The Oral Specialist:The Story

You would think that it was me who came up with my brand. This is NOT the case! So I think I’d share the story of how it all began and how the “The Oral Specialist” came to be. the story is ….ALL RESISTENCE, NOTHING BUT ISOLATION, GOING HUNGRY CONTINUAL STRESS WHO IS GONNA THREATENN MY LIFE NEXT OR TRY TO USE EXORT ME WHEN I HAVE NOTHING I CANT TAKE NO MORE!AhF6yEuhRuCChrlJVXVc5t5_D5hDRQ HERES 13 AUDIO FROM ME

I moved to San Antonio Jan 29, 2017 from New Castle Pa. After dealing with alot of bad shit w my son who had left 2 mths before he turned 13.I had dealt with my son who wanted to kill me, I mean I had to talk with him about The Mendenz Brothers and how Seriel Killers start with their parents and shit I had ended up with the Mental hospital 3 times that year trying to commit suicide over what all i had gone through with my son. I had just been released from the counsler, during which time my Former Master and I agreeed upon releasing me, because I had been a complete mess when it came to my son. Just got on my SSI…. A so called girl friend of mine who had been going thru a bad divorce from a bandido, she was like a daughter to me. I had her move up with me, which who I came down here with, she wanted to come back home. Moving here to me was hopfully a fresh start at a new life. Little did I know…..

Two weeks after I moved here, everything I came here was stolen. Which was all keepsakes. Both Kids and my baby books, my grandmothers 90 year old wedding band, everything. Pretty much all I had was my 100 pound duffle bag of BDSM Toys, my leather riding gear, my leather jacket, chaps and vest. and a couple of sets of clothes that’s it. The chick I had came here with had dropped me off at one of her girlfriends house, who is cartel and split.

Meet someone off of AFF who took me out for a ride when we met. I have chuckle about it now cuz we are still friends. I had told him that I’m not much of a “talker,” I’m more the kind of person that talks by my actions. And I also told I was a complete freak. So he had put me to the challenge,right lol hmmm Yea, we still talk about this day. We got on the bike and we took us a ride. Well…I do love to freaky on a bike lol…So I started playing with him, I don’t know how this happened but I got him so hot and bothered, he was trying to fuck his tank while riding lol…I think it was Canyon Lake we stopped at, I had never been there. It was so pretty. We had stopped in a curve to stop for a smoke break and that’s about the time that I decided to just drop to my knees. lol In front of everyone. I had fun with it lol

Well where I ended up being stuck at, friend of hers that I was staying with…well lets just say things just didnt look right. She tried to get me to do an armed robbery..then she was talking about getting me to be a lot liazard. Which i mean I wasnt aware of much of any of this actually. My gut one night didnt have a good feeling at all, my belongings were, everything was gone my identity, my everything, and she was cartel and the way she was talking, ….i needed out and quick…so I spent the night contacting everyone I had been talking to on AFF to help…which of they only to talk about sex. and not worried about me getting trafficked right. So finally I called on the guy that i went riding with that day.

then introduced me to MocoSpace to get me started when I asked about it. I’ve always been a sex addict and a freak, so I thought I’d make the best out of situation and being on disabiltiy and being bored, I figured “heyyy, why not? I love to fuck, I love everything about sex, why not do what I love doing and kinda make a little bit in between.” Right? I mean, who wouldn’t, ya know. I thought it was gonna fun and I was gonna have my thirst for sex with my high sex drive that just somehow seems to get higher the older I get. I honestly don’t know that is possible, really. lol So anyways, I had to do something or be on the street w nothing. Killing two birds with one stone, I sure thought it was gonna be great! I had never heard of MocoSpace, 5 days after i get on ….ya’ll know what here i’ve already told this story here…..

To finish these two blogs, in between everything someone had stolen my top dentures because I have a hereidery gum disease, So I my top dentures…I had been told that I wasnt worth a dinner date until I get my teeth fixed, which WERE FIXED, with my resources taken from me no work coming through, I couldnt make any money to my teeth REFIXED.

I had worked for a little while when I was 25, gotten busted under a 3 mths sting operation. Since then I had been totally out of the scene. I had nooooo clue about anything. With my experience back then, I knew LIKE EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD KNOW. NEVER SPEAK SEX AND MONEY,

So WTF is wrong is this picture

So I didn’t make that name up. Again I’m REPEATING MYSELF AND IT IS ON THE GUARANTEE PAGE

Y’all know what I give up I do.

Seems like nothing I do is good enough.

