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Hello I’m sorry to inform ya’ll that Rogue has taken vacation… indefinitely…she waited till after Christmas, She said she gave the last $2600 in give a fucks, away for Christmas in merchandise, …. And that all the rest of her give a fucks was taken over the last 2 years and there’s no reserve left So she asked me to fill in for her while she goes and finds herself and sees if she can find any more give a fucks….

Hi! I’m Michelle, I am alot like Rogue in most ways, but there’s one very big noticeably crucial difference between her and I. See Michelle quit giving a fuck years ago. I was not given a back up “Give A Fuck” meter to be able to have any reserve.

Rogue put up with A LOT of things over two years time, that I will NOT come close to putting up with. She cared way too much. Me on the other hand…I ONLY care for those that SHOW WORTH CARING FOR. She gave in way too much. That allowed for too much leeway, to where others thought that making their own rules thinking that they could just do what the hell they wanted to……

So because the world has gotten used to Rogue we’re going to set some ground rules in place. And for everyone’s sake, I wouldn’t suggest trying to see what I will give leeway to, and see how far you can get with me. Because unlike Rogue, I will NOT give leeway,cuz I don’t give a fiuck! What would happen, is me snapping (see blog When Boundaries Aren’t Respected and Lines Are Crossed) and in order for me to keep myself in check. We will be doing it this way from on.

           1)If it’s not your business or your place, KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF IT!

 Discretion and Confidentiality is NOT just for some and not for others, including me. It’s for EVERYBODY. I have NEVER talked about my business or whom I’m doing it with. I don’t lie but I WILL tell you NUNYA Fucking business straight out. If you are not directly involved in a situation, It’s nunya business, so DON’T ASK!

          2)I’m not to be wheeled and dealed or to be bargained!

  I’m not a piece of furniture or something to bought, haggled, traded for or to make a deal with. This IS NOT LETS MAKE A DEAL! I’m Human! It’s my time you are compensating for. If you can not afford my rates, save your money. Showing me apprecaition by saving your money will get way more than trying to bargain me! Don’t ask for a special when it’s ended, if you want to be seen! 


  I flat out don’t give a fuck if you’re famous, I don’t give a fuck if your married, I don’t give a fuck if your God, God WILL PROVE TO ME HE IS God! I don’t give a fuck about the excuses, I dont give a fuck about your sniveling, your bitching, moaning, crying or complaining about my fucking screening. I don’t give a fuck to hear about it, I don’t give a fuck about meeitng up somewhere and “talking” about shit! I wouldnt meet you to go meet up in pubilc without being screened!! I just don’t give a fuck!If you don’t like my screening, carry your ass elsewhere!!! I don’t want to hear anything you got to say about it, plain and simple. I Offer many ways to do the screening, including THREE different encrypted options. So to me, there’s no excuse. 

         4)My phone is a business line! Don’t call my phone or use it for sex chatting!!!

ONLY contact me when you are ready to make your appt. Now i have made friends with alot of you! And I do love hearing from the ones that I’ve made friends with.  But to be constantly contacting me telling me your jerking off and will make an appt soon. I look forward to that, then i get let down, Fuck That, 


 Keep Your damn critters out of my tub please. If you have Athlete’s Foot, Fucking take care of it! This is twice now I’m having to deal with this!!! Wash your freaking asses and make sure you come here clean. Don’t use my kitchen to wash your junk in. That’s what the bathroom is for. i DON’T WANT YOUR FUCKING DRAMA AND MESS DON’T BRING HERE TO ME!


For those that think and believe you have any right or entitlement to my time, my business, my home or my body, think you can make up your own rules as you go, and to you cheap ass motherfuckers out there!!! LET ME BRING YOUR ASSES DOWN A FEW NOTCHES OK!!! UNFUCK YOU AND YOUR ENTITLEMENTS!!! 

           7) Rogue didn’t know about that “OFF” Button on her phone, Michelle will turn that bitch off in a heart beat! 

