentioned in My Bio, that wyld chyld in me. The Rush of not knowing “exactly” who I’m meeting with. Even though, I thoroughly screen everyone, I still don’t KNOW exactly who I’m meeting with. Which is the part of my getting dressed for you….the excitement of being left in “wonderment” as I’m putting my make up on, which is the “sensuous” part of me thats coming out at this point. I get excited and think about you coming as I’m getting dressed. ……And then also, this can be exactly when my “spontaneous” part will tend to come out to play. Ya know, It’s like all of sudden something just may pop up into this crazy head of mine. And normally I’ll be like….“hmmmm…welll i can probably do this REAL QUICK…oh and wait! yea i THINK i can do this and this….and have it done before he gets here.” At which point, you walk in to a lil gesture, or just a lil ” summin summin” that I have done….JUST FOR YOU! THIS IS LITERALLY MY TYPICAL ME ON THE REAL!!!!!

Unfortunately, MY REALITY….I’m running around here, like a chicken with my head cut off, going 90,000 MPH to NOTHING, sweating my ass off, notifications on my phone blowing up, me shaking and screaming into the phone “can you plleeeease leave me the fuck alone so i can get dressed for my visit, pleeeeease” while i’m in between doing clothes and getting them from down stairs and getting the last minute preparations done for you….crying while im putting my make up on…and by the time, i can get everyone to listen to me and i can get quiet it in here……GUESS WHAT???!!! YOU SHOW UP 30 MINS EARLY!!!!!!!!!! This means, No time for small awesome surprises when you walk in there, so that “I” can see that smile and that look on your face that i’m going for when you come in….

Just an FYI: Since I started doing these kinds of “little things” when i was married at 16, ONLY LESS THAN A HANDFUL OF MEN HAVE LET ME SUPRISE THEM! MEN TEND TO RUIN THIER OWN SURPRISES, BY HAVING NOT HAVING PATIENCE…AND JUST HAVING TO KNOW WHAT I’M UP TO LOL…IT SUX! LOL And Please don’t take any of this in a wrong way, I’m going into details about all this so that you CAN KNOW AND UNDERSTAND….That I fully am thrilled to death and tinkled pink ( when i cant stand pink lol) to see your face genuinely light up with that wicked crooked grin that yall usually have about yall selves. I’m letting you know the inner thoughts of me, This is all my sensuous side. And if maybe I can help ya’ll out with explaining this to ya’ll so that ya’ll can understand where i’m at…Then just MAYBE this lil side of me, can come out and play more often..and this is to also explain to those that have gotten their ears full during this time. Hopefully, this can help BOTH of us. …Ya’ll would sure get surprised more often ???

Tidbit #3:

NO MATTER WHAT, you may see me going through on Twitter or whatever, when it comes time to you walking in my door, THE WORLD FUCKING STOPS! THAT’S IT!!!!! When you walk in MY door, i don’t care what the fuck is going on, IT CEASES!!! If your not following me on social media and all that good mess, when you come in, you would NEVER FREAKING KNOW that I was going through anything!!! My writings, social media, all of these things, YOU CAN NOT BASE ME FROM THESE AREAS…THESE ARE MY OUTS!!!!!! I DON’T GO NO WHERE, I DONT HAVE ANYONE TO TALK TO, I HAVE TO HAVE AN OUT SOMEWHERE!! someone brought up to me cuz what he saw on Twitter…”The GFE Experience” VS “the bitchy wife experience”, first that really hurt me bad, secondly, he missed out!

Here’s why….Because I don’t go anywhere, i stay in this room and I do nothing but WORk ….for ya’ll….i do this for ya’ll….when you are coming to visit with me, NOT ONLY IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU,,,,,BUT I NEED THIS, MAYBE WHO KNOWS, MORE SO THAN YOU DO! It’s my ONLY TIME to have ANY KIND OF HUMAN CONNECTION, TO BE ABLE TO CONVERSE WITH A HUMAN INSTEAD OF A COMPUTER…I HONESTLY NEED AND DEPEND ON YOUR VISITS, and you can tell when i’m not having visits, i get extra cranky and all…So……THIS IS FOR THE BOTH OF US! Which means, YOU DEFINITELY GET TREATED DAYYYYYMN GOOD HERE!!!! Thats a fact!!! ??I do it RIGHT, it’s done Cajun Style!!! ???

Tidbit #4:

And this why I’m going into so much detail for ya’ll, the MORE COMFORTABLE I CAN HAVE YOU BEFORE YOU COME IN, THE BETTER OFF BOTH OF US WILL BE. Seriously, the less nervous you are, the better for both us. Being An Empath, and depending on just how nervous you are coming in, im gonna automatically pick up on your energies, not ONLY that, I’M GOING TO GO THROUGH THE SAME THING AND FEEL THAT SAME NERVOUSNESS THAT YOU ARE FEELING. Depending on how nervous you are, my body will start to vibrate and shake from getting your energies, and I’M THE ONE that is supposed to be making sure your perfect and all comfy. I don’t know if this could help anyone out with this, to look at it “this way”….ummmm…..i don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m meeting and making new friends..very literally lol…well….just kinda soooo happens that well….i mean, i have to be fed in the process ???????????? I can’t help it okayyy lol its an addiction… and i get hungry BAAAD and then I just can’t help it.??????????????

