The Perfect Murder

Scenerio 1

you know I’m sorry I’m really sorry I’m really sorry things were made to look like your it was your fault to me it was made to look like you if it wasn’t you then it sure has been made to look that way I swear and I can’t help that

I when you’re to the point of not knowing who to believe where to believe who to turn to and you’re scared and I I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know

on top you didn’t give me any reason not to believe it

That’s all I’ve been wanting from you is just to show me not tell me show me

cuz when you’re spinning in circles and you’re going through psychological fucking shit like I’ve been going through you don’t know where you’re going don’t know who to turn to and you scare the fucking death of everybody and things are just looking fucking off the wall crazy and people are showing you the cold shoulder it’s makes it even worse

I do apologize but I just want to feel safe I want to know that you know and I seem to not be able to get some kind of straight answers from anybody I just want people to be straight with me I don’t know and then I question it and request it because I’m trying to go back over things and I’m trying to fucking make sense of it all and I’m trying to remember cuz a lot of things I don’t remember that’s why I do take the shots the screenshots all this shit it’s coming down to what I’ve been posting about

you lose your memory because it’s such a traumatic event that you lose time you lose memory you lose your brain it is different

think about it when you and I were when you realized about your Microsoft account which makes sense now but remember that and then I got that text right after that when you said you were going to drink your drink

I mean that email has had a Mississippi address to it for the longest time matter of fact I believe just about right after you made it I went and just looked not like talking about not like I have now like you know now it’s different because now I’ve really been putting the issue on it because it’s been putting the issue on me it’s been very heavy here these last three months and I never had to break something

My protonmail got fucked up when i went to look at it

I mean the only reason why a question is just to try to make sense of what I’ve been going through babe this is so fucking it’s fucking oh my god there was no ever being able to try to get any of this across to anybody because you really have to go through these shoes it’s really horrifying

and I had not even come to terms with that part yet that nobody will ever know what I feel and have been feeling

constant panic constant just is constant is so bad it’s constant, yeah I’m scared do you see where I just want to feel safe I’m really scared I don’t know. I just want to feel safe for a change somebody’s coming in here I have no control when you said that yesterday that just made me lose it.

I don’t have any control of who whoever is coming in the home which I really believe it’s him now

I have no I can’t go to the cops because well I don’t know who it is

and all I want to do is feel safe around one fucking person one person just one

****I work a very hazardous job got a lot of stupids out there and it was a perfect cover for him if that if you know along with everything but look at how many crazy people there are when it comes to this job****

look at how many people have been crazy and have lied to me and have stolen from me doing this job

that all played part in it that was like perfect for him perfect cover

so whether anybody realized it or not somebody played a part in it because he couldn’t have done all of this on his own I mean I know you can set up different computers and stuff to do DDOS attacks or whatever

I mean maybe he set up all these fucking emails and fucking scheduled them to email me at certain different times I don’t know I don’t know that’s the thing I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know it’s always going to be a question it’s scary when you don’t know

I mean the fucking possibilities are endless in this job

That’s what the main fear comes from is never knowing my attacker or attackers

I mean like I kept questioning how in the fuck was things always into like I would mention things like to you or I would be looking something up that nobody ever knew and things would just start falling together I found out the other night my screen had been changed

That’s why it was really important for me to know that you were being honest with me and then with me questioning everything because I don’t know who’s lying or telling the truth anytime with this job I never know

The gas lighting has been so extreme it’s so massive it’s unreal

it is unreal unless you go through it which I’m the ONLY one who has

******and then on top to be constantly told I’m crazy or my sanity being questioned and then I’m not believed and then I’m discredited and then when I need to help when somebody is actually coming through this door like has been before and I’m actually calling out for help nobody’s going to believe me and then I’m going to end up fucking dying That’s that’s massive*******


to be continued….

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