When the phone starts to go off with everyone demanding, expecting and being over bearing to where I’m starting to panic. When I go to eat my meal, When I go to take a shit, my shower or sleep or whenever i see fit due to everyone expecting and demanding from me. That phone now gets turned off, cuz no one knows how to act, calling me 4 and 5 times in a row, trying to get my attention. etc. Not knowing how to respect anyone at all. As soon as I’m done eating etc Ill turn the phone on. I ALWAYS WILL CONTACT YOU BACK. 

            8) I think I figured it out, I think I figured out a way to put this to where fools can finally understand this….The next time any fool walks in my home mentions the word bareback or even let me think you wanting to put that snakey ass motherfucker anywhere on me from hips down, uncovered..guess what?!! yer ass will get THROWN OUT butt ass naked!!! now I wonder if it can sink your minds now??? I sure hope so cuz I really don’t want to resort to the next step.

Here it is, short and sweet! I’m tired of being pissed off, I’m much rather be pissed on. A lot more fun that way. For Christmas to show my appreciation and gratitude for the one’s that have shown loyalty, that have stuck with me through all the shit this year. I GAVE OUT 43 OF THE VIDS AND PICS PACKAGE I HAVE FOR SALE, TOTALING TO $2580. And more than a few of those ppl cant even say Thank You

What I was given for Christmas? Attitude, Entitlement, Lies, Deception, Manipulation, Someone from Eccie that ripped me off before, trying to crawl back in my graces with his lowballing lying ass just to get my blowjob, doing everything but what I told him to do to make right with me. Being someone’s bargaining tool, have seen 2 clients in 6 days(as of 12-27) one of them asking for the special after it ended, (yesterday),yeaaa I’m really feeling special at this moment huh that I’m given a fuck about huh???

 In two weeks time, the amount of money I’ve paid out including the content given for Christmas, and getting everything done that YA’LLL DEMAND TO BE GIVEN FREE is over $5000 now!!!!!!!! While I’m worried about rent, all the hard work and months I’ve spent on this site, going down and not being in compliance to the laws on the first. Among a whole lot of other shit that I’ve got to worry about…that YOU WANT FOR FREE. WHILE I’M WATCHING THE STATS ON MY VIMEO GO UP FROM YALL VIEWING MY CLIPS AND NOT BUYING THE PACKAGE

So It’s the New Year coming up, I’ve had one shitty ass year I’ve been put through hell and back from potential clients as well as clients….because, I did for the Clients.  In 2019, I’m DOING FOR ME, I have fulfilled everyone’s fantasies while the two Ive wanted to be fulfilled has not been, I’ll be going to the Nudist camp, I’ll be going to the BDSM/SWINGING Clubs, I’ll be doing the things that I’ve wanted to do this year while I’ve sat here being used and abused and treated like shit, doing for ya’ll

New Year New Me! I’ve started dropping clients that have been toxic in this year. I WILL ONLY ACCEPT THINGS POSITIVE IN MY LIFE THIS COMING YEAR! I’ve chosen to make this a page, to make sure EVERYONE sees that I flat out mean business that I’m not taking no more shit!

I’M NOW DONE! Meaning, that I do NOT say those words twice ever. I’m over repeating myself for 2 yrs now! Show me

Show me you give a fuck, that’s when I’ll give a fuck! 

You wanna show me? start by screening and not fussing about it, even if you come to me and ask to use another method to do it, is fine with me.


I want to make sure that I thank those that can see my reasonings for this page, and can by pass it humbly with knowing it’s not directed at everyone. Just the ones that need it. Thank you so very much!

To hell with the site, if this bitch goes down tomorrow, oh fucking well, I’ve killed myself on this site, I’m NOT superwoman, I can’t do all of this shit in one day.

#MsRogueSA #SanAntonio #TheOralSpecialist #NewYearNewMe #GroundRules  #ToxicOutPositiveIn

Footnote: yea yall cursed the fuck out of me after this cuz all this year has been NOTHING BUT HELL FOR ME!!!

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