Your Experience Explained

First Time Visitors

USE THIS WEBSITE, It IS a tool for you to use, to say it like that, Said another way, I use this website as my journal, I enjoy working on this website, this is going to be VERY HONESTLY, THE BEST WAY TO GET TO KNOW ME ALL OF ME, INTIMATELY, PERSONALLY, EMOTIONALLY,,,,EVERYTHING IS IN THIS WEBSITE, I LITERALLY LAY MYSELF OPEN AND POUR MYSELF INTO THIS SITE FOR YOU TO GET TO KNOW ME. …PLEASE REFER BACK TO THIS WEBSITE, IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OR CAN’T REMEMBER OK Hell, this site is made to continue to come back to, im always doing something on it, learning or trying to. i didnt make this site HUGE for nothing lol…If there’s something that’s not answered in here, yesss by all means, please do contact me.

Simply Fill Out The Screening Form: I need a MINIMUM of THREE hours, to complete your screening and see you at the EARLIEST. Please fill it out correctly and don’t lie ok…Anything that you need to tell me, your wants, desires, what your looking for, any scheduling, times NOT to contact you, ALL OF YOUR WHATEVERS, go ahead and put it in the comments section. Whatever YOU feel that I should know, want me to know, all of it, now, please don’t be explict in detail know what I mean

I will confirm BY EMAIL with you that I have recieved your screening form, and will let you know what i’m looking at as far as timing on getting it done and that I will contact you back as soon as it’s done. I WILL contact you ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. If I happen to say I can’t, I’m sorry, I WILL NOT ANSWER WHY, ON THE FILP SIDE, I WONT GIVE OUT DETAILS EITHER WAY. Now, I have and do consider what I’m looking at and will talk with you about whatever….I deal with everything, VERY FAIRLY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, AND IS SOLELY DONE INDIVIDUALLY BASED. And very honestly, I’ve given quiet a few people that had been blacklisted for little of nothing, chances, without them knowing it, that I wouldve counteracted their blacklistings….only for them to be NOW BLACKLISTED TWICE!!!! see what i mean, i cant tell you anything, thats protocol, not gonna do it, BUT… I WILL DO WHAT I CAN FOR YOU, Just Don’t lie to me and don’t come to me with any kind of bad intentions. I will go out of my way to try to move mountains for anyone, all you gotta do is communicate with me. Just don’t fuck me over, Ill do everything I can. im too damn good hearted and treat everyone right for anyone to feel that they need to fuck me over…AND THIS IS WHY I CAN BE VERY TEMPERMENTAL ok…..

Once approved: I’ll email you letting you know that I’m done, Here’s the next steps I’m gonna tell you: Confirm with me TWO HOURS PRIOR to your appointed time. That confirms BOTH OF US are still good to go, at that point ill give you my address…i also suggest, unless while your own your way here, I pop up and go ahead and give you my number, to have a draft ready saying that your here. to send WHEN YOU GET HERE, NOT BEFORE!

Here’s why, if i tell you my room and your not looking where i tell you, you will get confused. and secondly, ill crack my door so you don’t have to knock, be aware though, I WILL ONLY LEAVE IT CRACKED FOR LESS THAN A COUPLE OF MINS, ITS DOESNT TAKE LONG TO GET TO MY ROOM

You DO NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING besides you arriving as calm as you possibly can. THATS IT!!! If you need to shower, you jump right on in, rinse off, Unless you would to enjoy some wine or champagne and maybe some crackers and cheese, or chocolates, even have had chocolate strawberries. YA NEVER CAN GO WRONG WITH CHOCOLATE LMAO. I do enjoy ALL wines, and a more sweet champagne. im really easy going and versitle, AND VERY VERY VERY DOWN TO EARTH. ….YOUR JUST “HOME” HERE, COME IN AND RELAX. I mean, It’s cool as hell….IF YOU BE COOL, THATS IT

This is what you absoultely HAVE TO KNOW THOUGH....DON’T come in here OR go to leave from here, WITHOUT GIVING ME MY HUG AND KISS HELLO AND GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

