The Purposes of Gang Stalking

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this from what I’ve been reading and researching for the last couple of years. Those that don’t live and don’t know about the underground world and any other person that’s skeptical about this, I can tell you right now this is happening all over the place this is not just happening locally or within the United States this is happening all over the place it has been happening. The tactics used, the methods to all the madness, the way things have done has very specific purpose at each specific time with a specific phase All very specifically done with the specific purpose.

The No touch torture policies that is used specifically tortures an individual on an ongoing constant 24/7 every second every minute of the day every day every night to SLOWLY break down every part of the human body. Without ever knowing without ever living a choice that they were doing this without ever realizing what has been happening. Until it’s WAY too late!

The same policies that are being used are the same exact tactics and methods that Hitler used. They are the exact same methods that are used that is used in cyber warfare in the United States military. My youngest child is in the Air Force training for cyber warfare. Which is ironic to me.

The recent events that I’ve been through the things that happened you don’t it’s little bitty nitpick crap that leaves you going what is this what is that how did that get there well where did that go and where did that come from??? All these little things lead you down a rabbit hole you spend all day long trying to figure out what the heck has been going on here and how did it happen. In the process of keeping you “busy” they’re in the background doing more damage to your life. Without YOU ever realizing it!

Recently, it did it take about a week for me to realize the thing that they were working on was eighties music which is my childhood memories. In December I was trying to get back into society again, somewhat. Upon doing so I realized that was not so easy. The amount of trauma that I have it endured over the period of 4 years has left major marks on me. People were talking to me like I remembered 15 years ago. Showing me pictures, saying you don’t remember this person you don’t remember doing this you don’t remember doing that? I just left looking at this person dumbfounded there was nothing I could say I didn’t know what to say I didn’t know how I didn’t it’s nothing to say, why? There was absolutely nothing there. I drove a complete blink I did not know how to talk to this person I did not know how to explain this person I did not know what to do so it just stood there my mouth on the floor and I’m just staring and that’s it. NO MEMORY, I COULDN’T RECALL NOTHING…IT WAS BLANK. I mean how do you tell a person this I did not know what was going on. It put me in shock

Being in a continued state of fear, shock, pressure, stress, demands, expectations ALL AT ONCE. Putting you through so much that you can’t even think, you don’t get up to pee you don’t get up to eat you don’t get up today you don’t get up to do anything you’re stuck in one spot for weeks on and you can’t get out of it, it’s a web. More specifically speaking it’s a web of hell.

There are different “themes” that are used on each TI. When they go through spiritual another may go through of us is still alive another may go through the world is flat and another may go through we come from Mars. So each individual that goes through this will end up going through something differently but very similar.

This is what’s called experimentation, torture, psychological break down, mental breakdown emotional breakdown. Very slowly killing you. The death that you look at is being a constant state of torment forever until you either end up in the mental institution, committing homicide, killing those that have been doing these things to you, or you end up killing yourself.

The name of the game is just how much can you handle before you do one of these three things and how long will it take you. You were forced to live in very very inhumane conditions of healthcare no food no humans rights, no civil rights; you are taking and slowly dehumanized as well as desensitized. This leaves the person with no feelings, no mind, no memory…

Everything that makes a human an individual, hope strings feelings tears emotions memories even your senses smell touch everything everything on the inside gone dead, like it was never there. And no one knows you were dead even you don’t even know you’re dead. The physical outside of the body is kept alive. Giving the illusion that you are still an individual. And what they don’t know and what you don’t know is….your dead.

Now that I have gone over the individual purpose for this quote unquote phenomenon, which is not. In the, all of a sudden rise in individuals finding themselves being targeted. Let’s go over collectively speaking the purpose of this process.

Collectively speaking, you end up with a lot of walking Dead. Mindless human flesh able to control without force, imprisoned, but free. This leaves nothing but “mindless slaves,” IF YOU MAKE IT THIS FAR.

The process of targeted individuals is only the elimination process weeding out the weak from the strong ones. The ultimate goes to this is quite bluntly, “slaves to the grind.”

The reasons why things are so confusing to a lot of those that cannot be understand this the number of satanic undertones, slave labor, sex industry, Revelations, the end of times, and the thousand Year period that is explained in Revelations in the Bible is everything to do with all of this. Sacrifices children being sacrificed virtual all of it every bit of it done by forced willing compliance. All of this you never never takes away your freedom of will and freedom of choice you have no clue.

I realize just about a week and a half ago it is definitely very well-articulated plan. and I mean when it hit me it looks like wow I actually have to give benefit for benefits did because this is this is the greatest plan that I could ever imagine or think of or not even think of it I mean other sport when the reality of everything and the depth and the real meaning behind everything really actually hit me and what I personally have been going through, collectively.

I would like to touch on The voice to skull for a moment. that I guess I’m awesome experienced more than a few times myself, but I knew they were not mine thoughts because I know I thought of something more specific than what was given and nobody actually knew that, but me. The purpose of the voice to skull you don’t know who is God and who is telling you what and you don’t know who to believe. You don’t know anything so you’re just left being pushed and easily without any struggle without any Force without any problems that there could be you’re doing what you are told to do. Which ultimately, is doing the bidding of Satan. AND NEVER KNOWING IT!