From day one nobody’s really giving me a chance there’s only a handful of people that has supported me I’ve had nothing but resistance the whole time all I’ve been doing for the last two years is fighting for my simple basic fucking human rights just to be able to eat and be able to have shelter over my head and just simply not to get hurt and it seems like everybody takes offense to my getting defensive over being hurt all the time and really that’s bullshit I don’t hurt anybody I never had. I’m not out to hurt you I’m simply not out to be hurt either

My credentials are 3 miles long I have shown my ID 19 different times on all of my advertising sites I had verified by my ID which puts me in high risk of a long fucking time in jail. But yet that don’t matter either.

I have a digital footprint that is more way more than 30 pages Google

It’s 15000 miles long

I give a 100% money back fucking guarantee on everything that I do and sell and put out and yet you’re still scared.

I didn’t even put that guarantee out for nobody but y’all because I know for a fact you are never going to fucking need it I did that just to comfort you but yet you still don’t come in you still don’t buy my stuff you still make me grovel and beg and plead on Twitter for hours all day long waist and every day of my life trying to get ahead only to find out I’m getting game.

I got to where I mean I’m a sex worker that has literally no sex. I’ve got people that come in here and just lay here in the bed like a dead leg which I’ve already had been sitting in a bed with a dead person in my life which really freaks me out when you don’t move don’t talk and breathe when I’m giving you head.

I have proven myself Time and Time and Time and Time and time again and all I get is deathreats stalking cyberstalking all over every fucking platform I’m on personal professional knocking on my fucking door still in my panties I’m the fucking washing machine you mean it it’s yall have done it y’all have done a good job at fucking scaring me to death for the rest of my life

last year I was put up on some minutes so much stress from all the bullshit that people keep bringing to me from April May and June of last year I went under psychosis okay that meant I was losing the hair by the gods of it I hadn’t started stuttering yet nobody cared and I have pain in my life that it’s Nell gone because a memory loss because there’s so much stress my body dysfunctions under stress like. Much stress the body is going to fucking dysfunction.

For Christmas last year this past Christmas I went hungry for three fucking days on Christmas day that was the second day I went hungry. I had a regular that popped up and contacted me on Christmas day I was hungry I was dry heaving I’m a sick I was crying. and he expected me to be ready there give him the fuck of his life on Christmas day in 15 minutes time while I was sick and dry heaving all to turn around I was hoping to be able to eat that day for Christmas. how to turn my room in one more time get my hopes up to one more time how to make carrot dangled in front of my face to one more time at being shattered

I swore last Christmas that I would never go through another year like I went through last year and here I am and it’s August and I’ve gone through the same exact thing

nothing but nobody paying attention 500 different writings screaming 500 different ways saying it 500 different times beg and plead and everything 500 different ways so everybody just stop hurting me.

Everybody says I’m crazy everybody says it’s my fault everybody says all this shit and I have done nothing to hurt anybody but yet I’m crazy for just wanting to give it to eat fucking have a roof over my head and well it would be nice too goddamn fucking for every now and then being that I am a sex addict but that’s been taken away from me

simplink what I thought was going to be sex work and be fun everything my whole life has been taken away from me for different times and I’m sitting here slowly fucking watching my life one more time they flushed down the toilet one more fucking time and I’m pretty sick of trying I’m pretty sick when I have got all these credentials I have been told that I’m the best the name of specialist did not come for me it came from a client who called me that I’ve been called the best time and time again that yet no fucking business what the fuck is wrong with this picture and it’s not my fault why do you still have this tug-of-war with me when I have done nothing wrong for none of you yet I seem to be the bad guy I give the fuck up because I have given you everything then you can complain about I have taken all the complaining out I have taken all the reasons for you to complain out but yet you still don’t want to take a chance when there is no risk involved none no risk I took the risk out by giving you 100% money back guarantee you’re not happy with that blow job don’t pay

What the fuck is wrong with this





The story in short ive given my whole life and theres no more give and ive cared and invested and ive tried everything that i know to try and yet everyone just wants to continue to hurt me and doesnt think i should fight for myself and thats all i do is fight against ppl stealing from me and all and then its my fault my story

my story is ive never been given a chance in hell and ive been put thru hell 3 and 1/2 yrs of nothing but fighting just to be able to eat and have a roof over my head while men play their games and play with my life ….i completely give up …..5 days ..this whole week i have been upset over ppl contacting me after my business hrs…ppl not respecting and sending dick pics …just dealing with nothing but ppl who dont know the first thing about controlling themselves…again the nineth week im fighting for rent ….when ive pay $2000 a month on your safety securtiy and privacy when ive had nothing but stalkers at my door, and you lie to me about who you are …..expecting entitlement to come to into myyyyyy home ….not yours…its my home…but you …a stranger …feel you have entitlements to my home…yea ive been shown that i dont have rights to nothing no privacy no safety no security, no peace of mind, no nothing thank you…i just flat give up trying

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