“THE” Experience

Hmmm, to explain this one lol…Ok so, do ya’ll realize that for the most part, the title that’s in my ads has always been literally the descriptions that I’ve gotten about the experience. LOL “Senseous” “Euphoric” “suck your soul right out of you” “magical” “magic mouth” Heaven” Right now as I’m trying to describe this, I just got this big ass grin on my face lol…Because, don’t ask cuz I just don’t know what I’m doing what ya’ll say that I’m doing or how I do it, okayyy, I just do it, and don’t think about it, cuz i literally get involved into it,and really, normally ya’ll have to pull me off..I tend to get excited get a lil fast sometimes, tell me slow down… men, think about asking all these kinds of questions instead of just ‘letting the flow roll’ and letting things happen…ya’ll gotta be just dicatating shit all over the place…and im sitting here trying to busy lmao…I mean, I would have to be a man to understand, but I tell ya what, I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IM DOING TO YOU, HOW I’M DOING AND EXACTLY WHEN I WANT TO DO…AND I MEAN EVERY LAST BIT OF THAT SHIT LOL…if I just wanna have you dangling there for a min off that edge, while I’m pulling out the primal of yours, well, that’s exactly what the fuck i”m gonna be doing! If you feel the need, to take ahold my head, and drive, you got the steering wheel,…no problem!!! go from making love to a massive skull indention. so it’s on you. lol and look, just lay there, don’t even try to be getting up for a min, warm wash cloth and me snuggling up to you. You don’t get kicked out, remember this IS my time to! lol So unless you HAVE TO Go, you not going no where lol….

What am I gonna be wearing? First visit, casual that’s a rule of thumb. what’s my place look like? so this where im a post a few little pics but I mean, that ‘s about really…i’m just a normal person, thats not so normal lmao…ya’ll know the lights are back up from the pics I just posted on the Gallery Page.

I mean honestly, as long as NO ONE puts anymore stress ontop of me, you just dont’ do or say things your not supposed to, when you come in here, yes in deed, I have ME a couple of balls, while you have you a couple of blast. I mean its pretty simplied, yea cuz yall just need to stop playing all these damn fucking childish games, that urks me death, id be busy lol

My Returning Friends That Visit: same thing, MINUMIM 2 HR notice, that lets me take care of everything and not hurt my back, all you need to do email me,

Misc Info

Hectic Schedules: if you have a unique situation or your job or hectic schedule may be kinda crazy and its hard to go by what I’ve specified, all you gotta do is let me know, I’ll do what I can to help you out.

Late Hours: I do stay up late and even though I don’t put it in my ads, if you need during late night hours, no problem, just give me advanced noticed BEFORE the end of my availabilty

Truck Drivers: I don’t want you missing out on the fun! There IS room for your trucks where I’m at .

One last tidbit; I say what i mean and mean what i say ok…Please when you put your own definitions to my words or answer me by a question it only takes up time, If i ask you how long it will for you to get here, that did mean to answer with an interrsection or road, i do NOT know the area, If i ask to confirm the time of the appt, please dont come back with asking where im located, and since your at work and cant get back to your email quickly to answer me again…..this only holds scheduling others up and im just sitting waiting on you.

As Far as the way things are done, IT NEVER CHANGES, STAYS THE SAME!

If you want to go out, instead of staying in here, sure lets go juke jointing. I love to dance, go to out to eat, comedy club, concerts, hell i tell ya what, went to a basketball game here, well, i don’t remember the score, we were scoring in all the damn family restrooms that we could hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …about an hour time..thats seems fair to me…i mean, im trying to intergrate it ALL for me…cuz this what I ya know, it’s a different for me,

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2 thoughts on “The Oral Specialist Experience”

  1. Well you’ve convinced me you’re absolutely beautiful and fun on two legs I’m in California Long Way from you telling you I’d love to meet someday but chances are it will never happen the wishing you all the best and a very good day

    1. Ya know, it’s awesome to know that I’m actually reaching out to everyone “far and wide” I can not begin to express what all of your comments truly mean to me. I want you to know, that i have so much more in the works right now. So that I can reach out to those that I can not meet with. I do have content that I can sell. I thinking about doing a “drop box or one drive” deal with my content…im writing a blog right about all the legailities that are involved with everything. I just beg for yall just to give me a little bit of patience. you may not “see it” in the fore front but i can promise you, it’s in the works, for example, while looking for a hosting server to put my site back up, I still have my “” domain, I paid two years on that domain already, ok. So when I got with redumbrella hosting, i got my plan to hold at least TWO domains, and can up my plan so that i can hold five domains. that way i can keep the escorting and eveything else that is in the works and planned separate. I KNOW that it’s hard for ya’ll and i KNOW ya’ll have had alot of patience already,but please, just know, that it’s all coming right around the corner. cuz I SO WISH I COULD MEET EVERYBODY AND SHARE THE LOVE.

      For the time being if you would like to get with me personally, if you are wanting to buy some content, I do have some thats “ready” to sell, it’s the legal stuff that’s holding me back from putting it all “out there”, atm….Thank you for taking the time out to share your thoughts with me and for the well wishes. Thank you so much! Much love, licks, and well wishes back for you hun!!!! Muah! xoxo Rogue

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