The reasons behind what has happened recently with the black lives matter movement and erasing the past. This also had happened not long ago 10 years about the Holocaust in scratching it from history. History repeats itself especially when you are not reminded about it. Given over a Time frame. whether a small-time frame like what has happened to me and I can see how things are repeating itself or a long-spent time, being hundreds of years looking back you still see patterns that during the time you don’t see it but afterwards it’s very plain as day. What happened during the Holocaust we as humans especially in the younger generation that has no idea about this or didn’t have grandparents or anybody close to us, cannot begin to imagine the things that any human being was put through during that time. I have just recently within the last few years, openly without realizing what I was doing by the way, spoke of a vision I had six Halloween’s ago. that vision but then the liquor of what I saw is not something I am uncomfortable talking about it’s so bad and I’ve come to realize every time the significance of that vision and the time framing of but I saw the only thing that I could at the time describe to equate what I saw was worse 10 times 100 times worse than Terminator which I cannot even begin to watch anymore the equivalent of what I saw is actor going through what is and I’m having problems right now speaking about this what Hitler did is Cakewalk to what is taking place right now and soon the nightmare of the reality is going to hit everybody as it all is unfolding as we speak. These events we cannot stop there’s no stopping you it is given to us in the Bible. The horse horrifying truth and reality of what’s really going on right now the human brain cannot possibly be able to comprehend.

I’m going to remind everyone, in the Bible God gave Lucifer a certain amount of time to get as many souls as he could possibly end up in that time. After that time has done him and those souls will be caged up for all eternity for whatever that we as a human cannot possibly know what that really is. all the time wasting that is done haven’t you go down rabbit holes for no reason to get you off of doing something you should be doing in your life, to be the child of God that you know you are, if that’s what you claim.

Without getting blood-stained hands, so to speak. You end up willingly do the devils bidding, therefore willingly pending over your soul signing your name in blood, HAVING FULL FREE WILL, the amount of trickery that’s behind it all you can never imagine it’s beyond the human brain.

For those who think that I do not know what I’m talking about. The human population is the newest population in the universe. And we are the most destructive of all. And while creatures like alligators whales, all of life force I’ve continued to evolve for millions and trillions of years. Collectively we have single-handedly destroyed everything that has been in existence for infinity. This was never about me, you, your brother, your cousin. This is never about us. This was never about humans; this was never personal. The Bible was given to us as a guide so that we could prepare that we can see the signs so that we can know certain things we’re going to happen so we could be as humans that actually shed the human skin that is nothing but frequencies all together forming matter given the illusion of physical form, that we with the freedom of will and choice not how to continue on whatever journeys were supposed to do or whatever as just souls being with God in paradise.

God specifically gave Lucifer a certain amount of time to roam the Earth freely together as many souls as he could and that’s what’s happening. For what the Bible teaches us that we are aware of, even though the real text from the Bible has been kept away from us by the Vatican. The years given was at 1,000 years. And God’s time that does not amount to this time that we are aware of. So to actually state a thousand years and look at it and go 1, 000 black and white it’s not going to be that way. it’s in the universe time.

God sent Jesus down as also a guide to show, to give more than just blind faith as the time before Jesus. There were Prophets those that God chose to do God’s work. Yet again there are many of us doing the work of God and I can tell you it won’t be long before you can tell who is who. If you call out that you are a child of God it’s happening very quickly, as we speak. we are going to be looking very old and Haggard and rough. Pretty much, death but still kept alive if…BIG IF. The ones that look beautiful well-formed physical just beautiful as a creature, the words fountain of youth comes to mind right now these are going to be the people that have sold their souls. And the time frame that things are happening so fast right now all around the world this is quickly going to be very noticeable.

So, we have an individual purpose of collective purpose and the full purpose of why Gang Stalking exist and people that do not deserve it find themselves being targeted and have no idea why.

So when you looking at what I have put out and am putting out you need to look at the individual events the patterns in the events the secret undertones that are not outright in your face. Then you need to look at collectively over time. So it’s basically you got to step up to it to look at a few things up close and then take a step back and look at it from before and then you got to take a few more steps back and you got to look at everything that’s going on around and place it with the events that is stated in the Bible and you will get you were very blunt very cold fact that’s so bum chilling it’s ridiculous of what the reality of what’s going on in this world right now trying to break it down to you in a way of being able to grasp the realities of defense is going on today in this world. I hope that I have finally been able to find the words to explain so that this is fully understandable throughout all who read this.

PS I’m going to give everybody a real good clue about what I’ve been going through, and just exactly what everybody needs to really race for I have been washing clothes by hand in the tub and hand drying them up in my home my hotel rooms for 6 months now. Right now I am eating with no silverware. One night and with that knife I could a plastic cup to use as a scoop to eat with. Always have a knife on you. ALWAYS! Golden rule!

Everybody needs to really get off the electronic state of mind control and start living off the land again going back to basics because that is exactly where things will be and the more you know about living basic and living off the land the longer you will survive this.

The knowledge that I have I am supposed to be providing to help with survival during these times that is the purpose of why I have gone through what I’ve gone through so with in everything that I’m trying to do all at once Olympic even them separate websites or whatever all of it does go together hand in hand and will being as much as I can person and to everyone so this can help you along your way through best crap that we are facing now.

Take what you read with a grain of salt, but I’m going to tell you now, LOOK AROUND YOU!!!!

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